My third anniversary is quickly approaching and looking back at how Matt and I met … it has flown by since. To me it was “love at first site”, we met online and the rest is history. One of the most fun wedding planning aspects you can do together was setting up a wedding registry. He wanted to participate in the process of choosing what we would be using in our homes for years to come. I was happy to oblige. Williams Sonoma is the tend-setter of all wedding registries, offering you the latest and greatest kitchen tools in addition to entertaining staples.

Below are some of our picks:

 ruffled wedding registry picks
Clockwise: wooden cooking utensils, porcelain mixing bowls, paring knifes, The Weeknight Cook Cookbook.
 ruffled wedding registry picks
Left, Double-Burner Grill; right, Deep Sauté Pan
 ruffled wedding registry picks
Left, rice cooker; right, cooling rack.

When did you know the moment he/she was the one?

Williams Sonoma is giving $250 to one lucky couple. To enter, simply start a wedding registry with Williams Sonoma, if you haven’t already and come back here and leave us a comment saying that you have a registry with them + tell us the moment you knew he/she was the one. It can be as short as two sentences.

If you would like to increase your chances of winning, add new items to your registry and come back here to let us know what items you added. Don’t forget to include a link to the product (s) in the comments.

Entries will close on Sunday, September 19 at 11:59p EST. We will select a random entry and we will announce the winner later next week. Good luck and have fun!

  • kaleigh williams

    my fiancee and I have a registry started. believe it or not (of course you believe it), it was the first place we registered!

    I knew my fiancee was the one pretty early on. I’ve never gotten along better with anyone in my whole life, and I wouldn’t change a moment of our time together.

    thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize. I would definitely put it to good use :)

  • kaleigh williams

    I just added all-clad cookware to our registry, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love all-clad?!

  • i already have a wishlist with them but added the melamine cup measurers and spoons along with the pizza stone and the bunt cake holder!
    I knew Matthew was the one the day i got the flu.. we were visiting friends out of town… he woke up every hour to come check on me and make sure my temperature was no long 103.. it was the sweetest thing… i knew he loved me because of his actions :)

  • Bailey Hanrahan

    I knew my husband was ‘the one’ when we met in my backyard. I was hosting a bonfire and near the end of the party I turned around and saw him. I thought he was adorable and within a week, we were inseperable! I love him so much and I’m so glad he ended up at my party ; )

  • Egill

    We just got engaged, but its never too early to start the daydreaming with a registry! We signed up at Williams Sonoma in the hopes of some fancier entertaining ahead of us.

    We knew we were it for each other after only four months of dating. However, we waited four years (filled with separations as distant as Peru and Pennsylvania, Michigan and Hungary) before making it official.

  • michelle

    I just added the monkey bread baking mold. I love monkey bread, my fiance and I always make it for Thanksgiving. I seriously knew my Christopher was the one for me the second I saw him. He was wearing his HS band uniform and still looked really cute. That’s true love!

  • Melina

    Chads sense of humor the first day we met, at my office, was a good indication of where things were headed…but after our first date, I was talking to all of my friends and family, and my Dad said, ‘are you going to marry this guy, or what?’ – and I knew.

    Neither of us can say enough about Williams Sonoma, registering there was awesome, I added the Heritage Bundt Pan ( to our registry ( :)

  • Jackie

    I’m already registered at Williams Sonoma (who wouldn’t be?)!

    I knew my fiance was the one the first time we spent time alone together. He took me to the movies as a present (it was around the holidays) and we spent the entire movie talking (quietly!) to each other. Then on the ride home we drove through the first snowfall of the season. We were almost back to my place, when the conversation paused for a minute and he turned to me and asked when I was breaking up with my boyfriend (now ex, obviously). I broke it off the next day and I’ve been with my fiance ever since! :)

  • jane

    it took me awhile, but when i realized that my fiance was the one i wanted to come home to, i knew he was the one.

  • Janis

    my fiance is a chef so of course we went to williams sonoma. and of course we get a Chinois Bouillon Strainer. who knew? I knew brandon was the one after our first date. he took me took a chinese restaurant my family had been taking me to for years. yum!

