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Velvet Raptor Giveaway

Velvet Raptor Giveaway

There are wedding albums, and then there are wedding albums. As far as we’re concerned, Velvet Raptor has all but mastered the art of the wedding album. A wedding photographer herself, Adrienne Page created her own albums to fit her personal style, and has been sharing them with brides everywhere for the past year. We adore these beauties so much, and we’re delighted to offer one of Velvet Raptor’s small wedding albums to a Ruffled reader!

velvet raptor wedding album giveaway

velvet raptor wedding album giveawayvelvet raptor wedding album giveaway

velvet raptor wedding album giveaway

With design consciousness, individuality and socially responsible purchasing at the forefront of the market, Velvet Raptor has quickly become a desired product line. These heirloom products are made of absolute quality archival materials, are sewn-bound at a local bindery and are eco-friendly. The paper is not only rich to the touch, but made from 100% post-consumer wastepaper, SmartWood certified and milled with wind power. Books, boxes and cards are assembled using 100% recycled book board using non-toxic glue. The acid free storage boxes are printed at a FSC certified printing house. The lush velvet fabric is part silk, giving it a luxurious feel and sheen.

velvet raptor wedding album giveawayvelvet raptor wedding album giveaway

velvet raptor wedding album giveaway

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velvet raptor wedding album giveawayvelvet raptor wedding album giveaway

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us what you love most about Velvet Raptor’s line of products (which also include guestbooks and cards). One winner will be selected at random, and the winner will be announced in next week’s Friday Round-up post.

All photos by Adrienne Page.

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  • These are awesome! I love how they are so simplistic, and so old-fashioned! Bringin’ back the velvet:)

    • These are beautiful. What a perfect way to preserve the memories of a very memorable wedding day.

  • I love that these pieces are true keepsakes, classic and timeless in style. And for our small August wedding, a small album would be just perfect.

  • Holy smokes! Velvet bound books…I want to stack these up on my coffee table. I adore Velvet Raptor!

  • I just love how lush and expensive they look! This would make a wonderful guest book for my wedding.

  • I’ve been hunting for a wedding album for the past year and these are the best ones I’ve seen! The vintage look of a velvet-bound album will go perfectly with our letterpress wedding stationery and typewritten pages that we plan to include in our album 😀

  • I love that these books are covered in velvet! That’s such an awesome touch.

  • I loooooove these! I love the vintage-y feel and the simplicity of their albums! So perfect. Thanks for posting about Velvet Raptor and bringing them to my attention!

  • I’m adoring these albums – I wanted a amazing, beautiful bound album for our photos and these would really do the work of our photographer, Emma Case, justice. Le sigh… I hope we win, otherwise there goes next month’s ice cream/treat/shoe/summer dress budget…!

  • These are so amazing, I would absolutely love to give this to my best friend who is getting married in May. She is having an eco-friendly wedding and this would just top it off!

  • These are velvet bits of heaven for beloved memories. With a conscience. Did I mention they’re velvet? Need any more be said? : )

  • First off I LOVE that it is eco-friendly as I am going with a “green” theme to my wedding. I also love the muted colors the velvet is being shown in…just what I’m looking for!

  • @ noa:

    The creme dress is from H&M with added tulle, and the purple dress is vintage.

  • I love the understated elegance of the whole line. Their easy to love, and easier to want!

  • I love the way that their albums look like instant heirlooms, and they have such beautiful, luxurious colors!

  • These velvet bound books are so charming. We got married just over a year ago and I’m still looking for the perfect wedding album. I think I found it!

  • I love these albums! They are so classic and beautiful, perfect for storing the memories of our lives. I see our grandchildren marveling at these after we are gone.

  • These photos are stunning! I love all the guest books and the pretty storage boxes 🙂

  • The albums are so delightful…I love the way they look and I would love to have one on my coffee table some day!

  • These albums seem to live and breathe in this delectable, sensual manner. they appeal to the eyes – in a smooth, distinct, antique way, the same way an antique jewel draws your gaze. and they appeal to the touch – you want to stroke their covers for years to come, knowing your precious memories are timelessly preserved in a truly unique piece!

