Vintage Typewriter

So I may have done something a little crazy. I just put a bid on a vintage typewriter I found on ebay.

How awesome would it be for the guest book? Just imagine a stack of nice thick paper in a box next to the typewriter. Guests can type up their messages to us, and afterward, we could have it bound as a book. (Jay had some papers bound a while back and it was very cheap – $5! Any copy shop can do it)

Here was my inspiration:

I found a website that sells an array of different vintage typewriters, along with supplies – ribbon, ink, what-have-you.  Very aptly named: The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe. There were also more on ebay that were a little more in my price range.

After doing a little snooping around, I found all sorts of different jewelry and crafts related to vintage typewriter keys. Like this etsy seller.

I mean, how cute is this?

one of her many products...

And finally, found this picture on A Practical Wedding.

seating cards

Do I sense a theme coming on? My head is spinning with the possibilities.

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