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Spring Groom’s Looks Part II

Spring Groom’s Looks Part II

Once you have the shirt and suit picked out, the fun truly begins. Thanks to creative etsy sellers and whimsical shops, there’s now an abundance of fanciful and playful accessories for grooms. Sadly, as we’re unable to include them all, we’ve selected a few of our favorites to provide a jumping off point for your accessory search.

groom outfit ideas for summer

1. Liberty print bow ties from Etsy seller something’s hiding in here / 2. Belsay navy & white nautical stripe woven tie / 3. Granville Bow / 4. Caxton pink & white grenadine tie / 5. Southside Bow / 6. Manor navy & white Prince of Wales narrow tie

groom outfit ideas for summer

1. Blue & red Liberty floral handkerchief / 2. Happy Socks / 3. Compass cufflinks / 4. Hand-stamped tie clip / 5. Natural Panama hat / 6. Antique Map Cufflinks

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  • Looks like the hand-stamped tie clip is directed to the incorrect website — I’d love to know where to buy one of these for my groom!

  • Sorry about that, the link should be working now. It’s a steal for 24 bucks!

  • I am adoring the bow tie trend! The Granville tie is a great find! Is it reversible? 🙂

  • New to your blog, love it! I just got my husband a bow tie for Valentines Day, and I’m glad to see them around. Lovely posts!

  • I realize its been a while, but would you happen to know where that tie-clip came from? There is no link. I ADORE it! And my Groom would look mighty handsome in it 🙂

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