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Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Brace yourself, everyone — we have a real wedding that’s going to completely blow you away. This Victorian affair has every single detail nailed to perfection, right down to the reception tables sprinkled with images of Steampunk cult icons. Images are from the always amazing Braedon Flynn!

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

From the bride, Kate: Jacob and I are both artists. When we started sketching out ideas for the wedding, we new we wanted our guests to feel like they were in another world. That being said, we also needed the wedding to be everything that is truly “us.” After a few months of brainstorming with our designer, Tricia Fountaine, Jacob said “It’s like a steampunk Zeppelin crash-landed in a fairy forest.” It became clear that Steampunk was the perfect avenue to create an elegant, fantastical and imaginative wedding. Steampunk merges the idea of Victorian art and fashion with a science fiction flare. Ray-guns and cowboys, Steam Engines and Airships, Gibson Girl and Princess Leia.

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

steampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photographysteampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photography

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

It was important to us that our family felt like they were at a big reunion. Everything was casual, from the hay bales in the ceremony to the picnic benches in the reception. We even had blankets in baskets placed all over the ranch.

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography
steampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photographysteampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photography
victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

We decided on rich browns, deep reds, and other colours of autumn to accent the coppers and blacks. Copper is a huge part in steampunk design, and was also everywhere in our wedding. Tricia Fountaine and I did most of the work. We scoured junkyards, flea markets and strange stores to find everything. Some of my favourite memories from the wedding are all the small details we added to everything to really bring the look of the world together.

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography
victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography
steampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photographysteampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photography
victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

steampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photographysteampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photography

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography
steampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photographysteampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photography

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

Any advice for brides planning their weddings now? You can always find your perfect dress. There are so many amazing resources out there, there’s no reason to ever settle for less than perfect. This goes for any vendor, really. Flexibility and creativity are key to keeping from a melt down. But if something really seems to be fighting you and you feel like you have to make too many compromises, look for another way! Find the path of least resistance and run with it. At the end of the day, as long as you marry the person you set out to marry, then your wedding was a success. Stay present. Take pictures of the PROCESS, not just the outcome.

Steampunk chic wedding

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steampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photographysteampunk victorian wedding pink and purple from braedon flynn photography
burgundy red wedding tables
victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography

victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography
dia de los muertos dead wedding cake topper
vintage wedding group shot
victorian steampunk wedding from braedon flynn photography


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Wedding Songs:
Groom’s Processional: “Throne Room” theme from Star Wars
Bride’s Processional: “Hysteric (acoustic),” Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Hand Fasting Ceremony: Instrumental theme from The Princess Bride
Recessional: “Today,” Smashing Pumpkins
Reception Entrance: “Home,” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
First Dance: “First Day of My Life,” Bright Eyes – performed by bride’s Uncle and cousin

Wedding Vendors (Santa Barbara, CA):

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Dos Pueblos Ranch / Wedding Photographer: Braedon Photography / Event Designer and Wedding Flowers: Tricia Fountaine / Wedding Planner: Tonya Szele / Wedding Dress: Made by bride / Corset: Isabella Corsetry / Skirt: Sisters of the Moon / Wedding Veil: made by bride / Organza Flowers and Adornments: made by bride, from Miss Tak / Bride’s Shoes: Cole Haan “Whitley Knit Boot” / Rings: Wexford Jewelers / Bride’s Hair: Jeff Weeks of Salon Benardo Makeup: Jamie Muniz ( / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Laura Scoby at bootlegink and Fan Plus Friend / Groom’s Suit: Gentleman’s Emporium / Music: Malia from Music by Bonnie / Wedding Caterer: Jamie Andersen from Live Oak Grill / Cupcakes: Kevin of Enjoy Cupcakes / Wedding Invitations: made by bride and groom / Wedding Videographer: Mike Goulding / Transportation: Santa Barbara Airbus / Linens: La Tavola Linen / Officiant: Nancy Little Moon of Blessing in Paradise

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  • Absolutely stunning! Unique concept, elegantly executed. Great-looking couple, very stylish.

  • WOW! Amazing wedding, beautifully captured by a very talented photographer. What a special day. Congratulations xxx

  • So creative, and so well executed! She looks beautiful. I love the light in all the photos.

  • You can tell these two are artists…so much creativity, personality and inspiration to be found in these images. Just beautiful.