  • Brandy

    Just registered for Flame colored Le Creuset cookwear!

    I know my fiance was “the one” when we took a last minute trip to NYC just for cupcakes! <3

  • Melissa

    I just set up a registry for my fiance and I.

    I knew he was the one early on in our relationship–when we first started seeing each other one day I went to his apartment to say hi. I ended up staying for 4 hours and we just talked. He made me laugh, he listened to me and I knew he was the person I wanted to be with.

  • Melissa

    I just added a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I have a similar one already and use it so much! A larger size would be nice to have!

  • I knew my husband was “the one” when he made a joke in front of a large group of people and I was the only one who was laughing. I realized I wouldn’t find anyone else with the exact same sense of humor as me.

  • Amanda

    Williams-Sonoma was the first palce we registered, because they are the best!! I just added the OXO V-Blade Mandoline which should make preparation for vegetable gratin so much easier!

    I knew Andy was the one early on, but when he met my family and loved them for their crazy quirks like I do, that definitely sealed the deal!

  • Emily R.

    Mauviel Copper Beating Bowl!!! Love Love Love!
    My fiance & I are getting married next year in April!!! Can’t wait!

  • we just added some amazing things to our registry! An olive and cherry pitter (8749632), the professional multi-chopper (5471628) and a panini press (6417778)! Seriously we NEED this giveaway!

  • I am registered at William Sonoma! Since I have much of home needed items, I have become very very very interested in baking! Now, cooking is not what made Joey fall in love with me, but Joey and I dated on and off for a while. I realized that I LOVED him when couldn’t live without him, I know that I couldnt, but I certainly didnt want to. I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I wanted to cherish him and love him and be the best person I could for him. I loved everything about him and wanted to not just be with him, but become one with him! We really have grown as a couple and I appreciate all that he has done for me and being my best friend.

  • Louisa DiLeone

    We are registered at Williams Sonoma and love everything in that store!!!! I knew he was the one when I burped on our first day (VERY unlike me and I was mortified!) and he responded by asking “Can I see you again on Saturday night?” It was so embarassing then but now we look back and laugh!

  • Emily R.

    The moment I knew he was the one was a moment of revelation. After a year and a half of fighting like crazy, we were still in love we were still together. We were committed!
    Heritage Bundt® Pan. Love Love Love!!!
    We are getting married in April 2011! Cant Wait ;)

  • My fiance and i just started our Williams Sonoma registry, and we are so excited about all the products!

    The moment I knew warner was the one was after being seperated for two years we were still in love. We both had changed, but our love continued! We are getting married 10/22/10, cannot wait!

  • I just added the I added the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Buttercup Yellow… this would be a dream come true to have!

    …and the Williams-Sonoma Bride & Groom Cookbook

  • Viet Nguyen

    I just started a registry for my February 2011 wedding :) I loooove Williams-Sonoma!

    I knew David was for me before I left to move 500 miles away (for graduate school) after only one week of dating. He held me and said, “Don’t go – you can stay in my closet and I can feed you and we can go on trips together.” It was really sweet and a little weird. Over 5 years later, I will marry my best friend :)

  • We opened a William Sonoma registry a few months ago, it really is a great shop. My fiance and I have been together for over 8 years. We met while working at a summer camp in Maine. I knew that he was the one when he left the camp for a few days to attend a funeral and i missed him…. This person I had just met! Now we are getting married in 24 days and could not be happier! My fav product on our WS registry is this: A mini-muffin pan!

  • Lindsey Smith

    I just started my registry and added several baking pans and knives to the registry. He loves to cook and I love to bake so Williams Sonoma is a great place for us to register.

    I can’t say there was a specific moment that I knew he was the one. It was a growing feeling that I never wanted to live without him and that we balanced each other perfectly. Every day just confirms how right we are for each other.

