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Your Common Wedding Guestlist Etiquette Questions, Answered

Your Common Wedding Guestlist Etiquette Questions, Answered

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Can I uninvite a wedding guest?

This might be the hottest wedding guestlist etiquette question amid the current situation with Covid-19, though this isn’t a new circumstance per se. Sometimes plans change, you get carried away inviting lots of people, then you get quotes for catering and other costs you perhaps didn’t budget for the number of guests you’re ultimately having.

Uninviting guests who already received a save-the-date or invitation is usually a big no-no. If you’re ever on the fence on inviting certain guests, it’s best to create a List A and List B as you start receiving RSVPs from List A. However, with a pandemic and lockdown restrictions in place, it’s natural that many couples are postponing and some are considerably scaling back their weddings to immediate family and friends. If you’re finding yourself in the tough spot of having to cut back your guestlist due to Covid-19, here are some tips to help remedy the situation:

Always look for solutions that avoid uninviting guests. Alternatives could be having a more casual wedding without a sitdown dinner, or eloping then having a casual wedding celebration once all restrictions are lifted. Sometimes the current circumstances affected you in more ways than just social distancing and restrictions on big parties – you or your partner could have lost your jobs during this crisis and can no longer afford the original wedding budget.

In this case, it’s best to call your guests. Don’t just email them or send them a “change of plans” card. If you invited them to your wedding, chances are they are close enough to understand the circumstances which aren’t something that can be easily conveyed through an email.

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Postpone your wedding altogether

Best to postpone your wedding altogether and avoid uninviting anyone. Contact your venue about available dates in the near future. Some couples are choosing to postpone till 2021 for peace of mind, but please keep in mind that some venues and vendors might charge a fee to adjust their rates to the new year.

Whatever the case is, keep in touch with your guests as you learn more from your vendors and venue on the status of things.

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