Brilliant Earth is the go-to place for conflict free diamonds and eco-friendly fine jewelry and I am very proud to have them as one of my sponsors! They are giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky reader. Ho ho ho!
Win an Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Pendant Brilliant Earth Conflict free diamonds

They carry a Personalized Jewelry Collection with recycled sterling silver pendants that you can pair your initial with a unique design, both artistically engraved. A great gift for bridesmaids or for yourself. The designs you can pair with your initial are:

Lotus: Symbolic of renewal, transformation and beauty found in nature

Heart: The universal symbol of love and compassion.

Tree: Represents the tree-hugger in all of us!

Bee: Representative of social organization and diligence. Save the bees!

Om: Evokes inner peace and spiritual health.

Flower: A diamond-shaped flower blossoming forth from lush leaves

Click here to see all designs.

All Brilliant Earth products use ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds and 100% recycled metals. 5% of profits are donated to African communities that have been affected by the jewelry trade.

You can use the $100 gift certificate however you wish: to buy a personalized eco friendly sterling silver pendant, put it towards your fiance’s wedding band, and guys, if you’re shopping for a conflict free diamond you could definitely use this gift certificate!

To enter this giveaway, simply visit Brilliant Earth’s website and come back here and leave a comment telling me how would you use the gift certificate if you win. Giveaway entries close on Saturday, December 19th at 11:59p.m EST. You can enter once a day to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck!

  • A Brooks

    I’d purchase the “Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant” and present it to my mom representing our love.

  • I’d purchase the Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant and get the initial of my BF and I.

  • Adele,

    The Silver Personalized Charm Necklaces can be paired a letter with a design (heart, flower, etc).

  • L Matheus

    I’d buy the pair pendant and give it to my sister with her initial and a heart on it =)

  • Kelsey

    I would use the $100 toward buying my wedding band,the classic pave diamond ring in platinum!

  • Krystel

    Wow! What a great contest! I would use it towards my fiance’s wedding ring and would select the 18K White Gold Beveled Edge Matte.

  • Danyelle

    I would use the credit toward a Personalized Silver Charm Necklace so I can get one for each girl in my wedding! I would get the tree for my future sister in law, the heart for my maid of honor, the bee for one of my bridesmaids, and the lotus for the other =) What a great way to personalize wedding day for the girls! =)

  • Nina

    I’d get the pair pendant and choose the letter N and the lotus flower.

  • Jessica

    I love the personalized necklaces – the most perfect bridesmaids gift – they will LOVE them!

  • My favorite is the Silver Leaf Pendant with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphire. Green is my favorite color, and the leaf motif is so beautiful!

  • I’d go for the initial pendant :)

  • I think I’d probably put it towards the purchase of my fiance’s wedding band, since he doesn’t make a lot of money … I think he feels like he’s going to have to settle for a cheap band and I would hate for him to miss out on having a nice ring, too… especially since he saved for years to buy me my ring :)

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  • Anne-Catherine

    I would probably put it towards the purchase of my wedding band. I really like the 18K White Gold Delicate Antique Scroll Ring. It would match with my engagement ring.

  • Lindsey

    I’d love to get one of those personalized charm pair pendants for my maid of honour– probably the lotus one!

  • Bre

    I would order two charm pair pendants for my sister and best friend, since they are the ones helping me plan everything!

  • maria

    i love the pendants. definitely the lotus flower. so unique.

  • Missy

    I would get the Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant with a “B” and a tree on it for my sister. She is my matron or honor and my absolute best friend. I of course want to get all of my girls something really special and nice, but I know I can’t afford it. So if I could do one thing, I would get my sister that. She totally deserves it, she is my rock!

  • Ally

    I love the initial charms!

  • Jamie

    Not that I could afford the remaining balance after the $100 gift certificate but I’d love one of the Sapphire Halo Diamond rings- gorgeous!!!

  • Dacia

    I would use it to purchase my MOH a necklace :)

  • Ada F.

    I would use it to buy the leaf stud earrings with the green sapphires. Swoon!

  • Christie

    I would use the certificate toward my fiance’s White Gold Wedding Band!
    The comfort fit white gold ring in matte or beveled edge. What a great giveaway!

