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Wedding Ideas I'm obessed with lately…

Wedding Ideas I'm obessed with lately…

How lovely is this hanging frame from a tree? I can see a number of projects inspired by this. Outdoor photobooth anyone? I see a wedding trend for photoshoots next year…Photo by Bec from Carson Hall Photography of Fiona, the other half of Carson Hall Photography. (by they way, go vote for her here)

Hanging Vintage Frame from Tree Portrait by Carson Hall
Patterned Geometric Bridesmaid dresses and Tree Thumb Leaves Wedding Guest Book

This bridesmaid dress is divine. Loving the geometric pattern and colors. And the cut, oh the cut of this dress! From Monsoon. You may remember this family tree guestbook from this wedding. I think the idea of having guests sign a guestbook by letting them leave their thumbprints is genius. Love the end results, with all the thumb-leaves! From Etsy seller LovlyDay.

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  • Stop promoting the ingenious use of picture frames! Otherwise, by the time we have our wedding next June, it won’t be so unique anymore. 🙂 My fiance and I met when he was hired at a wholesale art framing company where I worked at the time. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work some frames into our look.

  • The picture frame idea is charming! It gives new meaning to a “wedding Portrait”.

  • i’m obsessed with your blog! i find myself checking it several times a day. love the flux of postings – keep it coming.

  • i absolutely love this specific frame idea! also i used to work for monsoon/accessorize and im still completely in love with their dresses! gorgeous! thanks so much for this blog!

  • Just clarifying – this photo was taken by Fiona, and it is a photo of Fiona’s sister, Natalie!

    But yes, it would make a fantastic idea for wedding photos – so if there are any brides-to-be in Brisbane, Australia, that want this done – look up Bec and Fiona!!!!!!

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