This vintage beach engagement session sent by Sarah E. Evans just makes me more giddy for a lazy day at the beach with my sweetheart. You may remember Jinni and Derek from this vintage aviator engagement session I shared a few months ago. They went to Galveston, Texas for this shoot, and brought along a vintage Life magazine, beach ball and a vintage blanket. Jinni’s ensembles are impeccably gorgeous. Oh, and Derek is not too shabby either :)

From Sarah: They decided they wanted to do another “themed” session before their upcoming wedding for fun, so we thought of a vintage beach session. Jinni did a great job finding old vintage items for the shoot such as the magazine which happens to feature the very first woman lifeguard! She found many items on eBay and vintage stores.

Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session
Vintage Beach Engagement Session

  • Steph

    i love this shoot! how awesome!

  • fallon

    where did she get that swim suit? Fantastic!

  • these two are soooo cute…love the feel of the shoot

  • isn’t this lovely couple fun???!!!
    thanks for sharing it!
    (right up my alley!)

  • J

    GORGEOUS! What a lovely idea!

  • Fallon – isn’t it beautiful? I’m trying to find as I type.

    Her high waisted bathing suit looks so flattering, she may have convinced me of trying one of these out this summer :)

  • Loving the vintage feel of the photos, fabulously done.

  • I LOVE their swimming suits!! Good choice!

  • Allison M

    What a beautiful, fun looking couple! This shoot is so great. I have been pondering where in the Houston area to do my shoot, and this put it all in perspective that Galveston is perfect. Jinni has great style-would love to get some recomendations on vintage shops in the area!

  • So freaking fantastic I can’t stand it! Most photogenic couple ever.

  • way too cute! :) great props… especially love the beach ball!

  • sharlyn

    one of the cutest engagement sessions i’ve ever seen.
    love love love it! and i love the fact that it is their second session. i know when i get married i’m going to be one of those brides who has multiple engagement sessions, day-of photos, and day-after photos. you just can’t ever get enough!! :)

  • This is shoot is to die for! Love the vintage feel at the beach!!

  • Katherine

    My favorite engagement session ever!!!

  • nicole

    She kind of looks like Mary-Louise Parker?

  • a breath of fresh air.

  • LOVE them! Well done.

  • Katie

    Fallon: I have a bathing suit very similar to that. I got it from J!

  • Andie

    Where is the black swimsuit from? I love it!

  • Jinni

    Hey guys!! Thanks so much for all the comments! We had a blast doing the shoot. Sarah E Evens is AMAZING!
    I got the bottoms from Urban Outfitters and the top from Jcrew. I LOVE IT! Very comfortable.
    Thanks again for the Love.

    -Jinni & Derek

  • Rylee

    Where is the green piece from?! i LOVE it!

  • Jinni

    The green outfit is from Urban Outfitters online. It runs kind of small, so size up if you get one. :)

  • c_tyler [of]

    This is one of the greatest shoots I’ve seen in a while – really different from what else is out there. I also commend the couple for rocking out their beach bodies! I love the vintage treatment on all the photographs as well – really adds to the overall finished product.
    p.s. – I have to know where that retro-suit is from?

  • swoon.

  • the vintage Life Magazine makes this shoot perfect :)

  • AMAZING. So adorable.

  • wow, gorgeous shoot!

  • Bob Johnston

    Great Props, right down to the LIFE magazine, with the Bathing Suit Cover…

  • Sam

    This shoot is so beautiful! And the couple looks so happy. Such a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Nicole

    I just love that…..If I ever get married, I think I just may copy the idea!

    Just lovely!!!!

  • Erika Amanda

    absolutely beautiful !

  • So sweet, makes me think of me and my boyfriend. Love it!

  • I LOVE this shoot, everything about it is so perfect! I found your blog through Pinterest and now I am hooked, I am now singing Beatles – Honey Don’t in my head just from looking through this session pics!


  • LOVE that this was done in Galveston!! I’m in the process of setting up two seperate shoots there soon. My couples are a little more “urban” than vintage; still, this shoot is precious. Its amazing what a few adorable outfits (or, as in this case, bikinis) can do!

    If you ever need a hand, I’m north of Houston and always looking for a partner in artistic crime. ; )

  • LOVE the vintage theme, beautiful shots!!