  • I am in love with the tree pendent! Such a fun necklace! Great giveaway!

  • I would use it on the Silver Leaf Stud Earrings with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphires. They’re adorably gorgeous.

  • LOVE the silver wave pendant with the sapphire!


  • Kim

    I would absolutely purchase the Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant with my first initial and the first initial of my husband. It’s beautiful.

  • Kelaine

    I would totally buy personalized necklaces for my bridesmaids! I have been looking for something simple but beautiful to get each of them, and the initial charms would be perfect.
    Thanks for such a cool giveaway.

  • Ashley

    I would get the personalized silver charm necklace with my Maid of Honor’s first initial and the tree symbol to thank her for everything she’s done!

  • Casey B

    I would get the bee pendant! I love it!

  • I’d get my fiance’s band: 18K Yellow Gold 6mm Flat Matte Comfort Fit Wedding Ring . It’s perfect for him!

  • I would get the silver personalized charm necklace. I love personalized items, especially monograms. I would get a “k” charm and the tree charm. This is a great giveaway!

  • Micki

    I would love to buy two initial charm pendants for my fiance Jon and I to give to our mothers. We cannot than them enough for all of the love and support they have given us.

  • hello perfect bridesmaids gifts. PERFECT. i would personalize them with my girls’ initial and the symbol of the tree (outdoor wedding!).


  • Morgan

    I LOVE the silver leaf pendant!!

  • What an incredible giveaway! I think that I would have really hard time deciding wha to use the gift certificate for but I love the initial pendants. The silver heart pendant with the diamond is gorgeous too!

    Just stunning!

  • Haruna

    I’d get Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant and engrave it with my boyfriend’s initial and mine.

  • Kacey

    I’d use it towards purchasing the 18K Yellow Gold
    3mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring for my honey!

  • Janet R.

    Would use towards a Silver Icon Charm Pendant with Lotus flower.

  • I would buy an initial pendant necklace and give it to our officiant.

  • Stephanie

    I’d purchase a Silver Initial Charm Pendant with my husband-to-bes initial to wear on my wedding day

  • I think I would buy a tree pendant, but they have so many lovely things! :-)

  • Lyndie

    I would get the pendant necklace with the lotus and give it to my mother for Christmas. She has been through so much and it would signify her renewal, transformation, and beauty after cancer.

  • Courtney

    Definitely an initial pendant for my Mom! She’s been hinting for one lately and I would love to surprise her for xmas!

  • rachael

    i would purchase the initial pendant + include the letter ‘s’ with an om.

  • I love the “Kaleidoscope Crystal Quartz Earrings”!!!

  • Sara P.

    I love the Silver Fire Citrine and Diamond Pendant. Beautiful! I would use the gift certificate to purchase this as a gift for my best friend for her birthday.

  • Karrie

    I love the bee. I am all about saving the bees and my mom called me bee growing up. They always have a special place in my heart.

  • Leah Huete

    I love the personalized pendants. I’ve tried buying them somewhere else and the chain kept breaking, and I was looking for a high quality one.

    I’d do an E and possibly a lotus.

  • Sarah Ann

    Oh I love this! I like the pendent with the Bee. Its a nickname from friends.

  • Natosha

    I would get the Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant for my Matron of Honor/little sister with a “B” and a “bee”. Great contest!

  • Janice

    My best friend NEEDS the lotus pendant in her life! She has stood strong in the face of tremendous trial and still remains a pillar of compassion and grace. Definitely bookmarking this site for future purchases. Yay for Brilliant Earth!!

  • Sylvia

    I love the Silver Flower Blossom Stud Earrings with Ethically Sourced Pink Sapphires. They would be the perfect gift to give my sister when she has her first baby!

  • Liz

    I would get the silver personalized charm pair pendant for my Maid of Honor Aly with an “A” and a lotus flower. :)

  • Kris

    One for my honey and one for me.

  • cristina

    I really like the Silver Leaf Pendant with the Green Sapphire

  • I’m still looking for the perfect Christmas present for my Mom and I think she’d love the silver personalized charm pair pendant! What a lovely giveaway! Thanks!


