Win $100 Gift Certificate from Wendy Mink Jewelry

What a lovely giveaway we have today! The ladies at NYC boutique Wendy Mink Jewelry are giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky winner. The GC can be redeemed in store or online. Their collection makes me drool. There are so many gorgeous, can’t-live-without pieces, I just can’t decide on a favorite!

Hand-cut Indian stones, gold vermeil, resin & sterling silver are just some of the high quality materials used in the Wendy Mink collections. Five of these collections per year, with up to 300 styles per season, showcase a myriad of designs & techniques, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in the New York City based studio.

Win $100 gift certificate from Wendy Mink Jewelry New York City

To enter, simply visit their Wendy Mink Jewelry’s website, and come back here to let me know what would you buy with the gift certificate. You can enter once a day to increase your chances of winning. Giveaway entries end on Saturday, November 21st at 11:59p.m. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, November 23rd.

Good luck!

  1. I would use the gift certificate to get a pair of the “Black Cinebar Drops” for each of my Bride’s Maids. The earrings would perfectly tie together their gold bracelets and black shoes.

  2. I’d myself the stud dangles because they’re beautiful and I don’t have earrings to wear on my wedding day πŸ™‚ They would look beautiful with my dress!

  3. ooo!! I would buy the beautiful Tiger Eye Teardrop Pendant AND the gorgeous Ornate Cut Out Hoop earrings!! Wait… Just saw the Gold Cluster Earrings! Those are the winners!!!!

  4. I love the stud dangles! While I love gold, the silver of the earrings with a touch of sparkle would perfectly offset my beaded sash on my wedding day. With so much earring, you wouldn’t need a necklace. They’d look gorgeous with just a slightly messy, romantic up-do paired with a small bracelet and a sweetheart neckline.

  5. there is just so much to love…i am torn between the turquoise chandeliers + the ornate cut out hoops. but, wow, i also love the birdcage necklace.

  6. The green cluster chain and the Lily Pad Chain are rockin! I’m amazed how cheap the Lily Pad Chain is. I need it!

  7. Everything is so beautiful, it is hard to decide. I have it narrowed down to the Cut Out Gunmetal Leaves earings and the Vintage Rectangle Bracelet. Both are so beautiful!

  8. The turquoise chandelier earrings would be it for me, but only after some hours of indecision. Everything’s so pretty!

  9. I love your blog! After looking around Wendy’s delightful blog, I have to say that I would go with the purple “Simple drops” earrings! Love it

  10. I would get 3 lilypad chain necklaces.. one for me, and one each for my two soon to be sisters-in-law! It’s an absolutely lovely necklace! They would be so excited to receive it! And so would I! πŸ˜‰

  11. I would TOTALLY pay the extra $20 to get the “Carnelian Cluster Necklace.” I am having a Fiesta themed wedding & that would be the perfect accessory to accent my bridesmaid’s burndt orange dresses! <3

  12. The Gold Cluster Necklace – hands down! To wear for the rehearsal dinner and then with a LBD for years to come afterward!

    and then I may just have to treat myself to the matching earrings…

  13. Wow! I never heard of them before until today! I think I would the gift certificate towards Double Chain. It is simple, yet goes with almost everything I own!

  14. I would use the certificate to buy two sets of the Simple Cluster earrings, one for each of my best friends from high school that are helping me a ton with the wedding. I would use the remainder towards something for myself!

  15. I am obsessed with the Turquoise Chandelier earrings! They are fabulous πŸ™‚ While shopping for a wedding dress, I realized that I am naturally drawn to bright colors…thus, wedding dress shopping was difficult. These earrings would be a great way to add a punch of color to my traditional white dress.

  16. that carnelian cluster necklace just made my head spin and i’m now light headed. i think i need that to feel complete in life…or at least to look oh so christmas chic with it around my neck in my simple black dress πŸ™‚

  17. I would buy the Turquoise Agate Drops Earrings — they are gorgeous AND they fit my wedding colors exactly– icy blue and gold. What an absolutely perfect way to accessorize my ensemble on my special day.

  18. I would most def buy the Green Beaded Chain & the Sea Green Earrings for a classic way to add the perfect shade of teal (I am obsessed with teal) to my vintage themed wedding! It will go great with my dress which is a modern twist on vintage as well!

  19. Hello–the gold cluster earrings are so beautiful, I’d LOVE to add them to my collection…

    Thanks for a fun giveaway and showcasing a new designer for me to drool over

  20. I love the holiday bauble bracelet – and then I’d just have to put the remainder towards another glamourous piece – the African Bead Chain!

  21. Ooooh, I’d put the gift certificate toward the Carnelian Cluster necklace! It’d be perfect for my wedding next fall.


  22. I would use it to purchase the Turquoise Chandeliers for my MOH. She’s been such a great friend and a huge help during the wedding planning process. I know she would love these earings.

  23. Just like the little black dress, gold hoops are a girl’s go-to accessory- which is why I am in love with the “Ornate Cut Out Hoop”. It’s a non-traditional take on an everyday essential and I would wear these babies nonstop!

  24. I would purchase the Gold Ball Cluster earring with the garnet stones. They would be amazing with my dress for my wedding!

  25. Everything is so lovely! I would get a pair of turquoise agate drops for me and matching pairs for my bridesmaids!

  26. All of the pieces are beautiful (and tempting…I want to buy them all)! I would have to chose the Circle of Color chain (hard to choose a color!) and the Crystal Drop earrings. You could pair them both together or wear them separate, and you could either both items with anything at anytime!;)GORGEOUS!

  27. What a lovely selection! The Gold Double Ring Earrings and Vintage Rectangle Bracelet would be my picks.

    Everything is so breathtaking!

