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Last week we shared 5 different ways to incorporate scent on your wedding day, and today we’re back with a giveaway! You’re probably familiar with Cashmere Mist, a delish floral scent, that combines the essences of Moroccan Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and bergamot, against a warm background of Sandalwood, Amber and Musk. Well, Donna Karan offers gift sets that can be your bridesmaids or maid of honor special thank you package, or your own pampering box of goodies.


Here’s another little something to make you smell and feel good – Donna Karan is giving away 4 gift sets for Ruffled readers! This exclusive gift is a 1.7oz Cashmere Mist EDP and 3.4oz Body Lotion set with an SRP of $78 and value of $100. How great would that be as a little gift to yourself or to share with your bridesmaids? To enter, head on over to the Donna Karan site, then leave a comment below about what your absolute wedding weekend essentials would be- whether a stunning rehearsal dinner dress or maybe lovely lingerie? The giveaway winners will be announced in this post on June 24th.


Take a little time to check out our Cashmere Mist Pinterest board here, and the new Her Scent app that Donna Karan just launched on Facebook here. It’s a fun and helpful interactive quiz that reveals your fragrance personality and which Donna Karan fragrances are a match for you.

We’re super excited to announce the 4 winners of the exclusive Cashmere Mist giveaway…

Josh with comment 51

Kelly with comment 23

Susanne with comment 36

Barb with comment 22

… Congratulations everyone! We’ll contact you soon with more details.

  • Nancy

    My absolute wedding weekend essentials would be: the Python Frame Clutch (because every girl needs a snazzy bag for carrying other essentials like make-up), Opaques Collection Perfect Legging (perfect for wearing under dresses or tunics, which is my style), the Strapless Pleated Infinity Dress (it would be perfect for going out in the evening), and the Pre Fall Basketweave Sweater (super necessary for comfort, practicality, and keeping warm in the evening!). All of those items are super versatile, useful, and most importantly, totally fashionable! :) I love Donna Karan!!!

  • kathryn

    My wedding essential would be the Pre Fall Icons Draped Dress for the rehearsal dinner. Our colors are red, gold and white. I’m Chinese and my fiance is Canadian so the color red defines us. The burgundy dress would look exquisite.

  • Justyne M

    My absolute wedding weekend essential would be the sleeveless spiral bateau dress, it would be beautiful for the rehearsal dinner.

  • SMDC

    Probably bloody mary’s :) They will remind me to just chill and enjoy all the love around me…

  • liv

    definitely some good lingerie! oh, and bikinis! ;)

  • Jacki S.

    My wedding essential is would be having my friends and family surrounding me. Oh, and a beautiful blue sky :-)

  • Mary Eubanks

    My wedding weekend essential would be the pre fall icons infinity dress. It is a stunning dress and would be fabulous way to start the weekend with the rehearsal dinner. I love the pomegranate color because it is so eye catching and would be sure to catch my grooms eye. Fabulous!

  • tessa

    my wedding day essential would be the INCOGNITA BODY BRIEFER…would keep everything in place under my beautiful dress!

  • Cee

    My wedding weekend essentials would include a fabulous rehearsal dinner dress like the Sleeveless Spiral Bateau Dress, sexy pumps and cute and comfy flats (to get me through the weekend), bobbi pins, lip gloss, tissue, ipod, close friends and family, and great weather.

  • Nicole

    My wedding weekend essential is a pair of comfortable shoes so I can dance the night away!

  • Krista W.

    I’m having a beach destination wedding so my wedding weekend essential would definitely have to include a cute bathing suit. I also love this clutch:, maybe for bridesmaids?

  • Erin

    My wedding essential would be the Pre Fall Icons Lace Trim Dress. It would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner or even out for a nice dinner while away on the honeymoon.

  • Jen

    My absolute wedding weekend essential would be that perfect scent that’ll forever remain in my fiancees scent memory, and a comfy yet chic tunic like the Tuxedo tunic.

  • Holly B

    The Sleeveless Spiral Bateau Dress is stunning, it would be perfection for a rehearsal dinner!

  • cora lukehart

    Wedding Weekend Essentials: Shoes & a smile :)

  • Jeannine

    There’s an amazing shirt dress in their Modern Icons slideshow that would be perfect for a day-after brunch. While the wedding itself can be a whirlwind, having some time to spend quality time with family at a relaxed brunch the day after would be wonderful!

  • Chelsey

    I would love to have the Python Frame Clutch to put all of my essentials for the day in! So gorgeous!

  • vicki

    Love the metallic ostrich clutch!



  • ms tk

    i think great fitting undergarments are a must-have! i love the look of the dk ethereal lace balconette bra and the incognita body briefer!