  • JD

    Bridesmaids gifts would be great!

  • Alison

    I would definitely get my best friend a necklace. As a mom to three kids under 5, she doesn’t get too many pretty things for herself and definitely deserves it!

  • Mary Beth Hawley

    I would like to use it towards some gold jewelry.

  • Jen

    I would get the “Silver Leaf Pendant with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphire” b/c I LOVE it! :)

  • Ashley

    Busy busy bees. I love the bee.

  • Leah

    I love the tree pendant. It is so beautiful, simple and elegant, and there is nothing like bringing yourself back to nature!

  • Stephanie

    My jewelry consists of things that are $5 or less. So, I think I would go with the Silver Leaf Pendant with the green sapphire, and truly cherish it! (I am loving leaves, feathers, and birds right now!)

  • Amy

    I would love to get a personalized pendant for my MOH!
    Lovely things from Brilliant Earth! :)

  • Jade

    My Fiance and I can’t even afford rings. My Grandmother gave me hers, just before she passed away, but I would love to receive a free one for him!

  • Heather

    I would love to get some personalized pendants for all my bridesmaids!

  • It is just what I was looking for for a Christmas present for my new sister in law!!!

  • i would pair a lotus and an “L”

  • Judith

    I would use it to buy the tree charm necklace. My father died a few years ago and he worked with trees, and I wear tree things to always remind me of him. I would attach that with the locket i’m wanting to buy, to have some sort of symbol since he won’t be walking me down the aisle.

  • Julia R

    Oooh, cute! I would buy my girlfriend Rebecca the initial and tree charm necklace. When deciding who my bridesmaids would be, I ultimately decided not to ask her to be one for financial reasons. They don’t make much and with two small children funds are often tight. It’s enough that they be there! It is something we talked about and agreed to but her and her husband have been amazing friends to me over the years and I want to honor that.

  • Chelsea

    What a great giveaway! I love the jewlery that brilliant earth produces. I would definately choose the lotus charm necklace to give to my beautiful maid of honor who constintly amazes me with her ability to reinvent herself to evolve and change into a better person every day. I also love the silver digger’s palm pendant that brilliant earth makes. It would be such a good way to get a conversation going that might make another person more aware of the terrible consiquences so many face because of the diamond industry. I love that Brilliant Earth only uses conflict free diamonds and stones!!

  • I love Brilliant Earth! I would use it as a not-so-subtle hint to my significant other that I wanted a custom engagement ring from there. I love how they use recycled gold and ethical stones! Yay!

  • Ashley

    I’m really digging the Sea of Cortez Pearl Pendant. Super Cute!

  • Carolina

    I would by the initial and tree pendant for my hubs. We have the same first initial. He is such a life force to me, and he would know the meaning represented by the tree.

  • Elle D

    I would so love the silver engraved pendant with my initial E, and my partners, L and the lotus flower. I would be a nice reminder of what we’ve been through together and the positive things that are now in our future.

  • Mel

    I would have to go with the bee, as my name means ‘honey bee’!

  • Emily

    Wonderful giveaway. I would definitely choose the initial and bee charm necklace. The initial would be an S for my new last name and the bee would represent how hard I worked on our wedding(which was fabulous) and how much I put into our life together now and in the future.

  • What a great giveaway!!! I love the lotus charm necklace, it’s so sweet! My inicial would be great too!

  • Kirsten

    I would buy the tree hugger. I love Brilliant Earth!!

  • mackenzie

    I would choose the lotus flower for my mother because it represents renewal. She has suffered from a debilitating hip problem for years and has just undergone the surgery to repair it. It has been a long struggle for her trying to do the things we all take for granted, but hopefully now she’ll have a “renewed” lease on life and will be able to stand by my side as my Matron of Honor at my wedding this summer. It would be a very meaniful and approrpriate gift to show her how much I love her.

  • Nina

    I would totally use it for bridesmaids gifts! It would be great to give them something really nice — which they totally deserve! I would go with the “tree” one, because I think it would be a crowd-pleaser.

  • I love this giveaway. I love personalized things, especially monograms. I would get the necklace that has a “k” pendant and the tree pendant. I think that’s such a cute idea.

