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Vintage Wedding: Patrick and Dolores, 1955

Vintage Wedding: Patrick and Dolores, 1955

Wedding of Patrick Guinness to Baroness Dolores von Furstenberg, 1955


If this photo wasn’t so yellowed I could never tell it’s from an actual wedding and not from an editorial photoshoot taken today! His double breasted suit and her belted dress are very typical for the 1950s, but there’s something with their look that makes this photo look timeless. Loving her hairdo.

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A little history background: Patrick Guinness and Baroness Dolores von Furstenberg married in 1955. They were respectively 24 and 19 when they married. Patrick Guinness, banker son of British Financier Loel Guinness and Joan (later Princess Aly Khan) Guinness, half-brother of Aga Khan IV and since 1955 husband of Baroness Dolores von Furstenberg, who also happens to be his stepsister (Dolores’ mother, Gloria, married Patrick’s father in 1951). (source: Time Magazine)

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