  • I love the classic look and high quality of these – they’re instant heirloom pieces that will never go out of style.

  • I adore the vintagesque colours and the lushly decadent sensibility – so fresh, but they could equally be a century or more old.

  • I love that the albums are eco-friendly!! Also love the colors ~ perfect for our wedding photos 🙂

  • Who can say no to VELVET?! It’s such a luxurious, rich fabric… perfect to archive wedding memories in!

  • I am newly engaged and just started looking at albums…and let me tell you they are not pretty. But these! The velvet makes them seems like it’s been your secret keep sake for years. Love it!

  • I love how soft they are, color and texture wise. Perfect to capture the essence of a wedding.

  • I loveee wedding photo albums and thats honestly one of the biggest things im looking forward to– having that keepsake for the rest of my life. These albums are so unique and not just a boring old album. LOVE.

  • These are the type of wedding books you should want to leave out and look through every day! What a beautiful keepsake! Absolutely stunning.

  • i’m gonna have to admit, i love the adorable name of these! velvet raptor… teehee! but yes, i love how touchable these look!

  • I’ve seen these before and looove them! What a great look! I love the cards too, but my favorite item would have to be the albums. I would get the Velvet Album 10 in Tournaline. It would be an album I’d actually display, and hopefully someday would page through them with my daughter’s if I’m lucky enough to have any.

  • I love the shape of the Velvet Raptor cards and the velvet creates a luxe look.

  • The albums are so beautiful and the detail that goes into them is gorgeous. I hope my fiance and i will get the opportunity to have such a beautiful album hold the pictures of the most memorable and important days of our lives.

  • Aside from Velvet Raptor being eco-friendly, I love how they strive to use local bindery as well! Green and locally made? Now that’s something we can all love. (: And did I mention how neat the velvet is! Why does no one make anything out of velvet anymore?

  • Velvet is so cool, but really I love that they’re eco-friendly. Yay for green gear 🙂

  • I love so many things about these albums… Not only are the eco-friendly, the velvety texture is gorgeous! Such a classic way to preserve your wedding memories.

  • My favorite part is their sweet vintage look. Our wedding is vintage-themed, and the rich colors of velvet would really fit our aesthetic! I’ll probably still want to get one even if we don’t win the giveaway!

  • The velvet gives it such a luxurious, vintage, romantic feeling without being overbearing with decoration. It’s graceful, sophisticated and yet down to earth. I love them!

  • Oh Man, what isn’t to love about these albums? The colors are so… sigh… pretty 🙂 I can’t pick a favorite!

  • These look amazing and I’m totally smitten because they match the look of my wedding! The large book in Tourmaline is to die for. Topping it off with being so eco friendly is just icing on the cake.

  • I love most that they are socially responsible and use post-consumer wastepaper! They are so elegant and timeless!

  • I love that these albums are eco-friendly, but most of all, I love how unique they are. They are unlike any other albums that I have ever seen. I would be so happy to show off my wedding photos in any one of these albums (but especially the pretty lilac one!) 🙂

  • I love the vintage quality of the books! Totally goes with the vintage feel of the Enzoani Diana dress!!

  • Everyday i think about getting my album together and nothing has hit home as much as these books have!! They are gorgeous and completely tug at my heart strings with all their vintage looking awesomeness!! Velvet…velvet…velvet!!! yes please!!! so so so gorgeous!

  • HOLY MOLY these are georgeous!!! They look like family heirlooms without being stuffy or over-the-top. This would def stay on the coffee table forever!

  • I love that these are 100% beautifully unique. I would love to have one of these albums for my upcoming wedding it would go so perfectly with the vintage touch we are going for!

  • I love the vintage feel of these! I have to admit I wasn’t really “in” to wedding albums before seeing these. I would cherish an album this beautiful forever!

  • I love how classic they look. They really would make any wedding photos look like a significant event all life long.

  • These velvet albums are absolutely stunning! I love their romantic heirloom quality–ideal for showcasing my wedding memories!!

  • I love the look of the books. Our wedding was very rustic and I think the vintage quality of the books would lend well to carrying our theme even into the album. This would be a dream come true!