  • Alyssa Allen

    I just added the Pillivuyt Queen Anne 5-Piece Place Setting and the Picardie Glass Tumblers to my registry! I knew my fiance was the one the first time we hung out together! We built a sand castle together outside at the park and the rest is history! :)

  • Kristen M.
  • Alyssa Allen

    Here are the links this time around:

    I just added the Pillivuyt Queen Anne 5-Piece Place Setting and the Picardie Glass Tumblers to my registry! I knew my fiance was the one the first time we hung out together! We built a sand castle together outside at the park and the rest is history! :)

  • I met my man online too. I fell in love with him the first weekend we met in person. I just remember looking at him and laughing… looking into his eyes. Then all of a sudden I realized that we were standing in the middle of the sidewalk and people were trying to walk around us. The world had disappeared for that moment.

    SO excited about all the Le Creuset stuff!

  • Viet Nguyen
  • Amanda I

    I knew he was the one when I told him I had a couple of days off right after we started dating, and he suggested we take a trip to Key West. A trip was exactly what I had in mind, and we’ve been traveling together as often as possible since.

    We have a registry at Williams-Sonoma, and hopefully I’ll be getting everything on it. I love that store!

  • Amanda I

    I just added the Nordic Ware Waffled Pancake Pan. He loves waffles, I love pancakes, so it’s perfect!

  • Amanda I

    I just added the Nordic Ware Waffled Pancake Pan. He loves waffles, I love pancakes, so it’s perfect!
    Here’s the link–

  • pat

    We just added these awesome measuring cups and spoons to our registry:

    I knew he was the one when I realized there was noone else I’d rather be with on a Friday night!

  • lady brett

    hmm, i don’t think there was “a moment,” which is actually really nice to me. it seems natural that way.

    i added tom collins glasses (because barware makes me swoony):

  • it wasn’t a moment per se, but the more we talked about our love of food and cooking, and then started cooking so well together, i knew we were a match.

    we’re already registered, so i added round and rectangular tart pans!



  • Hollis

    I started a registry today! I added the Le Cruiset Dutch Oven in Red. I have been wanting one for quite a while … I think a registry might be the best way to acquire one.

    I knew Nick was the one when I met him in 7th grade. I was the new girl who moved in the middle of the school year. We became friends and everyone knew I was a bit obsessed. Fast forward 12 years and I am now marrying my best friend and my favorite person to be around!

  • Natalie Rae

    I knew my fiance was the one when I knew without thinking that I wanted to marry him. Through all the ying and yang of our personalities, and a year of harship dating long distance (he was in Iraq and I was in Seattle), I still know that I want to be with him forever.

    My registery is-

    I added the Gift Cakelet Pan today :)

  • Egill

    just added this to our registry:

    I’ve wanted a kitchenAid as long as I can remember!

    (my registry URL:

  • Jessie

    I already have a registry set up!

    There was one particular conversation that we had, talking a lot about our families, and all I could think was, “He totally gets it! He understands!” And that’s when I knew.

  • Jessie

    Oops, sorry, wrong link, there’s the right one:

  • Rebekah R

    I was so excited when I started our WS registry! I am always in the kitchen whenever I feel anxious or bored, so it only made sense.

    I knew I wanted to be with my fiance for the rest of my life the first time he sang to me. He’s not quite tone deaf, but just very untrained, and I can sing pretty well, so he often just listens to whatever music is playing as I sing along. One night, though, he had a song stuck in his head and out of nowhere looked straight at me and sang the first line or two. Once I figured out what song it was, I was amused and delighted all at once, and something in me clicked. Too bad he didn’t sing his proposal!

  • Rebekah R

    Oh, and as a good Arizona girl, I splurged and added the tortilla press to my registry! I didn’t think I’d be so excited about it!|ctlpstacc

  • Angel

    I knew my fiance was the one about 2 years after we started dating and were living together. I woke up after he had already gone to work and saw that he left me a a sweet note next to my morning coffee and breakfast. He still does that a few times a month.

  • Angel R

    My fiance’s favorite store is Williams Sonoma and his first choice for a registry.

    We just added a multipot to cook pasta after seeing a chef use a similar one on TV:

  • MD

    I added the screwpull vertical lever wine opener to our registry!|4|1||4|*%20Screwpull%20Vertical%20Lever%20Wine%20Opener||0&cm_src=SCH

    I knew my fiance was the one when he took care of me after a thorny tree branch sliced my face! I was worried it would scar and he convinced me it would all be ok.

