This city chic courthouse wedding captured by Erik Ekroth in New York City is the perfect example of how you can still have a gorgeous day even if it’s cloudy or rainy. After tying the knot at City Hall, Rebecca and Collin walked around the city to take some fun shots, stopping along the way at Eleni’s, a super cute cookie shop in the Chelsea. Rebecca’s vintage inspired polka dot dress and nude pumps are by Stella McCartney. Her butterfly hat was custom made in the United Kingdom, and Collin’s kilt is his family MacLeod tartan.

Vintage Chic NYC City Hall Wedding
Rainy day wedding vintage New York Wedding
Vintage Chic NYC City Hall Wedding

Erik Ekroth is located in New York City but will travel worldwide.


Comments (17):

  • merium on April 8, 2010

    One of the prettiest dresses ever! And such romantic pics...
  • Jolette on April 8, 2010

    She looks fantastic! Love the dress, hat and everything. Who would have thought that a rainy day could make for such a nice photoshoot.
  • Jewish Orchestra on April 8, 2010

    Love the photos! Very offbeat.
  • Chaz on April 8, 2010

    Oh I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her...*sigh*
  • ms. awesome on April 8, 2010

    Oh these images are beautiful and that hat is amazing!!!!
  • Kim @ Inspired Goodness on April 7, 2010

    So utterly stylish. Love this so much! That hat is bananas.
  • postcards and pretties on April 7, 2010

    love it...her dress and hair piece are amazing
  • on April 7, 2010

    Such an adorable couple! love the laid back style and the hair piece too cute!
  • lydia {ever ours} on April 7, 2010

    love her non-traditional dress and that headpiece. but that last pic is so heartwarming.
  • Sandy on April 7, 2010

    LOVE that butterfly hairpiece! it's definitely very chic!
  • Shannon on April 7, 2010

    Perfect! I love this so so much.
  • suzanne on April 7, 2010

    That last photo in the bus stop is beautiful - what lovely memories!
  • Wife of the Year on April 7, 2010

    OMG. I'm obsessed with them.
  • Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper on April 7, 2010

    So cute and original! i love those outfits! I am on board about that car shot...gorgeous. And the hands through the storefront! I love that they made the city the 3rd star of the shoot! All the photos are great!
  • Lauren on April 7, 2010

    What a happy day for these New Yorkers! I agree, the towncar shot is my fave.
  • Album Boutique Team on April 7, 2010

    Beautiful images and I actually love the raindrops on the car and the cloudy day. It definitely sets a mood for the photos.
  • Elizabeth on April 7, 2010

    Oh gosh! That is such a fresh, charming, lovely and romantic wedding... I really love how their personalities shine through! I especially love the shot of Rebecca in the car, with the rain on the window pane... but all pictures are really, really lovely!


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