  • It’s hard to find words for how exciting & magical it was to be a part of this wedding. Kate and Jacob are so sweet & creative and the “world” that Tricia Fountaine created was simply amazing (again no words to describe). The way that Bradeon captured the magic is incredible. Tricia has a passion and gift for transforming spaces to meet your dreams – she impresses me a thousand times over every time I see something she designed. It was so awesome how every guest and vendor completely embraced and carried out the theme. Congratulations Kate + Jacob!!!

  • I love that they incorporated a space for “Wish You Were Here” people. What a wonderful idea!

  • This wedding has so much character..words are hard to describe the images! The photography is a stunner! Wow…amazing wedding!

  • I am absolutely OVERWHELMED by this wedding! So richly romantic, amazingly detailed and just plain stunning. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • This wedding isn’t really my style but I love it! So well done. WOW. Everyone looks amazing, the setting is gorgeous and the details or beautiful. Kudos.

  • Very original, and extremely inspiring. Very well done, I enjoyed all the details and creativity. Beautiful wedding, there was nothing cookie cutter about this one at all!

  • Really beautiful and visually stunning! How were the fabric garlands made that went on the sides of the hay bales in the ceremony? Are they pieces of fabric attached to ribbon?

  • It was so amazing being a part of this wedding. Kate and Jacob brought their concept to life and it blew away any expectations I had. Tricia Fountaine from Dos Pueblos is a genius and creates masterpieces. And the fact that every guest and family member dressed up made it feel like I was on an old world movie set. Love the feature Amanda! Thanks!!

  • So in love with this wedding! Absolutely stunning and oh so original! The little details are great!

  • This wedding looks truly amazing. I love the fact that everyone has joined in on the theme.

  • These fabulous photos only show a TINY BIT of this amazing event! You should have seen the invitations the Bride made! We arrived 2 days early, and were able to witness some of the transformation of the barn and meadow into the wedding fantasy land! Almost all the guests were dressed to fit the theme, which also helped to fill out the details. But beyond all the atmosphere, there was a tangible euphoria in the air. It truly was a magical event, as witnessed by the eloquent and heartfelt speeches, I think the angels did come and bless this wedding. Congratulations, Kate & Jacob! You are both AMAZING people, and we love you so much! Aunt Nancy & Uncle Greg

  • Oh wow!!!! I just had to comment the photography of Kate & Jacob’s wedding is stunning, magical and oh so very romantic. I just loved Kate’s dress – beautiful – whimsical, like nothing I have seen before. What a wonderful day you both had and thank you for sharing with all of us, I’m inspired by the beauty you showed by thinking way outside the box!

    Webmaster of Wedding Entrance Songs

  • What a beautiful and unique wedding! Best wishes to the happy couple…

  • You “new” & Steampunk lost me from hello, then you redeemed yourselves.

  • Very, very beautifully done! I had a bride rent one of my airships for her Steampunk wedding on 11-11-11, but hers was more airship oriented. This one definitely focused on the Victorian splendor…stunning!

  • Gorgeous! It’s so wonderful to see other people with Steampunk/Neo-Victorian weddings. I love the autumn colors–mine was much more summery in color, but I almost think I like the browns and reds more…

  • I am starting the planning stages of my weddinng now, and I am absolutely in love with the entire theme, execution and concept of the wedding… I want that! Thay feeling of being transported to another world…. And another time… Bravo!

  • This is one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever seen. My hope is that your marriage continues to demonstrate your ability to work together, live with flare, and be yourselves. You make me want to be 20 years younger and start all over! Best wishes.

  • Someone on my facebook page posted this. Congratulations on an absolutely beautiful, unique wedding. The photography is stunning, I love it!

  • I see no evidence of Steampunk in any of these photos (what a major disappointment!)… I suggest the author of this blog checks the definition of the term before using it again. To help you along, here’s a tip: Jules Verne and Vincent Price were not ‘Steampunk Icons’, they were Science Fiction writers. With that out of the way, let me say that this looked like a perfect faux-Victorian wedding… amazing photography!

  • I beg your pardon, the preceding comment should have read “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” rather than “Vincent Price”… I intended to make a point about both but decided that it would be unnnecessary. Again, lovely wedding, amazing theming and photos, but please do some more research on what Steampunk is supposed to be about before bandying the term about!

  • You guys did an amazing job! It’s so beautiful! I love every aspect of steam punk because I run an antique mall in Volo, IL and steampunk refreshes antiques and gives them new life in today’s world! Best wishes to both if you!

