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Vintage Brooch Bouquets

Vintage Brooch Bouquets

Amanda Heer from Fantasy Floral Designs recently emailed me to share these insanely beautiful non-floral bouquets. They are all made from vintage brooches, so no two are alike. Images by Alice Hu who you might remember from this gorgeous Art Nouveau inspired tablescape design I posted a while back. Thank you both for sharing with us today!

These vintage bouquets are so delicious to look at they’re like candy…What a nice memento they make!

Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideas
Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideas
Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideas
Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideas
Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideas

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  • Your bouquets are exquisite. WOW!!!!!!!! Very Beautiful.

  • Bravo! Love these vintage looks AND perfect for the bride that doesn’t love flowers (or is allergic!)
    I look forward to getting my brides to consider the option

  • J’adore!!! These are the most unusual beautiful bouquets! Its a breath of fresh air to see something different.

  • What a fabulous idea-not only are they stunning, but they can be saved. I bet you could even add heirloom jewelry from your own family to make it extra special.

  • Wow they look amazing I know lots of clients that would like these. I bet no one would be throwing these at the end of the day lol.

  • Okay. These are OFFICIALLY my most favorite bouquet idea. And I completely agree with thevintagebride…add heirloom jewelry…or request pieces of jewelry from close friends…to make it even more special. I love this blog! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to make these. Suggestions for DIY?

  • I made my own vintage inspired bouquet from fabric & brooches for my wedding last October. I didn’t realize they had become so popular! If you’re interested, I would love to share some pics.

  • these are truly a labor of love and hard on the hands to make
    they take 2 full days to make and include the shipping and insurance
    I Just sent one out to a bride that thought she could do it herself
    with one week turn around the bride will have her amazing brooch bouquet tomorrow over night delivery with insurance and tracking#
    I love making these for my brides they are custom designed with you in mind..
    I Like to talk to the bride get info on all your details before making it… I can envision you with it on the Big Day

  • What a treat! I’ve been considering alternatives to flowers for my bouquet and boutonni√®res/ corsages for the wedding party- stephanie, pls do post your photos!!

  • Those brooch bouquets are darling, and until today I had not seen anyone with a brooch bouquet. Sure makes a unique wedding bouquet, except for one question…. What happens when it’s time for the bride to toss the bouquet? LOL. (Hope this isn’t a duplicate comment – couldn’t get it to work the first time.)

  • I just met Amanda in London yesterday and ordered my brooch bouquet – I totally love these and can’t wait to get mine…. I have brooches from friends and family members and even have some pieces from loved ones who have passed away, a great way of having them at my wedding

  • loving the shoes…. and the brooch bouquets.. so beautifull….?

  • Love these! want to put one together asap, to show prospective brides.

  • Help! I tried to go to this website:
    but it doesn’t work! I’d really like to look into purchasing some of these.

  • I contacted Amanda when I saw these beauties but I could not afford one…but I was determined to have one of these and so I made my own! It turned out amazing and looks just like the ones posted on here only better becuase I made it myself from brooches my friends and family gave me and a few I purchased myself. My fiancee loved the idea and when I went to buy the ribbon for it and took it with me I was stopped every few seconds by someone who wanted to inspect it! I even got an offer from someone to buy it!! I cant wait for my wedding day…

  • hi i like the bouquets
    my daughter is rose queen at our church and i was just looking for some that would go with purple or white.

  • hi.. would love to have one of the designs for my big day. how do i go about ordering a bouquet of it? -lisah

  • I would like to have 4 broche bouquet made for my wedding 1-16-16

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