  • Lacy Grace

    My fiancé and I just registered at William Sonama and just added the Calphalon Unison Slide & Sear Nonstick 8-Piece Set.. And have lots more to add! I knew he was the one from our first date. It was a blind date set up by my dad and his brother and I really did not want to go. After meeting him I knew he was everything and more that I could ask for and want in a husband but of course gave him some time to figure at too. He told me he never wanted a girlfriend or a wife and a month later was telling me he loved me. I couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing person in my life and this would definitely help us out!

  • Lindsey

    My fiance and I already have a williams sonoma registry set up, it was the first place we registered. I knew my fiance was the one when we got stuck in the rain on a cold October night climbing up this huge hill in the city of Philidelphia. I was completely miserable (and he knew it), but he came up and started kissing me and then we started playing in the huge puddles and I totally forgot that we were soaking wet. OH and when we got back to the hotel and I realized I had no clothes to wear to our dinner plans that night, he went to Nordstroms himself and bought me an outfit to wear :)

  • Lindsey

    I just added this pizza stone to our registry :)|4|1||4|pizza%20stone||0&cm_src=SCH

  • Thanks so much for hosting such a rockin’ giveaway!

    In racking my brain to try to think of THE moment I knew about my guy, the closest I could come is the first time we carved a pumpkin together. I expected to be the one who was jazzed, but he put the operation into overdrive and carved the coolest pumpkin ever. I was done for.

  • C. Bee

    Ok, so our wedding is over 8 months away, and someone already bought a tablecloth off our registry! I guess this contest is a perfect excuse to replenish the request list. :-) I just added the Le Creuset Teakettle ( in the Flame color. It matches the other Le Creuset pieces we registered for, and I realized we didn’t have a kettle on there.

    I knew my fiance was the one when I was worried about losing my job, and he reassured me that we would take care of each other and get through it no matter what. He’s truly amazing!

  • BriAnna

    My fiance and I met briefly when our paths crossed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. When we shook hands hello, I had the strangest feeling of recognition–as though I recognized him from our future–even though we’d never met before. Six months later when we reconnected in Anchorage, I knew the second I saw him that he was the ONE. I had shaky knees, a racing heart, and a river in my ears! It was crazy! And I wasn’t even in love with him yet!!! Haha. But it didn’t take long, and now I can’t wait for our New Year’s Eve wedding!!!

    We are definitely registered at Williams Sonoma, though modestly, because we realize so many of our loved ones are effected by the recession. It would be beyond wonderful to win this prize!!!

  • Caroline

    Yes! This is an awesome giveaway! I just added the set of 10 mixing bowls, the chop and scoop cutting board and the Bride & Groom cook book. I love love love this store!

    I knew he was the one when we were at a Met’s game, several months after we’d started dating. We were walking to our seats and they were playing the cheesy club music and he just stopped, turned to me and started dancing in the most ridiculous way possible. I knew then that he’d do anything to make me laugh, and that is the mark of a definite keeper!

    Here’s a link to our registry:

  • Alison Z.

    We’re already registered with W-S, so I just added a few more items — 1) the Personalized Recipe and Entertaining Journal

    2) a DuraClear Icing Pitcher with Lid


    3) a Staub 3-Qt.Saucepan

    I knew he was the one when he I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at once … it was a major surgery and he took such good care of me afterwards.

    Oh and here’s our registry link:

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • Carol

    I have a registry with them.
    I knew he was the one when he helped me recover from ACL surgery. We were friends then and he was there day and night helping me. Grossily enough (before we were officially dating) he held my hair while i threw up cause the medication made me nauseous. A guy like that, who sticks around even when your throwing up and helps with everything…when your going insane cause the doctor says no showering 5 days after surgery and still helps you wash your hair cause you just have to is a guy I just had to keep for me.

  • Carol
  • I knew Danny was the one when, after I complained once that his house was too dark, he bought me a night-light! He didn’t say anything, it was just there, plugged in and glowing.

  • Pearl

    We first met online but then sparks flew in person especially when it turned out he was a friend of a friend. OMG moment for sure!

