These vintage inspired wedding cakes are my favorites yet! Each has its own vintage style, all ranging from glamorous Art Deco to dainty shabby chic. First up is this gorgeous set of three cakes with a family heirloom cake topper. The argyle background pattern and banner is like out of a magazine photoshoot.

Vintage inspired wedding cakes art deco
Vintage inspired wedding cakes art deco nouveau
Vintage inspired wedding cakes art deco
Vintage inspired wedding cakes art deco

Credits: Real Photography, Jose Villa, Millie Holloman and Stephanie Williams.

  • Do you know who made these wonderful cakes? I LOVE the one shot by millie holloman!

  • The ruffles on that last cake are great! I like the vintage bride and groom on top of the first one too.

  • Wow! What gorgeous pieces of art. Really loving the orange and yellow ones!

  • I haven’t seen a group of cakes like the first picture of the three cakes. I like it! It looks beautiful and it’s a great way to offer different flavors or maybe different recipes (gluten free, etc..).

  • How funny that you posted about cakes! I have the WORST story that I will be posting about my cake experience soon. Let’s just say I am leaning towards a white cake with an awesome cake topper and a some red garden roses on the side. That’s it. That yellow fondant cake looks beautiful! But I love whip-cream frosting :)

  • Wow, these cakes are gorgeous! Wow.

  • These cakes are gorgeous!!! The last two are my favorites…I love the little bird topper too, super cute!

  • oh my goodness, those yellow cakes are unbelievable!!

  • Lacey Langston

    Lovely, the cake topper is a dead ringer for the one I found for us to use on our cake!

  • Love all of these, second to last-yellow is marvelous!

  • Lanna

    the yellow cakes are just beautiful!! i would be too afraid to eat such a gorgeous looking cake.

  • Gosh I was Dreaming About Cake Tasting last night…
    and here they are in all there Glory
    I have a large Colection of Vintage cake toppers
    I treasure each one

  • Love the ruffle effect on the cake…beautiful work.

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  • Indianapolis Wedding Cakes

    The lattice work on the yellow and white Holloman photographed cake is absolutely amazing! Great detail!

  • Colorado Wedding Cakes

    I love that last cake with the ruffles! Great close up shot of the detail – fun post!

  • Darby

    Where can I get those dove cake toppers on the all white cake???? Love!!