  • Nicole-Lynn

    Great giveaway! I would love the Silver Initial Charm Pendant with the “B” initial for my new last name!

  • Carla

    WOW! These pieces are truly a work of art! Thank you so much for this giveaway. If I were to win, I would use the gift certificate to purchase the Silver Leaf Pendant with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphire for my sister who is my maid of honor.

  • brianna

    beautiful necklaces!!! i would get the charm pair with a “b” for my name and a “bee” because it is so cute!!

  • Kira

    Beautiful giveaway. I’d use this to get my mother a gift. She would absolutely love any of these.

  • Ginpod

    They’re all so cute and simple!

  • wonderful giveaway~lovely jewelry! I would put the certificate towards the ‘Silver Wave Pendant with Ethically Sourced Blue Sapphire’because it’s so pretty!

  • Sarah

    My step mother would really love the Timoney Necklace: Leaf-shaped pendant! (seen here:

  • Ria

    Love this giveaway! I’d get my MOH the charm pair with a K and a flower.

  • Miranda

    A couple years ago, I bought my sister a personalized bracelet which she wore often. This year, it broke! A special piece of jewelry like this would be perfect to replace something that was so cherished!

  • Anna

    definitely the lotus with an A – these are lovely, and would make an excellent keepsake to pass down.

  • June W.

    I would likely use the gift certificate to purchase a necklace for my cousin. She’s going to be my maid of honor and the only bridesmaid at all. Though we’re cousins, we grew up like sisters. She suffers from Lupus and has NEVER had a bad attitude or pity-me attitude, and I think the lotus pendant might be very meaningful for both of us.

  • Wendy

    I would love the “W” pendant paired with the tree pendant. I have the hardest time finding the intial W on things because there are not many names that start with that letter!! I would love to win this!

  • Stephanie

    I would use it to convince my boyfriend that he can afford to give me the custom conflict-free engagement ring of my dreams!

  • Jess

    I’d love to get the monogram for my MOH.

  • Hillary

    wow. i’d love to get my maid of honor (and sister!) the silver leaf pendant. how beautiful.

  • Jessica

    I would use it to buy the lotus pendant for my mother.

  • fallon

    monogram pendant for my future sister-in-law.

  • L Math

    I’d like to put it towards a ring.

  • Bridget

    I would spend the entire 100 bucks on the charm pair pendant.

  • sarah

    i’d love to give a monogram pendant to my sister and maid of honor. she’s been a real trooper during all the wedding plans.

  • Melissa

    I would use the $100 towards the purchase of some pearl earrings.

  • Ana Rodriguez

    I would spend it on a beautiful charm pair pendant.

  • Courtney

    I would spend it on a pendant necklace for my mother who is my Matron of Honor. She is so amazing and supportive!

  • Kaitlin

    A wedding band for my wonderful future husband! Particularly a milgrain band :)

  • Julia

    I would use it on one of the gorgeous charm pendants!

  • Oh, I’d love to use it toward the 18K White Gold Wave Ring for my honey. We are both ocean lovers and SCUBA divers. We just got engaged a month ago, and any help toward our wedding budget would be so amazing!

  • Thelma

    I would use it towards the purchase of the Diggers Pendant.When I read the details of this piece I was amazed of the powerful deep meaning behind this piece.By wearing this piece would be a reminder for me to never forget what a digger has to go through to retrieve a diamond.

  • Logan

    Initial pendant with symbol charm (the tree) for my younger sister, whose birthday is just around the corner!

  • Sara

    I would use the gift certificate toward the pair charm with my new last initial and the tree for strength in our marriage.

  • Jessica L

    Silver Leaf Pendant with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphire b/c it was the first thing I saw on the gifts page when I checked & it’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Julia R

    If I were to get one for myself, I would get my new last initial (A) and the lotus flower to represent how our love and lives are renewing and transforming with our vows into something of even greater beauty.

  • Ashley

    posting again. :)
    i would love to get a special MOH gift for my sister. definitely the lotus flower with an m.

  • Chelsea

    I particularly like the digger’s pendant, but for my maid of honor the lotus flower is a must!