  • We still need an album and my wife would love if I won one. This album is cool and sleek. I think our wedding album would be awesome in one.

  • I adore everything about their products! I’ve always loved velvet & I love how the albums have a vintage and timeless feel.

  • Unique. Simple. Rustic. Lovely. Soft. Tasteful. Timeless. – Gorgeousness.

    These are all words my mother has used to describe my wedding day…words that seem so apt in describing Velvet Raptor’s beautiful artistry. My mother would adore an album like this to remember what she has deemed ‘the best party she’s ever attended’.

    (we got married in october and she still hasn’t stopped gushing about it…and continues to ask me daily when she can get her hands on an album. i think it must have been meant to be, and i’ve been secretly holding out for this contest. telepathy.)

    Nice work, Velvet Raptor – a work of art, indeed.

  • I love how Velvet Raptor’s products are so high quality and are built to last. They look like treasured heirlooms that I would want to pass on for generations to come!

  • What I love most about velvet raptor is the perfection in which they achieve their timeless look. The albums look vintage, couture and classic all at the same time.

  • I like the texture and quality of the notebook. As one uses the unique notebook for their wedding, it will be a great keepsake for past memories.

  • I love how Velvet Raptor’s products prove that you can be eco conscious and make beautiful lasting things all at the same time.

  • I love how Velvet Raptor’s products prove that you can be eco conscious and make beautiful lasting things all at the same time. The vintage look is another!

  • I’m completely in love with the vintage, rich feel of the velvet covers… the to-die-for colors and the dreamy styling. Love all their functional and beautiful products.

  • I love that the albums have a chocolate colored option! I am having a chocolate themed wedding and this would be PERFECT! Thanks for the chance.

  • The combination of texture and color is exquisite. I adore their understated elegance.

  • Oooo! Love how romantic and sweet the albums are! Would fit in great with our decor!

  • Love love love the color palate of the velvets! they are absolutely delicious!

  • It’s simple, elegant and unforgettably timeless, just like all the memories that can be stored inside!

  • I love the thought of having my New Hampshire wedding bound in one of these beautiful books! So lovely.

  • I would be absolutely elated to own one of these albums. They’re not only beautiful but they’re made with an emphasis on love, concern for our environs and an eye toward a better future! It’s the perfect marriage of style and social awareness that I try to support in my own life.

  • Wind-power milled paper? Crushed velvet fit for the delicate hands of a queen? Chocolate as a colour? What’s not to love?

    In all honesty, I would be very excited for my kids to pull down one of these albums asking for stories.

  • I love all of the colors and the vintage look! One of these would be perfect for my wedding in July!

  • I love the fact that the albums are made of velvet. So cute and timeless.

  • I love how with the vintage velvet covers you could put just about anything in there and it instantly seems like a special family hierloom. It’s such a pretty and Romantic line.

  • I would love one of these albums! I’ve been meaning to put one together for us (our parents won priority), but these are so much better quality than the typical diy ones online. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • I’ve been lusting after one of these ever since I saw them on another blog. I think what I love best is the soft, romantic colors!

  • I love love love the sumptuous colors! Would love to keep my wedding memories in one of these beauties.

  • These take my breath away. I would treasure an heirloom quality album like this forever- the avocado is beautiful!

  • These albums are a dream come true. I absolutely adore everything about them: the storage boxes, the colors, the velvet! *swoon*

  • We have been searching for a unique photo album for our wedding coming up in October. The velvet is just stunning and our favorite is the avocado!

  • These albums are beautiful. I love the soft, muted feeling. I would love to house photos from my June wedding in one!

  • Obsessed with the acrylic ghost slipcase. So modern and just plain cool.

  • My favorite thing about Velvet Raptor albums are the fearless color choices and the luxurious vintage look of them. Albums are the MOST important part of the wedding memories captured – so they need to be gorgeous!

  • What I most love about this albums is the love that has been put in. I can feel they are made with so much love. what else? Off course I love the vintage feel and colors!

  • I love the colors and the velvet covering! It is so beautiful! I hope I win…

  • I love the name. It reminds me of a soft and cuddly velociraptor, which is great because I imagine they are most certainly anything but.

