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Vintage Swimwear

Vintage Swimwear

Let’s talk honeymoon!  I don’t know about you, but the only requirement for our honeymoon destination is a beach. White sands, sun, and cocktails with little umbrellas. Ahhh… just the thought of living in my bathing suit for 10 days is enough to get me through this rainy season in California.   And what bathing suit shall I be wearing? I could only hope for one that it is as glamorous as this:

Marylin Monroe in a retro bathing suit

Marilyn Monroe could look glamorous taking out the garbage. (But that cute swimsuit doesn’t hurt)

Did you know that the bikini was invented in 1946? Louis Reard, a french automobile engineer, started the whole thing off.  He had to pay an exotic dancer to model the suit, since no fashion model would be caught dead in it. Oh how times have changed.

Vintage Bikini


By the 1950’s, the bikini was mainstream. (And even skimpier)

Pin up in Swimsuit

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So, how does that translate into my honeymoon? A vintage inspired bikini, of course!

Vintage Inspired Bikinis

Left:Jantzen; Right: Betsey Johnson

xoxo – jenny

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