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Wooden Crates and Flower Boxes

Wooden Crates and Flower Boxes

Vintage crates and flower boxes. What else screams summer weddings more than that? The texture of old wooden boxes mixed with bold colors and seasonal flowers, and ta-da, a gorgeous tablescape was born. Love the rustic wooden caddies with the rich texture of the flowers below:

orange wedding ideas wooden caddy centerpieces

Photos by Carrie Paterson

This Turquoise and Yellow Spring Photoshoot is another one of my favorites using flower boxes as centerpieces, with a fresh and modern take.
wooden flower boxes as centerpieces

Remember these gorgeous lavender centerpieces I posted a little while ago? Here are other ways to use old crates and wooden boxes, such as an escort card set up. I also love the idea of using vintage wooden boxes and soda crates to hold ceremony programs!

vintage Flower and soda crates for wedding centerpieces

Photos: top row, Elizabeth Messina, guest book photo, Ken Kienow via Snippet and Ink, third row,
fruit crate centerpiece designed by Michele Rago and last photo by Robert Suckrahand

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  • Love Love Love the wooden boxes! I brings back fond memories of being in my father’s workshop when I was a kid! He kept all supplies in wooden boxes…not this pretty! What a nice touch.

  • I love these modest arrangements! These are perfect for a humble ceremony in the beautiful outdoors. Perfect for a Southern wedding. Love!

  • Love these! They have such great rustic character, and so many uses. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • My favorite part is how easy it would be transport to and from location. Might be a great parting gift for in-town guests to take home with them. 🙂

  • where did you find these crates/wooden boxes??? You rtables were beautiful and we’re looking for a similar look!

  • I am also looking for crates like these to use at my wedding! I looked on ebay, but they’re pretty spendy. I could search thrift stores, but maybe there’s a better way to approach finding some??

  • I love the crates as well! We are planning to have them as centerpieces for our reception in a carriage house. Instead of trying to buy a bunch of the crates, we are thinking of building them ourselves. Does anyone know of the easiest way to build a vintage crate?

  • I wanted an old wooden chest for my wedding, but couldn’t find one. I bought a new one, and then went through the following steps to make it look ancient! To get the grey patina of old, weathered barn wood you should put some small pieces of steel wool in white vinegar, and let it sit in a covered container (I used a masom jar) for at least two days. Then using black tea bags make a really strong tea, and let it steep for an hour. Paint the tea onto the wood, let it dry, and then paint the vinegar mixture onto the wood. It looks great. If using brand new wood, make sure to bang it up first so that it doesn’t look too perfect.

  • Thanks Kendra, but did you make your new looking box or buy them. I’m also looking for these old boxes. I can’t seem to find anyone who will sell me these boxes, everywhere I see them they are used as displays and not for sale. I found them on Ebay but refuse to pay more for shipping than the actual item. I’m going to hit up Keller’s Flea Market and a farmers market in hopes to find these boxes!

  • I love the box in the top left photo. This is exactly what we are looking for to use for floral centerpieces for my daughter’s wedding. Where do I find them?
    Thank you!

  • I actually have a few of vintage crates in my garage. I’m very inspired to create something beautiful with them 🙂

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