Sweet Vintage Canadian Wedding Ideas

I am speechless after seeing this vintage Canadian wedding shoot designed by Danielle and Ria of Stage Right Etc, and shot by Jessica Zais Photography, located in Kelowna Canada. Jessica shares that even found inspiration from Ruffled, so it was only fitting to share some of the gorgeous images from the shoot! The shoot wouldn’t have looked as special if the models weren’t a real couple – Kristen and Anthony look so sweet together! Her vintage wedding dress was a treasure that she even found at a thrift store for only 25 dollars, another great find by Danielle. We have so many images to share! Let’s get started:

Vintage Wedding barn in Okanagan Kelowna Canada
Vintage Wedding barn in Okanagan Kelowna Canada
Vintage Wedding barn in Okanagan Canada
Vintage Wedding barn in Okanagan Canada
Vintage Wedding barn in Okanagan Canada
Vintage Wedding barn in Okanagan Canada

Vendors who collaborated in the shoot (Kelowna, BC, Canada):
Wedding Designer: Stage Right Etc / Photographers: Jessica Zais Photography / Wedding Cake: Sweet Art Cakes / Makeup and Hair: Makeup and Hair:Melissa Craven / Wedding Dress: vintage

See more images from this shoot on Jessica’s blog!

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  • This is so adorable! It totally makes me think of Anne of Green Gables– what with the whole Canada thing, the vintage theme, and the beautiful meadow full of flowers. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • I love it! That dress is very similar to mine. I was a little nervous about it looking “old” since the dress is my mom’s from the 70s, but I’m so excited to think it could look this gorgeous!

  • I’m in love with this wedding. It’s beautiful. Just simple and beautiful. The table is gorgeous too!! That bride looks beaming! Love the lacy dress too.

  • I have a theory that the majority of Canadians are attractive. these two are further proof of that theory. Such a beautiful wedding. LOVE the dress!

  • Wow- thanks for all the nice comments everyone!
    Silvia- you rock because I adore Anne of Green Gables and to be compared to that is awesome. ; D
    Salem- so stoked that this post helped you love your dress! Yay! : D
    Kersey- you’re hilarious. We Canadians thank you! haha.
    And Krissy, yes, I believe it IS for sale! I don’t think I can put my email in this comment but click on the link above for my website in the post, fil out the contact form and I will get you in contact with Danielle about the dress! : )

  • Thanks guys for all the great comments. This shoot was a blast to put together but could not have been captured as well as it was without the genius of Jessica Zais. Needless to say, I’m a fan. Take a peek at our website for another vintage inspired shoot. 🙂 I’m so lucky to have this job !

  • WOW, I have been spending days and nights looking at this site and this is one of my favorites!!
    Thanks i bunch, i am so inspired by your site!!

  • Wedding Ideas
    all i can is wow…!what a wonderful photo shoot the background is simple,the designs of her dress is very simple but elegant.i really love it…how i wish i’m the woman in that photos.

  • LOVE IT!
    Is this a site that can be used for actual weddings?

  • it seems that Jessica forgot to mention the other photographer that collaborated on the shoot. Just sayin’

  • Thanks for the super nice comments everyone!
    @Zia I didn’t forget to mention them – we just each took our own photos and I only posted photos I took on my blog and the other photographer posted photos they took on their blog. If I had posted photos by the other photographer who took photos that day (Simone Wittenberg) then I would have of course given photo credits but we were each in charge of promoting our own photos after the shoot. : ) Stage Right Etc was in charge of the decor, styling, etc. If anyone wants to see the beautiful photos Simone took though, they can go here: https://simonewphoto.com/stage-rights-shabby-chic-barn-wedding-mockup/ I also put a link for Simone’s photos on my blog post when I first posted it. : )

  • Hi there,

    This is such an amazing shoot! Can you tell me where the barn is and where else you shot? I’m from Kelowna and looking for an event venue. Thanks so much!


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