    Here’s our link:

    I added the Breville Programmable Espresso Maker with Integrated Burr Grinder. Burr, burr, burr!

  • Jenee

    Me and my fiance resistered!!!

    I knew he was the one the moment i heard him sing, not to mention he was playing a song that was written for me and he was sing only to me! I am in love with my best friend!

    Thank you for the opportunity for this amazing prize!

  • Okeoma

    I already have a Williams-Sonoma registry!

    I knew he was the one when I had to cancel a group outing to the movies because I had too much work to do and the next day I found a bag of sour patch kids on the bed. It had a sweet little note and was just the red ones! (my favs) I can’t imagine how adorable he was in the dark movie theater trying to distinguish between the orange and the red…

    So sweet. We started dating a few weeks later.

  • Marci

    We have a registry already. I knew he was the one when we re-met at our ten year high school reunion. He still had his boyish charm – just a little less hair :)

  • Sabrina

    My fiance is a chef so a Williams Sonoma registry was an absolute must. He was on it like frosting on a cake.

    I knew he was the one when we were outside of our favorite restaurant, dressed all up for our second official date and we were running around in the street acting like dinosaurs and we both roared “I love you!” (the first time we had said that) to each other at the exact same time. I knew I had found someone who I could be myself around, and who I loved being with. We’re going to have a little dinosaur cake topper for our cake as a little tribute to our first “I love yous”. :-)

    We added the Caso Wine Cellar to our registry because we’re lushes.

    We also added the Olive Wood Salt Keeper. We’re making our own smoked sea salt for our wedding favors, so salt has this weird special-ness for us. Yay salt!|ctlsalkee

  • Kimberly

    I just added th pillvuyt cake plate and all the other cake plates. You can never have enough.

    I new my fiance was the one the day I was getting ready to move to a different city. He told me that he loved me and he wanted me to stay…long story short, I stayed!

  • amber

    Oh my gosh, this would be so amazing to win! I adore Williams-Sonoma, and created a registry. If I win this gift card, I think I might need to put it toward a KitchenAid Stand mixer, I’ve wanted one for so long now. I also added a beautiful Fondue set to my registry!

    Here is my full registry:

    The moment I knew that he was the one for me? When every time he said my name my heart felt like it was going to burst from being filled with so much love. Your name sounds different when it comes from your love :)
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  • Taryn

    My fiance and I are registered with Williams-Sonoma! (

    We met after an Arizona State football game at the college house he was living in at the time with his friends. I impressed him over a game of NCAA Football on XBox and it was love ever since! In fact, he is playing some XBox NCAA Football as we speak!

  • Taryn

    I just added the All-Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker (Item #: 11-8260341) to our registry ( and I really hope we get it! I can’t wait to have our new house filled with the wonderful aroma of pot roast slow-cooking away! Reminds me of home!

  • Erin

    Here is our registry: and here are the items I added:

    I knew he was the one when after taking a road trip with a girlfriend and listening to a terrible lady-porn-historic-fiction on CD – he spent the next few weeks after that trip listening to it and laughing with me about it. Meant to be and still makes me smile thinking about it.

  • Nicole

    I just added THESE bad boys:


    I knew he was the one after our first fight, when he showed up at my door to talk about it, and I realized he wasn’t going to give up on me. And I realized I didn’t want to give up on him either.

    Here’s the link to my registry:

  • Lauren

    Oh, how I’d love to go shopping at Williams Sonoma without burning a hole in my wallet!! I just added an item to our registry – its the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch™ Nonstick 6-Piece Essentials Bakeware Set!

    The moment I first knew was very simple, but spoke volumes about my fiance’s character. We knew each other from classes, but the first time we hung out socially, I invited him to a big event that I had planned at school. He called when he was on his way over, and sought me out right away. We spent that whole evening together, talking, dancing, and hanging out with friends. At the end of the night, as the event was clearing out, I had to run upstairs to my dorm room to get a check to pay a vendor. He walked me to the entryway door, and waited at the base of the stairs for me to come back down. I hadn’t asked him to escort me, and he didn’t try to come upstairs to see my room, he just waited like a gentleman. That confirmed my suspicions – that he was a wonderful man!

