If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember my tweet about how much I wished for snow. Well, I’ve changed my mind. With a snowstorm coming up this weekend, I am longing for warm weather. Loving these cheery vintage inspired, handmade boutonnieres. So pumped for spring!

Here are some of my favorite finds, and first up are striped bouts:
Vintage boutonnieres bouts non floral stripes handmade
Orange and aqua bouts (loving the leaves on the side):
Vintage boutonnieres bouts non floral stripes handmade
Vintage inspired bouts. The vintage beach bout is beyond adorable (loving the doily detail, it reminds me of coral):
Vintage boutonnieres bouts non floral stripes handmade
Woodsy bouts:
Vintage boutonnieres bouts non floral stripes handmade

Rows 1 and 2 by Peppermint Cloud and rows 3 and 4: Erica Cavanagh; both from Etsy.

  • Oh wow this is such a great idea! I guess I’m a souvenir kind of gal and this appeals to me because I could hang on to the bout afterward. Though honestly, I’ll probably put it on a shelf where it will gather dust but I’d still keep it. :P My favorites would be the green woodsy one and the blue denim-like leaves one. Thanks!

  • as our secretary would say, “whata whata whata?” these are so cute! i love them so much! i want to buy one for every single blazer i own.

  • Oh. My. God. I am in love with those first two and last two.

  • These are really precious. I’ll have to show my wife!

  • I love those last two! Actually, as I type this, my fiance’s family came down this weekend (today) to help me make… BOUTONNIERES! My fingers have left over glue but we finished them tonight! Tomorrow we have more wedding activities planned :)

  • These are so lovely!

  • Catherine Hall Studios

    These are so cute! A great way to add a personal touch to any style.

  • Absolutely love these!

  • These are so awesome!

  • Oh, these are so cute!!

  • So crazy cute! Especially the woodsy ones.

  • such creativity! definitely something worth spending DIY time on! love it :)