  • yay, finally a steampunk wedding that looks like how i want my steampunk wedding to look….and a bridal gown thats victorian and steampunk without looking like a costume. i have hope heading into my bridal appt this weekend. πŸ™‚

  • Stunning, puts me in mind of Tim Burton if he created weddings. Love it.

  • @ Christ Talbot. Do you not see the groom’s goggles? The accessories? It definitely tips the scales toward being more Victorian, but steampunk exists within the Victorian-era, so it fits the bill however small the steampunk details. Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, and H. G. Wells WERE science fiction writers, but they paved the way for the steampunk genre that exists today thanks to authors who were inspired by them (i.e. Philip Pullman and China Mievelle). The cool thing about sci-fi and fantasy is that you can make it your own, so shut it. Anyway, marvelous photos, marvelous wedding. Very well executed. Definitely inspired me to think about my future wedding day!

  • Such a cool, original wedding! Very inspiring. What sort of wedding entertainment did you go for? Did you have a band playing in the evening to fit in with the theme?

  • Very memorable wedding….everything about it was just so special. I enjoyed it so very much. May you have many years of love and happiness.

  • chris talbot, i think you need to research what steampunk means a bit more before criticizing this wedding. my wedding is going to be even more against the steampunk purity-test of spray painting nerf guns and wearing giant goggles, as i wanted a dress i would look pretty in, and steampunk factored in second… so my dress is sparkly, and princessy, with only the most vague victorian touches, but by golly, there will be gears and leather and metal throughout my wedding, and i will call it steampunk. steampunk is an imaginary thing, it would be like saying all fairies have to have certain types of wings, or all dragons have to be green. fantasy is unique to each individual.

    • Ditto. I also wanted to point out that this is not a history blog. Vintage inspired weddings are not reenactments. Couple take inspiration from different eras and styles, images, icons…pretty much anything that strikes their fancy… and put their own flavor to them. That’s their secret recipe for awesomeness.

  • I am blown away by the creative design, details and unique and simple yet elaborate style of this wedding. Even more blown away by the beautiful photos from the amazing Braedon Flynn! Cheers to originality!

  • Is there anyway to contact the people who did this wedding. I want to make those copper pipe candlesticks. I need to know where she got the glass votives at the top.

    My fiance and I are big fans of the steampunk culture. I would totally go for something like this – if I didn’t think my mom would completely freak out.

    Well done Kate and Jacob! You pulled this off perfectly.

  • Stunning. You really pulled it off. Yes, steampunk is not for everyone, but you had the courage to make your wedding memorable. Great job. I loved it.

  • Okay this is scary. EVERY detail on the dress is EXACTLY how I imagined mine. The only slight differences? I imagined the dress longer and the boots white and the veil longer and a few flowers on the hat. That’s it. Just…Oh my gosh<3

  • I wish I could go back to my wedding 10 years ago and do this!! I LOVE IT! I love Steampunk and this wedding was put together so beautifully. It really looks like it was a very real fairytale. The photography is amazing as well. Congrats & best wishes!

  • I hope you don’t mind, but I pinned this to my “Romantic” board on It is all so beautiful, I felt the need to share. I didn’t steal anything, Pinterest links to this page. You may see your page visits go up a few notches.

  • So, I came across this idea a while ago, and Me and my fiance are getting married in October. How much did this wedding cost you guys? It is an amazing idea and so creative. We want to have a steampunk wedding, but are both college students too. Congratulations! (:

  • What a beautiful and mesmorizing day for both the bride and groom as well as everyone in attendance. The bride looks like a princess out of a fairy tale-I wish you the best of everything in your marriage. πŸ™‚

  • This is amazing! I love how the personality of the bride and groom are infused in the photos.

  • this is just magical..thank you so much for sharing! really happy and beautiful !! glorious!

  • That’s deadly, one of the better weddings I’ve seen in a while. Great work and an absolutly great idea. Love it.

  • Fantastically original wedding! Well thought out, romantic and fun—everything I want for our special day. I like the colour pallet slightly different from the usual gloom and doom take on steam-punk.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  • Where in the world can i get this dress my mom is having a wedding similar to this in the fall and she said that is the dress she wants!! Please find out where she bought it or if she made it? thank you!

  • This is the best theme wedding I have ever seen. The theme was so well expressed and carried out. Great job, guys!
    P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress<3

  • Wow never seen anything like it! so romantic and whimsical,
    I love the bride in her brown boots, how quirky

  • First off, thank you for explaining steampunk in terms I can understand. Everyone who has tried to explain it to me previously has left me even more confused. However, you say Princess Leia, I understand perfectly. I am currently looking at victorian wedding dresses for my big day (convinced my fiance to go the steampunk route now that I know what it is)and I must say your wedding has provided a lot of inspiration.