    Thanks for the chance to win – we’d love to shop Williams Sonoma!

  • I love our Williams Sonoma registry that we’ve had! I knew he was the one when he took me on a walk for our first day so that we could just talk and get to know each other. How many guys just talk??

  • I’ve added the cookbook you have, The Weeknight Cook!

  • Jordan

    coincidentally, my fiance and i were planning on going to willaims-sonoma tonight to begin our registry process. guess i got the process started a little early! my first item i registered for, is the pink kitchenaid mixer- i’ve always wanted one!

    on August 24, 2005, i went with my new roommates to a friend’s friends house for a party. we had been there for a while, when from across the room, i saw a really cute guy. i bugged my roommates all night saying how cute he was but obviously wouldn’t go say hi since i’m extremely shy. finally, one of my roommates went up to the guy and told him that her roommate really wanted to talk to him. my fiance took her advice and came over to talk to me. we hit it off instantly and we’ve hardly spent a day apart since. although that’s the story of how we met, i’d never had that feeling from just seeing someone from across the room. i had just gotten out of a long term relationship and wanted absolutely nothing to do with guys at the moment. but i must’ve known something was meant to be with us!

  • Kathryn

    I already have a registry with Williams-Sonoma, and I love it.

    I think that I knew he was the one on the night before the first birthday I spent with him. We watched my favorite movie (You and Me and Everyone We Know), he gave me a tube of Shoe Goo, he told me that he loved me for the first time, and then we took a few blankets, pulled a couch out onto the balcony, and watched the sky. It was easily the best night of my life.

  • Breanna

    I added the Le Creuset Fondue Pot because it sounds like fun!

    The moment I knew my fiance was the one was after I had a dream about us dating. We had been good friends throughout college and would always try to set each other up on dates. One night I had a very realistic dream that we were dating and standing on a mountain holding hands with his best friend standing next to us. It was so real, that’s when I knew! Two and a half years later we’re getting married

  • Melissa

    I would say that I knew Philip was the “one” during a late-night after work. We talked (and drank) for most of the night, and realized how much we had in common. That was 5 1/2 years ago, and I just waited for him to make it all happen!

  • Melissa

    I have a registry, but just added a “man tool” to keep the soon-to-be Mr. happy. We added the Taylor Mini Grilling thermometer set of 4.

  • kelley blake

    I just started my Williams-Sonoma registry! I knew Zach was the one the moment he made me laugh. We were friends for several years and dated different people. Then we found ourselves both single and the rest is history :)

  • kelley blake

    I added the melamine mixing bowls in citron and the assorted picardie glass tumblers!

  • Candice

    The electricity wouldn’t be turned on for two days and we had just moved into a 300 square foot studio apartment. We had only known each other for two months, and he was already to chase me as I ran over 1,000 miles to California to live in a filthy little apartment. I remember the first night so clearly: I was laying on my back on top of my sleeping bag on sand sprinkled berber carpet. The musty smell of the freshly ‘cleaned’ floors made me nauseated. I wouldn’t have my furniture for another two days and I began to cry. I was disgusted. I had lit many candles around to supplement our lack of light. He slid his sleeping bag up against mine and asked me if I was scared. I wiped my eyes and told him, no. Then I looked at him- he was also tearing up. That’s when we knew! That was nine years ago, and we will be getting married in August 2011 (finally). :)

    We went to Williams Sonoma this morning and gawked and dreamt about cast iron and stainless steel. The I came home and checked my email– and behold, this contest!! I hope it was a sign :)

    The absolutely most important item in our registry is the Goldtouch perforated french bread pan. (I have yet to make my french man an authentic loaf, and I feel like this might be the missing piece!)

    Here is the link to our registry:

  • Amanda

    I am already registered at Williams Sonoma. It was the first place I went!
    I knew he was the one when I met him freshman year of high school. He was silly and weird and he walked me home from school and never let me walk on the street side of the road. 8 years later and several states behind us we are happily engaged and it could not feel more right!!!!

  • Jenifer Briscoe

    We just added the perfect egg timer to our registry.