  • Thelma

    If i won i would get the Silver Personalized Charm Pair Pendant with a heart and my Fiance’s first initial and i would wear it for our engagement photos.

  • Posting again to increase my chances!!! :)

    LOVE Brilliant Earth!

  • Nicole-Lynn

    I just love the Silver Initial Charm Pendant with the “B” initial for my new last name!

  • These are so chic! I might just use it for myself and get a “B”, which will be my new last initial!

  • Ana

    I love the personalized charm pair pendant,very pretty.

  • Cyndi

    i’d use it on the silver personalized charm pendant pair! with my initial and the tree!

  • Rachel

    I would give the bee pendant to my best friend, she’s BUSY as a bee, and I want to remind her to slow down!

  • Julia

    I’d buy the charm pendant. Love it!

  • Janell

    I would give the Initial Charm Pendant with a “B” initial to my Maid of Honor (my sister Brandy) she lives in England and I live in the states so this would be the perfect gift to keep me close to her heart while we are apart.

  • Q

    Definitely would get bridesmaid gifts for all my sisters, monogramed/initial necklaces is what I’m eyeing :-D

  • melissa

    I love the initial necklaces. Perfect gifts for my BM’s

  • Shelly

    I love the tree pendant necklace! I’d def have to get one.

  • Brie

    They have really gorgeous jewelry. The pendants are simply marvelous.

  • jinx2

    would love to get me some diamonds! :)

  • Haruna

    I’d get the pendant neckalce with mine and BF’s initial.

  • Amy

    I loveloveLOVE the Silver Leaf Pendant with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphire. I’d wear that every day. Gorgeous.

  • Ashley

    I’d get my sister a pendant as a gift for being in my wedding!

  • Amy T

    If I won the gift certificate, I would use the $100 to purchase the pair pendant, with a lotus and the Ohm, as a gift for my good friend (and bridesmaid) Alison. She’s got such a good heart and is always doing really nice things for others (like making homemade bread for me when I was sick!) Not only would she love the necklace, but I know she’d really appreciate the ethical practices of Brilliant Earth.

  • Karen

    I would put it toward my fiance’s ring – we plan to get a white gold matte band. Thank you!

  • Ashley

    maybe a ring! they have some beautiful settings.

  • My sister would love to get one of the necklaces!!!

  • Ana

    Posting again to increase my chance to win!!! =)

  • A Rad

    I would just get the initial charm pendant. It’s simple yet chic.

  • Thelma

    I would use it on the Silver Initial Charm pendant.

  • jinx2

    i’d actually love to get any of the beautiful pieces they have.

  • Janell

    I would give the Initial Charm Pendant with a “B” initial to my Maid of Honor

  • Myranda

    For years, my mother has tried and tried to grow herself a maple tree. It is one of the only memories she has of her mother as a child. Here in Texas, where we reside, her baby maple tree has struggled to survive – but it tries. I would love to see the look on her face as I hand this lovely Silver Charm to her. She is the first and only person I could think of when I saw this pendant.

  • I would get the lotus and “K” pendants :) K for my boyfriend’s first initial!

  • Jennifer r.

    I would put this gift card toward a wedding band for my fiance.

  • Amber

    I would use it towards the silver lead pendant. So georgous and simple. Billiant designs!

  • Ronit

    I would get the Silver Personalized Charm Necklace with my initial and probably a cute lotus flower charm. :)

  • Darien

    I would get a “J” and a heart pendant for my mom. It would be perfect for her upcoming birthday!

  • Stephanie

    I would go with the Silver Leaf Pendant with the green sapphire, and truly cherish it!

  • Thelma

    I would put the giftcard amount towards the 18K White Gold Sea of Cortez Pearl Pendant with Diamond Accent

  • Ana

    just posting again to increase my chances!!

  • jinx2

    i want a pendant!

  • Janell

    I would get a pendant with the letter B for my sister.

  • Rusha

    I’d use the gift certificate to purchase a lotus pendant. Our wedding has two design themes – the lotus and the elephant. Wearing a lotus pendant would be the perfect jewelry accessory!

  • Harper Wray

    I would use the gift certificate to get a pendant for my mother. She has been such a huge help with my wedding!

  • Jennifer R.

