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Wild Seaside Garden

Wild Seaside Garden

This unbelievable “Love Notes” photo shoot designed by the hugely talented ladies from Canvas and Canopy and Alchemy Fine Events was dedicated to Valentine’s Day, but it can well be envisioned as a wedding. Brace yourself, because you’re in for a day of swooning over these images!

How much do you love the bride’s dress? I had the pleasure of meeting the designer behind that chic blush wedding dress, Alisa Benay. I have to tell you that I got all giddy wanting to try it on, it looks even more delicious in person.

Wild Seaside Garden Wedding
The Bachelorette’s, Kiptyn Locke was our groom in training for this special Valentine wedding shoot with a little help by our gorgeous model, friend and stand-in-bride, Ren.
Wild Seaside Garden Wedding

Cortnie, of Lollipop Events & Designs shares how the inspiration came to life:

The Beatles said it best with “All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” Whether you are dating, engaged, or getting married, it is all about sending the right message with good old-fashioned love notes. Hit even higher notes by playing on love notes by infusing musical lyrics into your sweet Valentine’s weekend. We created a play on Love ‘notes’ by handwriting actual song lyrics throughout the day.

The Setting: For this Valentines Day Soiree we created a romantically wild seaside garden with overgrown roots, driftwood and birch wood in a forest of twisted trees overlooking the pacific blue. This was truly a sweetheart table for two. The white washed wood and birch leg table was covered in anemones, spray roses and dusty miller leaves. Simple candles, sticks, shells and skeleton keys were placed in the center for a dreamy, romantic effect.

Wild Seaside Garden Wedding
Wild Seaside Garden Wedding

A Book of Love was also propped on the sweets table, with another love ‘note’. “I love it when you read to me and you, you can read me anything. I love it when you sing to me And you, You can sing me anything The book of love is long and boring And written very long ago It’s full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes And things we’re all too young to know But I love it when you give me things And you, You ought to give me wedding rings And I, I love it when you give me things And you, You ought to give me wedding rings” – Peter Gabriel, Book Of Love

Wild Seaside Garden Wedding

Cake table – Another love ‘note’ made an appearance with “How sweet it is to be loved by you” – James Taylor. The table was adorned with a peach cake accented with textured flowers and an antique silver pitcher filled with a wild gathering of peach and rose toned blooms. Also making an appearance were sweet little bumps on a log made of gourmet chocolate truffles.

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Wild Seaside Garden Wedding
Wild Seaside Garden Wedding

Oh, we have so much more coming up!


Event styling, coordination: Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations and Canvas and Canopy / Stationery: Canvas and Canopy / Bridal styling: Canvas and Canopy / Flowers: Isari Flower Studio / Photography: John Schnack Photography / Gown & Head Piece: Alisa Benay / Jewelry: Noaki Jewelry / Groom Model: Kiptyn Locke / Groom Styling: By Tam Ashworth for Stylish Silhouette / Wedding Cakes: Truly Scrumptious / Makeup by Jennifer Budner / Girard Avenue Collection for chairs & I love you blocks. / Gourmet Chocolates: Dallmann Confections/ Hair Styling: Orange Blossom Salon; Jamie Rosa 760-889-5062 / Submitted by: Be Inspired PR

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  • What can I say? Lollipop + Alisa Benay + Ruffled Blog i’m in HEAVEN! 🙂 Great post. So gorgeous love the romantic and vintage vibe.
    Lolliladies never miss a detail! OBSESSED 🙂

  • How stunning!! I love the little books with love notes!!! And the color pallet is so sweet and romantic.

  • This wedding is so dreamlike, looks like an old fashioned fairy tale. So beautiful and CREATIVE to all involved!!!! Those Lollipop girls are INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • Thank you everyone!! Emilia – I actually found 4 of those gorgeous Portuguese glass wine bottles at a local thrift store for $5!!! Scouring your local vintage shops on a regular basis is a must 🙂

  • Wow, this Valentines spread is absolutely amazing! From the handmade birch leg table to the love notes pinata, you girls have outdone yourself!! Great job lolliladies

  • i love how the saturation was taken down on these images. everything looks perfect..i really like the love notes with the bottle..very creative!

  • The photos are stunning…except for the one where Kiptyn has a camel toe.

  • The overall hue is perfection. A step in the right direction and away from the fire engine red of V-Day; a splend re-visioning with lush romanticism. Love the white base of the glass table and flakey white birch.

  • FYI — The lyrics quoted in the article are from “The Book of Love” by the Magnetic Fields. Peter Gabriel did a cover of the song for the “Shall We Dance?” movie soundtrack. Another verse: “The book of love has music in it/in fact that’s were music comes from/some of it is transcendental/some of it is just really dumb.” Both versions fall under the category of the former, methinks.

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