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You can never have too much of a good thing, especially if it is pretty, sparkly and comes in small packages. I am loving the modern take on vintage rhinestone bracelets, with different design bracelets stacked on one arm. It can be your something old and a cute homage to the women in your family. Stack them in odd numbers and and mix and match them with different designs. Below are some of our favorite brides’ styles:

vintage Art Deco Rhinestone bracelets stacked multi for brides
vintage Art Deco Rhinestone bracelets stacked multi for brides
vintage Art Deco Rhinestone bracelets stacked multi for brides
vintage Art Deco Rhinestone bracelets stacked multi for brides

Below are some brands that made beautiful rhinestone bracelets back in the day. Keep an eye out for these names when shopping for vintage wedding jewelry, they often have marks on the back of the clasp:

Coro created modestly priced costume jewelry — with a great success in their line of pins — from 1910 to the late 1970s.
Founded in 1904, Lisner became a seller of costume jewelry for over 60 years.
Kramer was a New York-based manufacturer of jewelry ranging from the simple to the extravagant from 1934 to the late 1970s.
Founded and owned by Paul Selenger, Selro produced costume jewelry from the 1950s to the 1960s.
With a business dating back to the early 1920s and featuring incredible designs from Alfred Philippe, Trifari continues to create costume jewelry to this day.
Also New York-based, Weiss manufactured both low and high end lines of costume jewelry from the 1940s to 1971.

Photo credits: top, Amaranth Weddings Photography; second row: left, Megan Holly Clouse Photography; right, jwvintagejewelry on Etsy; third row: jean jean vintage on Etsy; last row; left: JeepersKeepers on Etsy; right, Kaylee Eylander Photography

  • this is most definately making our WOW Wednesday post! We love the bling – omg its beautiful!

  • LOVE these bracelets! They are stunning – this is the exact same look I’m going for on my wedding day too! :)

  • Agreed. Every bride needs a bit of vintage style bling! :-)

  • Laura

    My wrist will be piled high with deco bling on my wedding day. It was one of the most fun things to shop for (but then I’m a vintage junky anyway so any excuse to shop vintage is fine by me!)

  • one of my most FAVORITE looks! all so so pretty chic!

  • Ami Marie

    These are all so stunning! I’ll be surely keeping my eyes peeled for vintage rhinestone lovelies on my thrift store journeys from now on.

  • these pieces are stunning! I LOVE them. They are so elegant!

  • Kate

    I absolutely LOVE this! It’s a little edgy, but still classic. I’m definitely rocking this look on my wedding day!

  • Thank you for bringing such beautiful attention to the gorgeous style that is Art Deco. These lovely pieces from our past fit so gracefully into the style that belongs to the modern bride.
    Timeless Classics.