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Vote for your Favorite Couple!

Vote for your Favorite Couple!

Time to vote! It was very hard to pick two finalists so Caroline Ghetes and I narrowed it down to three lucky couples! The winners will receive free wedding photography by the talented Caroline Ghetes in 2010. The wedding photography package will include unlimited wedding day coverage, 400-600 professional 4×6 prints, CD with 400-600 high res images & release and online viewing for 60 days. Please take a moment to read their stories, they are all very special and unique.

Vote for your Favorite Couple! Free Wedding Photography by Caroline Ghetes

About Rebekah & Michael:

I am writing you to nominate my good friends Rebekah Bentley and Michael McBride, who are getting married in July of 2010, for the free wedding photography give-away. Rebekah and Michael are two of the sweetest and friendliest people you will ever meet. They love kids and have a heart of service for helping the underprivilaged. However, they are a young couple and this economy has been really hard on them. Michael has been searching for work for an extended period of time and just finds that no one is hiring right now. He has recently found part time employment but is having difficulty finding a full time job that will help him support his new wife. Rebekah and Michael both love dancing and Rebekah works as a ballet instructor.

Michael’s dream is to someday be a ballroom dance instructor. Despite difficult economic times, this sweet couple has decided to dedicate the first 8 1/2 months of their married life to ministering to orphaned children in East Asia.
I would love to see Rebekah and Michael be able to have beautiful pictures of their wedding to look back on when they are away from friends and family in East Asia. I have seen the gorgeous work displayed on your website and know that they would be absolutely thrilled to have you do their wedding photos. Please consider Michael McBride and Rebekah Bentley for the Wedding Photography Give-Away. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Vote for your Favorite Couple! Free Wedding Photography by Caroline Ghetes

About Alice & Matt:

Matt and I live in Nashville. Matt has decided to join the Marine Corps reserves unit. He has taken a 6-month military leave of absence from work to complete boot camp and then School of Infantry (SOI). Matt will be home for 10 days from November 13 – 23 before he ships out to Jacksonville, NC for SOI. Matt works for Vanderbilt in the Development and Alumni Relations office for the College of Arts and Science (CAS). Matt was a history major and CAS alum. I know that Matt really hopes that he will get to go overseas in 2010. We will get married before he tours, for sure.

I am currently working for on a grant through Vanderbilt’s Kennedy Center. The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Education and Human Development was one of twelve original members of a national network of Mental Retardation Research Centers created by the Kennedy administration in 1963. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of persons with disorders caused by the disruption of typical development. We support and apply scientific research to bring better services and training to the community. The grant that I am working on provides a postsecondary education opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities. These are students who have graduated high school, but did not receive a standard high school diploma. With their special education certificate, there aren’t any postsecondary education opportunities open to them in the entire state of TN, until we came along. I am honored to be doing what I do!

We haven’t exactly set the date yet, but it will be in 2010. My younger brother (he’s 18 now) just enlisted in the US Air Force. We’re waiting to hear his schedule and coordinate with Matt’s military schedule as well. A laid back and casual wedding. Very simple with maybe 70 guests. I want my parents to feel comfortable and I want everyone to have a great time. My parents do not have the finances at this point to help out with the cost of the wedding, so Matt and I have been saving up. Matt’s parents will chip in some as well, but we really want it to be simple and filled with family, friends and lots and lots of love. I know we can make that happen on a small budget!

Vote for your Favorite Couple! Free Wedding Photography by Caroline Ghetes

About Erin & Jeremy:

Jeremy and I have overcome a lot in our relatively short relationship. We met in Santa Cruz, I was moving back home after graduating college and he was living there. We were immediately attracted to one another but tried to keep our relationship brief and impersonal. But we quickly realized that our attempts to avoid one another were fruitless. I moved north and he wrote letters and drove up frequently to visit me.

Distance was not our only obstacle. Jeremy didn’t believe in marriage and I did. He was vegan and I was not. But our greatest obstacle was that I was a committed Christian and he was a self proclaimed atheist. It broke my heart to see how he shut God out of his life but something kept me coming back to him. I soon realized that God was stirring in Jeremy’s heart. He began to ask me questions and read the bible on his own.

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Before too long he asked me to pray with him and I knew that God was breaking through. All other obstacles seemed to melt away after that. He moved north to be with me. I took vegan cooking classes…and he proposed!

I am blown away by our relationship and so incredibly thankful. We are getting married on March 13th, 2010 in Sonora, Ca. I work at a church and he works at a wellness center for mentally challenged adults. We have little money but our anxious to start our life together. I am so excited to be his wife!

To vote:

Simply leave a comment telling us which couple should win and why. Please vote only once – repeat entries will be discarded. You will have till November 30th, 11:59p EST to cast your vote. Family and friends from the couples picked are welcome to vote as well!

Voting has now closed.

Good luck!

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