    I would use the gift certificate towards a wedding band for my future husband.

  • Jamie Smith

    I would totally love to be able to personalize something so great, so earth friendly! How cute!

  • I really like the tree, the ohm, and the lotus. But they’re all gorgeous!

  • Sooo, yeah, I didn’t say how I would use the gift certificate. I can read directions, I swear. I suppose I would use it to buy something lovely for my best friend. She’s had a hard year and she deserves something girly and shiny. :)

  • Michelle

    this would be great for my daughter’s “big” 13th birthday on January 1st!!

  • Kristin Jenkins

    I would love to have the lotus pendant. I’ve been through an amazing journey of self discovery and rebirth this year. I think it would be a perfect gift to myself.

  • Sue

    I would use it to purchase a pendant for myself expressing the beauty of nature, as in the lotus.

  • J Girl

    I would like to put this towards a replacement ring. I had to sell my beautiful wedding set during a difficult time during this terrible recession. I dream of having a new set.

  • Hi! I would LOVE to win a pendant to use as a donation for a silent auction to help my camp! Check out the website.

  • Tara

    I love this its so pretty yet simple… Im not big on necklaces but would wear it in a minute!!

  • Meghan

    Save the Bees! Save the Bees! Without our lovely worker bees, we can’t survive…love these so much!

  • Kristen Juchem

    What a great idea for a gift!

  • Jennie

    I would love a pendant with the letter B for our last name, and a bee, because my in-laws have bee hives and produce amazing honey. :) bzzzz

  • Tatyana Neimanis

    I think they are so cool

  • Bonnie

    I would Use the gift certificate To get my Maid of honor something Wonderful. She has been such a huge help to me and my Groom to be. I owe her a lot for keeping me sane.

  • Dana Fleetham

    Since my husband and I refused to get rings made of gemstones or metals sourced from ethically questionable places, and we have always lacked the funds to buy a nice ring set while we have both been in university and raising kids, I would put the certificate towards our first actual ring set we would ever have had over our almost-ten-year marriage. We were married on New Year’s Eve…and it would make a fantastic surprise for him.

    At any rate…thank you for just existing as a company. It gives me hope that someday compassionate consumerism can help capitalism change for the better.

  • Megan

    I’d get my initial for sure…there are so many pretty charms to choose from so I’m not sure which one yet!

  • Hunter

    I’d get my girlfriend a present

  • Cari

    I would LOVE the GC & the necklace – I would get a “J” for my soon to be new last name.

  • Just posting again cause I see I could also win a gift certificate. could really use that to auction for winter camp programs!

  • Esther Zeledon

    I would use my gift certificate towards my fiances wedding band…we love Brilliant Earth..everytime I give an Environmental talk I show my pendant and tell them how for the same price they get better quality with your company and a guilt free conscious!!! )

  • Becca Blessing

    I would use the $100 towards a pendant for my mom. Her birthday is coming up soon and it would be a great way to show her how much she means to me.

  • Briana

    I would definitely give it to my boyfriend so that he could put it toward an engagement ring that is ethically sound and beautiful.

  • Kirstina

    I am such a fan of Brilliant Earth and what they are about. And I love the idea of the personalized pendants as bridesmaid gifts. I will definitely have to keep that in mind! :)

  • stacy

    If I won this I would want a star to remember my mom. She passed away when i was 15 and I saw a falling star that night. Would be nice to wear it everyday so close to my heart!! :)

  • Ariana

    I’d love to get a heart pendant with initial for my mom. She loves hearts and this would be such a beautiful gift!

  • Tay

    That would really help with Christmas!

  • Jennifer

    I looove Brilliant Earth. :) (I have a sapphire ring waiting for me somewhere… My partner purchased it, we received it last week, but I’m not allowed to see it yet. I know it will be gorgeous.)

    I would get a pendant for our daughter, if I win. Her initial and a heart, because she is so lovely and compassionate.

  • i would use it to subsidize my wedding band. love brilliant earth!

  • Jessica

    I’d put it towards the brilliant earth diggers pendant. Really subtle but lovely :)

  • Sadie Gohl

    I would use the gift to buy my lovely younger sister something nice for her birthday in January.