    Alright, in all seriousness, these are gorgeous! They’re dripping with so many textures, visual and physical. It’s like it’s a new discovery straight from an old attic full of vintage heirlooms, except I doubt one would ever actually end up in the attic.

  • My favorite thing about these beauties is that they are crafted in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way!

  • I think my favorite part is the name (oh, Bree said that just before me). Love it.

  • Velvet Raptor designs are gorgeously understated and classic. Unlike my parents’ orange and brown floral wedding album that screams “Can you dig it?”, Velvet Raptor’s albums will quietly curtsy and invite you back in time. I also love the company name. Velvet Raptor, to me, is synonymous with love, because like love it is simultaneously soft and luxurious and ferociously consuming.

  • I just love how lush that velvet looks! I mean, eco-friendly and that gorgeous is plain awesome.

  • I love how beautiful the velvet books and echo cards are! One of those books would be something I would love to show off to my friends and family!

  • I’m lovin’ the insanely beautiful wedding albums for their table top appeal. Its a wonderful twist on a classic that would be so much fun to pull out for kids and grandkids to show them wedding pics.

  • Such amazing albums! I love the archival boxes, and how eco-friendly choices are emphasized.

  • Velvet is great, Eco-friendly is even better! Love everything about it!!

  • I do not believe I have ever seen vintage bound books. I love them!

  • Photographers don’t include beautiful albums in their packages anymore 🙁 I love the use of velvet to make these albums scream elegance even on the book shelf! I would LOVE to have my photos in an album as lovely as these ones.

  • I love the beautiful fabrics and the thoughtfulness that goes into making these albums sustainable.

  • I love how the albums look vintage! But so high quality. Beautiful! I would love one!

  • I love that its so easy to create your own album! Velvet raptor has created a timeless product. They are all lovely, especially the avocado, dove and sea green!

  • I just love these books because of the vintage look. Our wedding theme is vintage gardens and I would LOVE to win one of these books, their products are amazing!

  • LOVE these! Any one of these albums would display the photos from our vintage/rustic garden wedding PERFECTLY!

  • I love how lush the beautiful velvet looks! The tones are so rich and luxurious too. I would love to have any of the books at my wedding for just a special little detail.

  • I love love love the vintage look of these velvet albums! I’m pretty much a sucker for anything velvet and these are no exception!

  • Wow! what the heck!?
    these are so great! I love the uniqueness and the way that it reflects my own style, plus sustainable materials!!My Love, Josh and I are having a vintage wedding in an old Icehouse from the 1920’s. How great would this be on the guestbook table?! I love and can already picture all my artsy friends wanting one for their weddings too!!

  • Wow, these books are amazing. The velvet is a perfect covering. Simple and beautiful. I love how they can work in a contemporary setting as well as a very classic setting. Just stunning!

  • They’re glamorous and nature-friendly! <3 is that even possible????:) Those colours are beautiful, i can almost feel that wonderful texture..vintage look+gamour+eco+looooove them!

  • The material used on these is so beautiful! Anyone would be lucky to display their day in one of these.

  • I love how distinctly unique these are! I though I didn’t want an album but I definitely want one of these!

  • I love the vintage look of Velvet Raptor albums and that they are made sustainably. Perfection.

  • I love the simplicity of these albums, and the velvet cover will just add to the pleasure of flipping through the pages!

  • The combination of eco-friendly and luxurious velvet is a delightful and dreamy combination. I love the timeless feel!

  • I love how soft and delicate they are even thought they are made with care!

  • I love how luxe and elegant everything looks, yet refined and minimal (which I prefer). Really beautiful stuff, I’m in love with the cards.

  • I love that they’re eco-friendly and rustic feeling. Plus, where can you find a fun velvet covered book?? LOVE these!

  • LOVE LOVE these VINTAGE albums!! I was married 6 years ago and have all my beautiful wedding pics in a box….would ADORE one of these to finally have a wedding album. Your ruffled blog is gorgeous and keeps me inspired on a daily basis. THANKYOU Natalie

  • These items are so beautiful. Elegant and timeless. The perfect way to return to memories of a wonderful day, again and again.