    I knew Brian was the one the night he stayed up all night with me, when my sleep schedule was all messed up from working nights. We talked all night, and then he let me watch ps i love you, and didn’t judge me while I sobbed.

  • Cindy Lu

    Registering at Williams-Sonoma is the ideal place for us to find those things to start our own kitchen. Tim and I met when we were both working in an Italian restaurant, so our relationship blossomed working with a lot of the items we registered for! The shortest way to my man’s heart is through his stomach.

  • Amanda
  • I added the

    * Williams-Sonoma Traditional Finish Cookie Sheet, Set of 2

    to my registry which can be viewed here:

    I knew he was the one the moment I laid eyes on him. Seriously. He knew after he tasted my chocolate chip cookies, which is why it only seems fitting that I add some cookie sheets to my registry. :)

  • Emily

    I knew Benjamin was the one I wanted to marry when I first saw him. He had just moved back from Hawaii and was laying in a hammock reading Harry Potter [a man after my own heart]. He is the most selfless, genuine, and amazing man. He is my calm and my motivation. I love him with everything I am.

    We just registered with Williams-Sonoma and added the Satin Copper Kitchen Aid mixer to our registry. Copper is so unique and brings a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to a kitchen.

  • Emily
  • I just added the Emile Henry pizza stone to my registry
    I knew he was the one when I realized that he is just as dorky as I am.

  • Hillary

    I just registered and will start adding stuff!

    My fiance and I went to high school together and we always liked each other. I think one of the first times I knew he was the one (cause there have been many times) was when I came home from work late and he was at my apartment and I got low bloodsugar (I’m a diabetic). An ambulance ended up coming because I parked my car in a weird spot by the apartment and someone found me and called 911. I found out later that after he called my parents, he had driven back and forth between the apartment and my work every possible way he could to try to find me.

  • judith

    I’m already registered, but I just added a half sheet pan

    I knew Josh was the one when I caught him studying a Martha Stewart Weddings on my table because he knew I liked weddings a lot.

  • Kristin

    From the moment Adam and I met in an AOL chat room at ages 12 and 11, respectively (no lie!), I knew he was the one. We took things slow, however, until last year when he finally proposed at age 28! (In real life… not online.)

    Our favorite thing to do together is cook, so registering at Williams-Sonoma was just about the first thing Adam and I did when we got engaged. We wanted to see and try everything, so we drove 45 minutes to our closest WS store to register in person (it was well worth it!). Here is what we ended up registering for:

    Every time we log on to our registry online, we end up adding more things. Example A: I just added a bunch of items from the Brasserie Blue-Banded Porcelain collection. They remind me so much of a quaint, French bistro:

    How lovely are they?!

  • Sarah


    I’ve already got the WS registry. I knew he was the one when he sang Sarah by Fleetwood Mac to me — and this was before we started dating!!

    New item here, the mini offset stainless spatula:

    It is super duper cute!

  • Kaitlin G

    My fiance and I were middle school sweethearts!!! We have been dating since we were 13 years old and I knew I wanted to marry him very early on. I remember we would stay up all night talking on the phone and actually fall asleep with the phone still on (my poor parents…. must have been a big phone bill!! haha)

    I just registered us for Williams Sonoma, and added the pasta maker and a stand mixer!!

  • Kaitlin G
  • kirsten

    i knew my fiance was the one when i saw him on stage (he use to be in a rock band) I loved it!

  • kirsten

    I added this kitchen aid mixer to my registry: it is my dream kitchen tool! :)

  • Amanda
  • Amanda

    I just added these wonderful French glasses to my registry!

  • TJ

    Honest enough, I knew he was the one when we were able to cook together! Cooking together is something that really brought us together and showed me how well we work together too. And now our “tradition” is whenever we are in the kitchen making a meal together, and we accidentally bump in to each other while trying to prepare or get into the fridge or whatever, we have to give each other a kiss.

  • CupcakeCaliBride

    I have a registry. :)

    I knew…the moment I took a cross country flight to see him. As soon as I rounded the corner after such a long day and finally saw him…I knew.

  • CupcakeCaliBride

    I added the Electric Crepe Maker! We were discussing the other day how his mother used to make crepes in the morning and how he’d love a crepe maker so he could do the same!

