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Colors can be so emotional, and I’m pretty sure this wedding is proof of that – the colors are joyous, fun and summer-like! Dillon and Michelle got married at her parents’ house with lots of antiques and beauty surrounding them, and the result is stunning. Does the DIY photobooth wall look familar? It was a labor of love of Michelle and Dillon. These lovely images are from the wonderful Stacie and Geoff of Lang Photographers!

From the bride: For my wedding I envisioned a backyard wedding filled with old, vintage antiques. Nothing too fancy or formal in any way. A casual setting, that will allow family and friends to have a memory never forgotten.

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The little things and details that you think are so important, end up not mattering as much as you think they will in the end. Just enjoy being engaged! It’s not worth getting all worked up, because you will laugh that you were making such a big deal about it later.

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Wedding Vendors (Gilbert, AZ):

Wedding planner: Lettie Peterson / Florist: Emily Burton / Photographer: Lang Photographers/ Wedding Dress: Merrily Gibson / Flower crown & veil: Whichgoose / Shoes: Seychelles / Jewelry: Anthropologie / Hair: Suzanne Bell / Bridesmaid Blouses: Forever 21/ Bridesmaid’s accessories: Nordstrom / Groom’s suit: H&M

  • elyse

    Is Merrily Gibson a person/store? It’s not easily Googlable…

  • i reallly reaaaaally love her dress. and that photobooth is totally rad.

  • This wedding is fantastic – love all the DIY elements. And the Whichgoose hair pieces are AMAZING!

  • So incredibly cute! I love the REFRESH station and the lovely wedding cake!

  • kathy

    Just gorgeous. And finally a wedding dress that ISN’T strapless!!! Loved the bridesmaid’s gray/yellow outfits too.

  • Marissa

    I absolutely adore the last picture! Beautiful!

  • Michelle

    Thanks everyone! My dress was made by a lady that lives in Tempe, Arizona. She does not have a website, I was referred to her from a friend. She really is amazing! If you live here in AZ, and would like her to make your dress, I can give you her phone number, Just let me know!

    • kbcnaa

      Love your dress so much. I dont know if you are still checking comments, but I would really like to get the designers info. My email is
      Your wedding is beautiful. I hope mine turns out so pretty!

  • Love her look!
    And this wedding is so sweet and vintage!
    Great bridesmaids outfits!

  • So lovely….all the details are so beautiful.

  • Love the photo booth and the beverages bar/stand. Great DIY project on the photo booth, guys!

  • Serene

    Really pretty! Any idea where can I get the lovely cake topper! :)

  • I noticed the globe string lights at this wedding and I was wondering if they were for sale?

  • Diana Lawler

    I noticed the globe string lights in the pictures. I was wondering if they were for sale?

  • that dress is so beautiful on this bride! and i love the living room setting for photo ops : )

  • Dawn Zukowski

    Hi! I see the beverage station has those adorable signs. Where can I get the borders?? :)

  • diana

    love the mom’s dress. where is that from?

  • Marina

    Hey Michelle, Could I get Merrily Gibson’s number please?


  • Amy

    I’m officially in love with this wedding!

  • Michelle

    Serene, there is a tutorial found on youtube showing how to make the cake toppers. Type in tutorials love birds (birdie) wedding cake topper DIY project. Diana, the globe string lights can be found at target and my mom’s dress is from JC Penny. And Dawn, the bunting is just made with scrapbook paper. I hope this helps!

  • Michelle

    Marina, can I get your email address? And from there, I’ll send you Merrily’s number. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Dawn Im sorry you asked for the borders. They were were just made into that shape! And from there, made the others from that shape.

  • Seriously in LOVE w/this wedding. The photobooth. The vintage details. The colors. It’s all amazing!!! Beautiful wedding! Beautiful couple! Thank you for sharing!

  • Gemma

    Michelle – your wedding is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I’ve been showing all my friends and am absolutely inspired for my own next year.

    I particularly love your style of dress. As I’m based in the UK it won’t be too convenient to call Merrily but I was wondering if she might be able to share pattern details – do you have an email address for her?


  • you guys are so cute! :) awesome photographs and wedding. :)

  • Kristen

    Do you have more pictures of your hair? It looks like a style I might be interested in, and I would love to see more!

    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, so refreshing to see something that isn’t strapless! I love it!

  • Sophie

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much did your dress cost?

  • Holly

    Along with every other person. I LOVE the dress.
    I’m getting married..and would also like Merrily’s phone number. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    Thank you for you kind words everyone! Gemma, Merrilys email address is I hope she can be of help to make you feel beautiful on your big day! And Matt, you guys nailed it. Seriously, we absolutely love our pictures. So thanks again! Kristen, whats your email address? Id be happy to send over more pictures of my hair. And Sophie, my dress was around $350. Not bad eh!? Having your dress made is the way to go. You can design it the way you want. And it sometimes can be more inexpensive than finding a dress you semi-like elsewhere, and then having to get it altered.

  • Michelle

    Holly I just sent you an email about Merrilys info.

  • this might be in my top 5 of favorite weddings ever that i’ve seen on ruffled. gorgeous.

  • Kristen

    Thank you Michelle! My address is!
    Can you send more of the dressmakers contact information with your hair pictures please?

  • Kristen

    For the dress, did you try on many styles like this before having it made?

  • Gemma

    Thanks Michelle! x

  • Brittany

    Hey there! i was just at the Arizona Bridal show and got Lettie Peterson’s card but some how dropped it!! I am extremely interested in using her services for our upcoming wedding. If anyone knows how to get a hold of her or a website I would GREATLY appreciate it! thank you!

  • Jocelyn

    Hey, I really love your mom’s dress, but I can’t find it on JC Penney’s website. I found one similar, but was sleeveless. Was hers altered?

  • Lauren

    I love this wedding! Where did you find the lace to do the table runners? I would really appriciate a link! Thanks!

  • Hi Michelle, I have a bride who wants the lace table runners from the pictures. I’m not having great luck finding them, do you have a source?

  • Heike

    Hi Michelle could I please have merrily’s number as well?? <3
    My email should be linked to this comment.

  • Emily

    Michelle, will you send me Merrily’s phone number? I have a friend who also used her but she only has Merrily’s email address. Thank you!!!