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The Ganeys

If ever there were an argument for how much of an impact furniture rentals can make on a wedding day, this shoot would be its living proof. The Ganeys and Ever After Barn put together an editorial with a focus on watercolor elements and jaw-dropping floral design, with the most incredible rentals from Tufted Vintage Rentals to add the finishing touches. Let’s jump in!

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

From the photographer, Emily of The Ganeys: When photography was still just a hobby for me (aka: iPhoto was my jam) and people would ask, “Do you think you’ll ever photograph weddings?” I would immediately say, “No – that is way too stressful. Too much could go wrong.” Then, the day finally arrived when a real couple that was getting married actually asked me to photograph their wedding and all of the fear left me. It was replaced with excitement and optimism. Hala and Billy were our first bride and groom – and they were the perfect pair to start this adventure with. Thomas and I did research, upgraded our gear, and read photography blogs for hours for tips and inspiration. Two years ago, the wedding day was upon us and everything went smoothly – it was a beautiful day. I will always be grateful that Hala and Billy allowed me to find my passion.

watercolor wedding invitations - photo by The Ganeys

spring wedding bouquet - photo by The Ganeys

chic groom looks - photo by The Ganeys

braided mermaid hair - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding ideas - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

A year and a half later, I began dreaming of a watercolor wedding filled with pastels and dripping with flowers. I reached out to Cassandra, a photographer/stylist/venue owner/overall crazy talented woman and asked her if she would help make my vision come to life. Like any wedding, there were a few unforeseen bumps in the road. Finding local models that fit the look we were aiming for proved to be more challenging than expected. I began thinking of my previous couples and Hala and Billy were the first that came to mind. Hala and Billy were flattered and excitedly agreed. It meant so much to me that we could provide them with more images, just a week before their two year anniversary. They had taken such a risk on us and given us so many opportunities in return.

ceremony seating - photo by The Ganeys

wedding ceremony altar - photo by The Ganeys

flower girl halos - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding ideas - photo by The Ganeys

Cassandra and I partnered with Becky of Tufted Vintage Rentals to fulfill our vintage, pastel furniture vision, and oh man did she deliver! Carrollwood Florist created the most beautiful flower mantle that complimented the furniture perfectly and set the stage for the entire session. Hands on Sweets provided the stunning four tiered watercolor floral cake. Marie specializes in hand-painted cakes and I was so grateful when she agreed to help out for the shoot. Even the flowers on the cake were hand-painted (and made out of sugar)! Marie also provided the (delicious) cookies for the favor station. We loved the idea of guests painting a little bit themselves and taking their hand-painted cookies home as favors! Stephanie from Jess Waldrop Hair and Makeup created a natural, glowing, and organic look for Hala’s makeup that complimented Hala’s rose gold embellished Marchesa Notte gown perfectly. Her waterfall braid flowed with the artistic vibe of the session.

feminine wedding table - photo by The Ganeys

vintage wedding rentals - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

wedding cake details - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor cake table backdrop - photo by The Ganeys

cookie decorating - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

Itching to paint, I wanted to incorporate a little of my own art into the session so I decided to take on the painting responsibilities. Initially it was just the place cards, but suddenly it became so much more than that. I really felt like a DIY bride – which was a thrilling (and slightly stressful) experience. I couldn’t be more delighted with the dream team that contributed their time and talent to this session. A huge, heartfelt thank you to the Ever After Barn, Tufted Vintage Rentals, Carrollwood Florist, Hands on Sweets, Stephanie from Jess Waldrop Hair and Makeup, and Signature Event Rentals. Seeing all of the elements come together was truly magical. I was in tears by the time I had hugged all of the vendors just before the shoot started. My favorite part of the day was having Hala and Billy in front of my lens once again and recognizing that their love has only grown deeper over the past two years.

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

live wedding painting - photo by The Ganeys

wedding cake with flowers - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

watercolor wedding at Ever After Barn - photo by The Ganeys

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  • Michelle Stoker

    SO INSANELY BEAUTIFUL. Obsessed with Emily Katharine and her artistry. Love it all.

  • Alisha Feldman

    Where are the paper goods from? Love this!

  • Gillian

    Love the cake backdrop! It’s so gorgeous and perfect for a spring wedding!

  • ArietteHK

    That’s a cute theme wedding. Watercolor! Perfect. And the floral arrangements are absolutely stunning. Looks like they were the ones made by wedding planner luxury in Hong Kong. I like it more when you’ve put your sofa in there for the wedding witnesses. Quite unique!

  • Emily Roberts

    Oh goodness – I’m sorry Alisha Feldman I just saw this comment. I was the photographer and actually painted the paper goods myself because our initial calligrapher had to step down from the project.

    Sorry for the delay! Thank you for the support!