  28. I would go for the gold cluster earrings because I can see them dressing up a simple t-shirt/jeans outfit and plus I just <3 cluster earrings so much!

  29. okay, all of it is gorgeous.
    i would have to say the carnelian cluster necklace.
    i think it would look perfect with my wedding dress.

  30. You were right! It was hard to choose a favorite, but I really really liked the smoky quartz drop earrings and the green onyx flower pendant necklace. I LOVE this jewelry! And that is what I would buy with a gc!

  31. I would “hands-down” go for 3 of the LilyPad Chains. Ever so dainty however so gorgeous. I would give one to each of my very best girls.

    Fingers Crossed, I can make it happen!!!

  32. So great! The Peruvian Opal Beaded Hoops are a must-have. Not only could I wear them on my wedding day, I could also wear them after!

  33. I’m sticking by the Gold Cluster Necklace that I picked in day 1 of the giveaway – it is just the perfect mix of sophistication & fun!

  34. I would put the gift certificate towards the Smoky Drop Chain and the Simple Cluster earrings (in smoky, to match, of course!)!

  35. I love the jewelry here! I live in Brooklyn and will definately check this place out. I bought a dress that’s much more conservative than originally planned so I’d like to add some funky color. I’d have to go with the Carnelian Cluster Necklace.

  36. Definitely the coral-turquoise cluster because it resembles my wedding colors AND the pair of earrings my fiance had a glass-blower make for me πŸ™‚

  37. I would definitely buy the Lilypad Chain. I love how it’s super simple, yet still really visually interesting.

  38. I have my sights set on the triple pearl earrings for my wedding day and the simple drop amethest earrings for the honeymoon!

  39. I’m in love with the Carnelian Cluster Necklace. I love gold and the carnelian beads look like yummy berries and its so holiday appropriate. Im a big fan of Wendy Mink and they have inspired me in creating my own handmade jewelry and accessories

    thanks for the great giveaway!


  40. Fun contest πŸ™‚

    I would ask for two custom necklaces…similar to the Pearl Tassel Chain, but a little simpler. My sisters are my bridesmaids (5/30/2010), and a simple gold necklace would be a beautiful compliment to the vintage look we’re trying to create!

  41. Must resist urge to buy Green Leaf Chain and matching tear drop earrings!! I love everything they have. Thanks for opening my eyes to the beauty that is Wendy Mink Jewelry!

  42. Just adore the Black Onyx Hoops! And what a fun group title “Shop Cheap Chic” – practically my middle name =) Love your blog, keep it up!

  43. I am so in love with Wendy Mink’s jewelry! I love the Turquoise Chandeliers – they would be the perfect accessory to brighten up my winter wardrobe πŸ™‚

  44. the plaid chain necklace is amazing – I have been wearing “statement necklaces” for years – this one would be an amazing addition!!!

  45. I also love the carnelian cluster necklace – would look fabulous with a fancy dress or a white tank!! Love it!!

  46. My second entry, this time for the Cut Out Gunmetal Leaves earrings. Very unique (in the best kind of way)!

  47. What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!
    I would definitely get the Circle of Color Chain in smoky. It’s now my must have!!!
    Cut the Cake Designs

  48. Oh, I would love the green cluster necklace, green cluster earrings, or the sequin carnelian beads necklace… so beautiful!

  49. I would LOVE the either the stud dangles, the gold cluster necklace, circle of color chain or the circle of color earrings. Too much that I LOVE!!!

  50. The smoky drop chain would be incredible on my bridesmaids, and the garnet clusters for me…I’ve even found things for my mom and my program girls! Thanks for letting us know about this site- such beautiful things!

  51. Entry #2: I would LOVE the either the stud dangles, the gold cluster necklace, circle of color chain or the circle of color earrings. Too much that I LOVE!!!

  52. The Carnelian cluster necklace- entry #2- I cant get it out of my head- I told my husband I need it for christmas

  53. Time for another entry, if I’m not mistaken! These are too sweet to let a chance at a gift certificate pass you by. Today I’m loving the Onyx Teardrops earrings. :]

  54. I don’t think I can decide on what to get. . .
    probably the following combo: Turquoise Agate Drops + Flower Pendants

  55. There are so many lovely pieces to choose from Wendy Mink…

    The Green Leaf Teardrops and Chain reflect the raw and lush beauty of the island on which I am to be married. Her turquoise waters, golden sand and wild jungle…a perfect harmony found in this set. I am smitten!

  56. Friday entry time! This time for the Double Chain necklace. Very simple, yet so compellingly elegant.

  57. Everything is beautiful. I would purchase the coral turquoise cluster earrings if I wont this. They are beautiful and match our wedding colors, and I’ve been looking for something that is more of a statement than your typical pearls or diamonds.

  58. I would absolutely die for the “Double Chain” necklace – it is so stunningly simple yet so very exquisite! I have to have it!!! It will match my holiday dress perfectly. : )

  59. The Carnelian Cluster Necklace would be perfect for my family Christmas party – first time I’ll see them in over a year!

  60. My favorite two colors together are coral and aqua – which I am also incorporating into my wedding palette. I would absolutely love to wear the Coral Turquoise Cluster earrings for rehearsal dinner on the beach of CA.

  61. I love the “Gold Cluster Necklace”, it is a unique spin on the usual beaded and pearl necklaces. Plus, you can wear it for a formal event and as an everyday piece.

  62. Final entry! This time, for the Garnet Carnelian Fine Chain necklace. Very Autumn, very classy. :]

    Thanks again for this fabulous giveaway!

  63. Still have my hear set on the gold cluster necklace; and the more I look at them the more I realize that I would definitely have to spring for the matching earrings too! Thanks for the opportunity – it is a great give away!