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Vintage Table Details

Vintage Table Details

So I love to frequent the following:  antique stores, flea markets and craft stores.  What was once just a mere hobby has turned into more of a full time obsession lately.  I have always had an appreciation for the antique and vintage.  Both my mom and dad love antique furnishings and decor and carted my twin sister and me to one antique store after another and to local flea markets on occasion.  I will be forever grateful for my mother’s adoration for all things handmade (she is quite skilled in the needle arts, herself) and vintage linens.  

So what does this have to do with table details?

Well, due to these influences I (and my super helpful and maid of hono twin sister) have decided that the table decor at the wedding should reflect our love for vintage and eclectic finds.  I say “our” love… it is really more my love of vintage finds that my fiance lovingly tolerates.  Our probably refers to my partner in arms and trouble… Amanda.  My fabulous twin sister.  She keeps me focused on what I want when I waver from looking at wedding blog after wedding blog after… you get the idea. 

She has helped me on the quest for vintage details that I am now going to share with you.  Milk glass and bird figurines.  Some say the bird motif is getting overdone.  I say… not for me :)  I think it is a sweet little detail and it works for us love birds!  

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Check out some of our purchases!  All of which have been found lying around the house, at antique stores or at flea markets for $15 or less! 

just a few milkglass details...
fantastic flower vase 🙂
And this is just the beginning 🙂
Did you use any youthful inspiration in your decor feel ?
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