  • I love that these are true heirlooms; timeless… a beautiful place to store precious memories.

  • How can you not love such a perfect combination of romantic, elegant and whimsical? Crossing my fingers!

  • I love everything about these! But what I really need to know is who makes that fabulous white ballerina dress???

  • These are fabulous!! I love the paper, the fact that it’s eco, but especially that it’s real paper! i am not a fan of the flush mount types. And all the cover types, that’s just great!

  • I love the beautiful, rich colors of these albums and would love to have one for my wedding photographs!

  • I love the tactile experience of the velvet, especially the embossed (or is it burnout?) velvet. Scrumptious. I’d love to have my (now overdue) wedding album be Velvet Raptor!

  • These are so lovely! I think my favorite thing is the beautiful velvet that covers these items & the colors they come in…simply beautiful and something I would love to keep forever!

  • These are lovely! Texture, color and unique all wrapped up in one book!

  • That split pea color makes me weak in the knees. It’s truly stunning!

  • I just love that you can choose what unique colour book you wish.. the velevet is such a timeless and beautiful touch too.

  • whoa, i’ve never heard of velvet raptor before, but i am in love… everything is just spectacular!! the albums look sturdy and durable.. not cheap and quick.

  • You had me at velvet! Their creative design is perfect in every way and the die cut cards are exactly what I should and must be writing on.

    Now if only I could get my employer to have stationary like this.

    Cheers and a big shout out to the Velvet Raptor!

  • oh my word. that chartreuse velvet book…please let me have it for my november wedding!!!

  • Oh my gosh – these are exactly what I have been looking for! I love the vintage look.

  • Love the organic feel of these albums! Would love to have one for our special day!

  • I love that these albums are worthy of the photos they’ll contain. Most albums out there offer cliche designs, less than stellar workmanship, and less than authentic heart. These are truly awesome, keepsake, keeper works of art for the home. I’ve already bought four of the large ones in avocado, tourmaline, sea green, and goldleaf (not as wedding albums, but for my regular photo albums) and I hope that the line keeps producing new colors in keeping with their remarkably keen sense of modern vintage style. (Also, those cards? Are fantastic. And the clear slipcases? Talk about a killer tie-in! I know *exactly* what I’ll be asking Santa for next Christmas…)

  • I love the albums, stunning really, but I think my biggest crush is on the cards! Would totally love to win an album… could convert me. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • What I love most about velvet raptor is the romantic texture! So perfect for holding your most precious memories of your wedding!

  • What I love most about velvet raptor is that their gorgeous books are eco-friendly. Reading about their production on the site was really impressive. And the books remind me of a simple velvet-covered book I had as a child where I would write my secrets. This would make a perfect wedding book for us!

  • I am enraptured by the dove gray albums and cards! We are planning a wedding for next January, and want a cozy/elegant/organic day, so Velvet Raptor’s collection is pure inspiration…

  • The rich texture and the welcoming colors just call for you to open, to look inside and to imagine all the possibilities of the blank pages. How beautiful!

  • I love texture and that is hard to find when it comes to wedding albums. Love that it also comes in tourmaline!

  • I love the colors of their albums. The green is stunning. I also like how I can buy their products in Minneapolis – close by me in Nebraska!

  • As a photographer, I am always looking for the latest albums that are both artistic and eco-friendly. These look like a unique addition to the marketplace! So exciting!! I LOVE VELVET!!

  • The duality of Velvet Raptor products – their simple, luxury – is what attracts me most. Each piece is a timeless homage to our memories, written or photographed, that will be opened for decades with love. Maybe one day those small fingers that haven’t been born yet will sit on our lap, flipping through the pages, asking, “how did you feel that day?” And the velvet will feel the same way it did the first time – like velvet joy.

    So, I’m a dork, but these are gorgeous!

  • oh oh I really want to thieve you but I have really tiny arms! Unparalleled elegance that only a ferocious dinosaur could embody in its Cretaceous toe claw.

  • I love how lush and textural the pieces are. I just want to touch everything. I also love the colors – I definitely think I would go for something in Dove Blue or Avocado.

  • beautiful! These would be so gorgeous at my rustic chic wedding as centerpieces and then afterwords for my home!