  • Alanna

    I knew he was the one when we had our first kiss. We had been best friends for 3 years and that first kiss changed everything.

  • Megan

    We’ve been friends since high school. Over time we both dated other people, and I got engaged to someone else. But he wasn’t going to let me go that easily. I’m so glad <3.

  • It sounds dumb but we were 16 and in class and I said something to make him laugh and he looked at me and we just stared at each other for a minute, but I knew I wanted him to look at me like that always.

  • Henria O.

    I already have a registry with them! We were helping a friend of ours move to a new home and we decided to hang out together afterwards just the two of us! That was it!

  • naazia

    I have a registry with them, of course! Still looking to add items to it though… This is an amazing giveaway. Cheesy, but I knew he was the one the first time I saw him laugh.

  • Melissa

    I knew from the very beginning that Devin and I would go the distance. I, the perpetual cynic, even told my girlfriend so after about two weeks of dating. It wasn’t anything in particular, just a gut feeling. We’ve been dating for nearly four years and are getting married next summer.

    We created a registry a few months ago with just a few items, but I will definitely be adding more since it looks like we’ll be hosting both families for Thanksgiving this year!

  • Melissa

    I bought a cheapie mandolin that doesn’t do nearly what I need it to. I added this to my registry for a much deserved upgrade!

  • Melissa

    My obsession with Le Creuset has been replaced with an obsession with Staub. I added a few of their cookware to my registry! I think the coq a vin is the most adorable!

  • Devin

    It was when we both blurted out “I love you” at almost the same exact time in the middle of the night when both of us were half asleep.

    I added the frittata pans! I can make the in my stainless steel pans okay, but this would make it so much easier!

  • Devin

    These wooden tools would help keep my pots and pans beautifully scratch free with out worry of heated plastic chemicals leaching into my food!

  • Sarah Nelson

    We just registered with W & S!

    I knew that Erik was “the one” the very second that I had the revelation that this man didn’t love me despite my idiosyncracies…but BECAUSE of them. That realization was epic.

  • Kaitlin G

    We just added the Silpat silicone cookie sheet liners!!

  • Jane MIllman

    We just registered!!! We love to cook and are super excited to see what our family and friends can bless us with!!

    I moment I knew that Jason was the one was one night we were on a date having pizza and beers at his favorite place in town, we had been talking about everything under the sun and more. When he got up to use the bathroom I had texted my best friend that I knew that I was “falling” for him and that I could marry him that night if he would have asked me! Well turns out that what I thought I had sent to my best friend, I had actually sent it to him by accident!! He read it while he was in the bathroom and casually came back and told me that he thought that text was meant for someone else! I was so excited that he wasn’t freaked out about it (even though that wasn’t my plan!). Needless to say, I love him more and more everyday!

  • Melissa

    I knew he was the one when we never went through my normal awkward phase of not really knowing what to say to this person. We hit the ground running with our relationship, and most everything just fit together seamlessly.

    I added a couple of Shun knives to my registry!

  • Melissa

    And a pizza stone! I’ve been starting to bake breads and just learned a really easy recipe for pain au rustic which would taste even better on a pizza stone! I love the square shape because it makes it so versatile for other tasks besides pizza!

  • Jane MIllman

    Just added the egg cooker!
    and the Mesh Chef’s Pan Item #: 11-1925874

  • Jennifer Smith

    I don’t know that I actually had a moment. The very first time he came to my house and stayed for two hours talking about things I was passionate about? Not quite it. When before we were dating he raked my ENTIRE yard which took him a week all by himself? Or when we had been dating a year and a half, had never been in a fight, and he ALWAYS knows the perfect thing to say when I’m a ball of tears…maybe by then. After every wonderfully planned date, I was a little more sure. But ultimately, I think it was in a quiet moment of prayer–and knew in my heart that he was the one created for me.

    Didn’t see the contest until tonight, so just got our registry started:

  • Kaitlin G
  • Cat

    I added the Star Wars cookie cutters for the boy. I knew he was the one when we went camping together the first time ans sat around the campfire telling stories of our childhoods.