  • Christina C

    I love the draped cuff dress. I would wear it to the rehearsal dinner. The top of the dress is stunning.

  • Barb

    MIne would have to be the draped cuff dress for my rehersal dinner.

  • Kelly Hughes

    The Spiral Bateau Dress would be great for a getaway dress!

  • Marnay

    I have been looking for a stylish purse for our engagement party – I want something that is timeless and will stand out. The Python Frame Clutch is the answer! It is stunning, and will make me feel extra special on our big day.

  • Lindsay P.

    My absolute wedding weekend essential would be the gorgeous pre fall icons grey infinity dress- it would be perfect for my rehearsal dinner…and future date nights with my new husband!

  • Olivia

    Defintely some lingerie, my inventory is in serious need of something that says I’m about to be married!

  • Tory

    My essential would be good food and family!

  • Melissa

    My wedding essential would be a beautiful dress by Maggie Sottero and my having my mom there!

  • rachel

    My essentials would be bubble bath for relaxation and chocolate!!

  • Corrine T

    My Donna Karan absolute wedding weekend essentials would be the NEW INFINITY DRESS in Charcoal for a wedding rehearsal dinner! Its beautiful and would fit with our wedding colors of yellow and grey!

  • One of my favorite scents…I’ll be sure to share with my network!

  • Sarah

    Not to be obvious, but my wedding essential would be the Cashmere Mist bridal set. Everything I need for our big day.

  • Bronwyn

    I love the Kara Ross Stretch Prunella Clutch! It would be a great honeymoon clutch.

  • Anna A.

    My absolute wedding weekend essentials would be the the strapless cascade gown with the Kara Ross clutch in gorgeous gold fleck cork!

  • Nicole

    Love that spiral dress! Plus… a must is mascara!

  • susanne arsenault

    I would really love some beautiful lingere to share with my husband to be!! Thank You for the chance to win!!

  • Jan Lawrence

    the draped cuff dress for the rehearsal and of course many layers of Cashmere Mist, which is the ONLY fragrance I wear

  • Sophie Sweeney

    This is my favorite go to fragrance for any occasion. It makes me feel so feminine and romantic. I just love it and there is no other substitution for it or me !! Love, Love my Cashmere Mist !!

  • Titantia Baker

    its not my wedding but my anniversary june24,2000 is when I wed , I love cashmere mist it is one of my favorites and I would like to wear it on my special night .please consider me .. one of mrs. cashmere biggest sprayers lol

  • Renee Floyd

    My wedding essential would be beautiful lingerie and a wonderful honeymoon. I have 8 children & thought the day of marriage would never come to me but in August I WILL BE MARRIED! My friends say that I look like I have no children so staying sexy is a must!

  • Sabrina

    A man and a cake ;)

  • Jessie

    My weekend wedding essential would be the cashmere mist! Or the beautiful infinity dress.

  • Karen Shipley

    I wanted to go where there are horse & carriage rides cor wedding & celebrations. I’d need riding jeans.Italian boots.white Lacey top &fragrance in atomizer. Would spritz for my prince Charming & we would ride into sunset.

  • Karla Arcese

    my wedding essentials would be to be with the man I adore and love.
    my ring has to be like a diamond but not too over done. and a nice walk on the beach would be pretty nice.
    candles make it very romantic!

  • My wedding weekend essentials include lipgloss, cute underwear, and hairspray!

  • Debonaire

    My Wedding Weekend Essentials Would Be Everything With The Fragrences Of Donna Karen Not Only Fo I Love All Of Your Fragrences But My Fieoncey Loves Them On Me Also!! So This Would Truly Be A Blessing For Us!!!!

  • Lisa polo

    Well, a groom comes to mind…

  • Deborah Johnson

    Perfume is the way to go. Collect all of Donna’s perfume you won’t regret it. Trust me I am the Queen when it come to perfume collecting. Great perfume means great prices. Does matter to me. Are you in ladies purchase your perfumes today. Make it Donna Karen if you don’t have any.

  • Liz

    The pre falls icon dress is to die for!

  • Maxwell

    The cascade strapless is so elegant!

  • Josh

    I would love to get my fiancee the cashmere mist fragrance. She loves it.

  • duk

    I <3 the long sleeve drape neck top!!

  • mimi
  • Sharon Godare

    Water for hydration, comfy Jammie’s for watching in hotel movies and chocolate

  • kristy

    My absolute wedding weekend essential from DK is the WHITE LONG SLEEP GOWN. We’re having a weekend wedding at a beautiful wooded retreat center in the Cascade mountains and the gown would be perfect loungewear while hiding out in our cabin.

  • Cierra

    I love the metallic ostrich box clutch This would be a great accessory for the wedding but it could actually be used again for other occasions.