    For anyone who had a steampunk wedding, what were your engagement photos like? Where were they taken, what did you wear, etc? Along with the wedding planning, I have to figure out engagement photos as well…So much for trying to remain calm throughout this process.

  • I am so jealous of this wedding.
    I hope mine will be as awe inspiring as this was.

  • Beautiful photos. I wish we could have done something a bit like that. My wife and I did both go down the aisle to the Throne Room Music from Star Wars too πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing these photos.

  • This is absolutely breath taking. I’m not even 15 and im obssesed with this, I actually favorited this on my computer. Spectacular, im speechless. I hope to have a wedding as truely beautiful as this when im older. Great, just purely amazing!!! πŸ˜€

  • FINALLY! A steampunk wedding done RIGHT! And not even just right, but Every. Single. Detail. was executed perfectly here, right down to the *white* peacock feathers. This team (couple included) deserves some sort of “Best Execution of Wedding of the Year” award, and I don’t think I have ever suggested that before. I am beyond impressed. It helps that the couple getting married is stunning, but even beyond that, everyone who contributed here deserves some very sincere praise.

  • WOW! LOOOOVE it!! If I could ever get married again!….

  • This is just all sorts of wonderful! I would LOVE to have the opportunity to photograph a steam punk themed wedding. Anyone interested in this and having their wedding somewhere in Florida, please please pretty please look me up! Themed weddings can be so much fun when one pays attention to the details. This particular one is top notch! Good job. You made this wedding photographer envious! πŸ˜‰

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I don’t think any one is real_ how can people look so beautiful!
    What a wonderful event. I am searching for ideas for a Steampunk Wedding and came across your site.
    Absolutely beautiful!
    Many blessings to you.

  • Your wedding theme is so pretty, I want this for mine. I wish I was here, I’d feel so at home here in my gothic clothing. :3
    I hope your day was amazing as it looks. Hehehe.

  • Dreamy! Makes me want to get married all over again – with the same groom of course πŸ™‚

  • What a lovely unique wedding. Creative ideas from the couple that made it more special. People who will be reading this story might want to have the same wedding like this. I like what’s written with one of the paragraphs “At the end of the day, as long as you marry the person you set out to marry, then your wedding was a success.” As long as you’re going to be married by the one you love,it will always be a success no matter what the theme of the wedding is, no matter how simple it is.

  • I want your dress so bad! it’s beautiful. You too are absolutely perfect <3

  • The best one that I’ve read in a while. I love how the couple planned and executed everything. The wedding was very detailed and also the photographer did a very good job. He captured every single moment that are very important for the couple. Great job on this wedding!

  • Beautiful and perfect. I am planning my daughter’s wedding and yours is a wonderful template. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you and yours.

  • Absolutely Beautiful!
    It looks like the majority of your guests dress steam-punk themed as well.
    How did you communicate the them theme and “dress code” to such a large group.

  • Absolutely Beautiful!
    It looks like the majority of your guests dressed steam-punk themed as well.
    How did you communicate the them theme and “dress code” to such a large group.

  • I just discovered the steampunk genre and I am in love with the look!! This wedding is like a fantasy set in a Hollywood backlot. Well done to all the creative souls that made this possible….well done indeed.

  • Loved this wedding!!!! Love the entire steampunk look, feel very romantic! Thanks for sharing your lovely day!!

  • Absolutely beautiful!
    May I ask what the menu was? Wondering how that tired in to the theme.

  • This wedding looks phenomenal! And there was some Smashing Pumpkins!
    I’d love to go to a wedding like this, or maybe, one day, HAVE a wedding like this!

  • This couple perfectly captured the dreamlike quality of steampunk that I love so much. I dare say having a great photographer who was clearly ‘on brand’ helped a great deal too!

  • Your wedding was stunning! My dream is to have a Steampunk themed renewal of our vows on our 25th and I hope the idea isn’t worn out by then – Sept. 2018. Thank you for the tips of making the entire journey part of the ceremony, not just the end result. With loved one’s help, they will all feel a real part of the Special Day.

  • Can someone please tell me where you got that plane hanging from the ceiling? Did someone make it? I NEED one. Thanks!

  • Love steampunk I want to do a steampunk wedding I’m 50 and it a be my fist and last lol love the way you done your xx

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