  • I would use the gift certificate to buy a pendant with a lotus and my mother’s initial on it. It was her death that was the catalyst to my transformation into a Geek Coach so that I may act as a servant leader in the community. I would do it in her honor.

  • Teresa

    My boyfriend of 6 years and I are in the process of scheduling an appointment at the Brilliant Earth Showroom for my engagement ring! I would use the 100 dollar gift certificate to give to my boyfriend so he could have a little help with my ring!! He would be sooo happy and I wouldn’t have to feel so bad that he is spending so much :)

  • Latrece Barcik

    I LOVE BRILLIANT EARTH! I get comments on my Victorian Halo ring all the time and am dying to get some more stuff! These simple necklaces are exactly the kind of thing I’d wear every day. :)

  • Maggie Y

    These charms are beautiful, I would love one!

  • Stacey

    Newly engaged to my favorite person ever, my amazing best friend and boyfriend Terry. He proposed with a stunning Brilliant Earth ring. The jewelry is incredible, the company is very admirable, and the core values are close to my heart. I’m Brilliant Earths new biggest fan and would love to get this gift certificate!

  • Toni

    I would get my kids initials. These are just so great!!

  • I would get a lotus pendant with my baby’s initial – she’s due in May and is our first child. She represents a whole new phase in my and my husband’s life and we’re really nervous/excited about everything changing when she comes into the world.

  • Jessie

    I would give my son a personalized, eco-friendly necklace he could keep til he is old enough to understand how important it is to do right by our world <3

  • Corey

    My husband recently lost a lot of weight and his wedding band no longer fit and it got lost! I’d love to use the certificate towards getting him a new one.

  • Afton

    I would use the gift certificate to get an H pendant and a lotus flower, symbolizing my wonderful new son Henry, and the peace through the transformation of becoming his mother.

  • emma

    I absolutely love the pendant… simply classic design. I would love to win and give it to my mother!

  • Romila

    The lotus is so lovely!

  • Sarah

    I would use the GC towards one of our wedding bands…thanks brilliant earth for caring about our environment!

  • Charlotte

    I would put it towards getting matching lotus pendants for myself and my best friend, who lives 700 miles away. :-)

  • Simbari Strother

    oooh. i love all of the brilliant earth pieces! i would love to win and introduce someone else to brilliant earth, and put some toward something for myself ;)

  • Megan

    I would use it towards my fiance’s wedding ring. I would get him something simple (with his input of course) in white gold since platinum mining is horrible for the environment. I love Brilliant Earth. I would want a ring from there if we hadn’t already bought it.

  • Myranda

    This is my second post, but I couldnt help be curious – will the winner be chosen at random or is every entry read?

  • Thelma

    I would put the money towards the Silver Grape Garnet Pendant

  • Stacey

    Newly engaged to my favorite person ever, my amazing best friend and boyfriend Terry. He proposed with a stunning Brilliant Earth ring. The jewelry is incredible, the company is very admirable, and the core values are close to my heart. I’m Brilliant Earths new biggest fan and would love to get this gift certificate!

  • Christine

    I would donate this to a silent auction to benefit deserving kids in art programs.

  • Charlotte

    Absolutely gorgeous. Everything your company makes is wonderful and eco-friendly. Maybe if I drop a few more hints my significant other will get me something someday. :)

  • Angola Dixon-Watt

    I love your jewelry…if I won I would put it towards Valentines gifts…just around the corner! ;)

  • Teresa

    Would use it to help out with my engagement ring! We have an appointment at the Brilliant Earth showroom on Tuesday!

  • John

    I would use this towards my girlfriend’s engagement ring. Brilliant Earth is the only place we are considering buying the ring!

  • Kirstina

    I would love to give the lotus pendant to my cousin. She has bee such a positive influence in my life and had always supported me, even when I wasn’t certain of what I could accomplish. She is really into Buddhist meditation and continuing to work towards being the best person she could be. She would never buy something like this for herself but would love what the lotus represents and what a responsible company like Brilliant Earth represents for the future of our world!

  • K

    I would totally buy the Om pendant for myself, as I need to find some inner peace while waiting for my loved one to come home from Iraq.