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Vintage Repurposed Combs

Vintage Repurposed Combs

Creative, beautiful and eco-friendly: these hair accessories from Oh Faro are made from repurposed vintage jewelry with a modern twist. They also sell vintage jewelry and other vintage accessories, like this 12 strand faux pearl necklace (hint, hint:high fashion bridal photoshoot). I am in love with their bobbpy pin collection.

Vintage Upcycled Hair Accessories

Oh Faro!

Bel Canto sells restored vintage hair fascinators and jewelry. I even mentioned this Etsy shop a long a time here in the blog, when I talked about this vintage updo. Nothing short of gorgeous:

Vintage Upcycled Hair Accessories

Bel Canto

If you’re feeling crafty, this is something you could recreate. That is, if you can part with your mother’s costume jewelry collection….

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  • I absolutely adore some of these hair pieces.
    I`m particularly interested in the white feather flower looking piece.
    i would love to find out the purchase details if possible.
    Pip gilroy

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