I already expressed my love for vintage VW campers, and even shared these super cool Freewheelin’ wedding posters. When photographer Austin Warnock sent over this session I just couldn’t resist sharing. Linds and Amory’s chic look is effortless. Her vintage dress is a gem of a find.

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Austin Warnock is based in New York City but will travel.

  • Ashley

    Oh.My.God!!!!!!!!! I love this!

  • love it! and what a pretty, pretty dress

  • That dress IS a true gem! VW wagons seem to be the new wedding getaway trend, and I’m totally digging it.

  • Nikki

    What a classic beauty. Both the bride and the van!

  • I just want to say that I want a VW soooo bad and this session only makes me want one more!! So pretty!

  • april

    I love her dress! It’s beautiful and perfect with red shoes.

  • Love this with the VW van!! These seem to be every where these days!! Thx for sharing the lighting is amazing in these shots!

  • This is truly magical. Love that van!

  • I love the feel of this shoot….it’s very serene.

  • classic! love the bowtie. and campers totally rule!

  • Shane

    Austin (the photographer) is my brother! He’s amazing! He recently photographed my newborn son, Greyson and they are amazing photos! He wsa once an international male model, and learned to photograph doing that and by watching my Grandpa as a kid! Check out all of his work at austinwarnock.com!!

  • Alicepub,Wedding blog

    I feel a fresh breeze puffed across my heart after seeing the photographs.The lemon bridal dress is so beautiful,I love it.And the groom is gentle and handsome.Perfect wedding!

  • So cute! I want a camper van now:) Oh, and that dress!

  • totally loving the yellow dress and dude’s bowtie. so adorable.

  • Beautiful, soft, romantic, oh-so-pretty pictures. Love the ones into the sun. Scrumptious :-)

  • Oh how I love VW Campervans! It is my dream to travel round Europe in one!

    Louise x

  • Love the old VW van and the wedding flowers, thanks fir sharing

  • Chris


  • yvette bx.

    Ihave a love for vw’s also.However I must sell my 1971 VWV Camper. Needs work. Interior good.Her name is ‘Tusk’;The Great White Elephant. I hate to see her inactive and rusting. She needs a good home,so basicaly,name your price! I will be letting her go for a steal!Contact me at ybilleaudeaux@lavabit.com

  • yvette bx.

    Loved your photos mix with romance.GREAT! I must sell my 1971 vwv pop-up camper. Will let go for a steal.Needs work. Name your price.Interior good! Contact me at ybilleaudeaux@lavabit.com

  • Oh that’s way too cute. I do photoshoots like this so thanks for the inspiration!

  • gwen

    so vintage, i love it!!!!

  • Olivia

    I would love to know where she got her dress. It’s absolutely adorable! And the photo shoot was gorgeous! Beautiful pitures!

  • Cindy

    so lovely this shoot!

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