Beach weddings are certainly a highlight of summer, but they can be equally beautiful come wintertime. In this styled shoot, French vendors Lorenzo Accardi, Atelier Blanc, and Josephine show the beauty of the Camargue region and its wild landscape. Two bridal looks are the perfect accent, one with lace cap sleeves, and the other a gauzy blush pink confection.

Winter Beach Wedding Inspiration in France - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

From the event designer, Atelier Blanc: For this photo session, we decided that it would take place in Camargue, a well-known French region located in the South of France, alongside the Mediterranean Sea. This source of inspiration was suggested by Lorenzo, our photographer. Romain, the designer, was happy to do it there. In fact, Camargue offers a very singular and particular landscape. First of all, as you may know, this region is a very famous protected natural reserve that is known for its deserted, huge and wild landscape, with waterways everywhere. As we arrived, we instantly noticed the very particular light, and that is exactly what makes the place so special. Through this photo shooting, our goal and challenge were to respect the uniqueness of the place: it had so much to offer and we wanted to transpose that in our photos. So, we basically had to play with the natural warm colors and the wildness of this endless landscape to create the atmosphere we wanted.

painted wedding invitations - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach weddings - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach weddings - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach wedding centerpieces - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach wedding tables - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach wedding place settings - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

name cards - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

paper good table numbers - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

In order to create a balance between all these elements that we had to consider, we decided to use mostly natural materials. When you look at the photos you realize that it perfectly fits to the landscape; we used wood, flowers, stones… It’s a really refined style that looks rather simple but which is in fact, unique and elaborate. The photos give a strong identity to the place and a real meaning to the environment, they accentuate the bohemian atmosphere, and they give us a sense of freedom. You might also notice the colors we used. These colors create a kind of contrast with those of the landscape, and this is exactly what we wanted to achieve: the mix of various colors perfectly blend together.

beach wedding tables - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

wedding tables - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

wedding paper goods - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

amber bottle centerpieces - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach wedding tablescapes - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

beach tablescapes - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

We chose to work with very light pastel colors which suggest an atmosphere and, that are not too aggressive for the eye. We had the exact same rationale for both the models. They are wearing pastel clothes, and more precisely very simple dresses with lace. One is white and the other is pink. The colors merge perfectly. Once again, we wanted to play with the natural elements, and we used every single one of them to enhance this wild and bohemian atmosphere. The clothes are rather loose, they move with the wind, one of the models wears a wreath made of wild pastel flowers, the other one has a bunch of flowers in her hands: the tone is set. Looking at these pictures makes you feel various emotions. As we already said, you have an impression of freedom and wildness. But you might also feel relaxed because the photos give, actually, that impression, mostly thanks to the colors. At the same time, you can really figure out what it is like to be in Camargue, the pictures make you aware of the originality of this place. Through this photo session, we achieved to respect the strong identity of the landscape while creating a very special atmosphere.

wedding flower crowns - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

wedding inspiration - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

dried bouquets with eucalyptus - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

lace wedding dresses - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

blush pink wedding dresses - photo by Lorenzo Accardi

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Lorenzo Accardi
Event Design: Atelier Blanc
Floral Design: Josephine
Dresses: Martine Toledano
Hair and Makeup: Daniel Chavey La Conciergerie
Silks: Orchidee de Soie
Paper Goods: Graphikkart