  • I love the color options for the covers. They are so elegant – I would have a hard time choosing.

  • The albums are truly classic with a nod to modernity. They would look lovely on the bookshelf as newlyweds and for grandchildren to pull down and peek through. Timeless, comfortable, lovely.

  • The only wedding album I’ve ever really LOVED and wanted to put on display in my home. So, so, so gorgeous.

  • i love EVERYTHING about these products! the colors, the velvet, the handmade-ness….ooo i so wish i win this!! ill never ask to win anything again 🙂

  • I Love Love Love that they look so elegant, and that every step has been taken to be eco friendly!

  • I absolutely adore the design of the cover, the velvet + the colors! Great quality and beauty that will last!

  • I love the beauty and craftsmanship in the books. They are truly a work of art. Thanks.

  • I love the classic feel of velvet, yet the unexpectedness of using it to cover books. So pretty!

  • Everything about these pieces is stunning; the texture of the fabric and the way it catches the light particularly attracts me to them. The color choices are absolutely exquisite. The design is not busy, it is not trying too hard. The design of the photo albums is classic and will never go out of style, yet they can multitask to perfectly accent the on-trend vintage weddings that are so popular this year. I would proudly feature one of these guest books or photo albums on my coffee table for the rest of my life!

  • The green one looks like it grew from a mossy rock on the forest bed. I want to write my fairy-tales in it.

  • Oh, they’re just perfect! The colors, for one, make me want to pick them up, and never leave them on a shelf! Coffee table book? Yes, please! Gorgeous wedding guest book- I’d loooove to win this one!

  • I love the fact that they use velvet! It’s so romantic and just isn’t used enough anymore. It’s timeless and vintage all at the same time.

  • Simply beautiful! Unique and such wonderful colours, textured and timeless.

  • Elegant, romantic, and enchanting! Love these creations from Velvet Raptor. Perfect combination of timeless class and modern style! Particularly love the dove velvet!

  • I love the vevlet handmade products because I’ve been wearing velvet since I was in the 5th grade. All the cards are more than just products they are so vintage-que that make the wedding all worth while!

  • These albums are absolutely stunning! They can fit every taste from the very most modern to the very most classic/vintage. These albums would be the very best finishing touch to a newlywed couple’s wedding day photos!

  • I love every color of these beautiful albums! The velvet is delightfully vintage!

  • Powder pink or moss green, the colors for our wedding AND in elegant velvet!

  • I LOVE the sweet simple elegance of these albums and the card design is fantastic too. And how can you lose with something that is as nice to touch as it is to look at! These albums would work in wonderfully with the understated romantic style we’ve been working towards for our wedding.

  • These are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    So elegant and understated but fun at the same time.

    Now, how can I convince them they need to to international (wait no, just London, England!) shipping!

  • I love how classic and beautiful these look. They would make a wonderful talking point and way to store all of my amazing memories!

  • I love everything… album with velvet cover are so vintage and romantic, and the colours… so gorgeous …

  • What’s not to love? Vintage-y, eco-friendly and the coolest company name/logo EVER.

  • These are so beautiful! <3 These would go perfectly with our themed wedding. Even if I can have just a guestbook from Velvet Raptor, I'd be so happy!!

  • I love these so much. The colors are so lush and they would be perfect for baby albums as well as wedding albums. The only problem is that it would be extremely difficult to choose one color!

    *I am also in love with the dress on the model!

  • As a bride that works in archives & collects books, it’s wonderful to know these gorgeous albums are built to last!

  • I love how soft these albums look – there’s an elegance and femininity, but in a way that even my fiance would appreciate 🙂

  • Absolutely breathtaking!What I love about this line is that it has everything…eco-friendly/consumer conscious and knock-out gorgeous details and design and style…
    This is the first time I’ve seen the Velvet Raptor products and I have been smitten!

  • They had me at their website. I love how whimsical and beautiful their work is. I love the idea of an album that is more than just a housing for some of my favorite memories–but instead a rich and tactile element that would beckon me to pick it up and remember.

  • The inspiring colours, the lush velvet texture, and the socially and environmentally conscious way these are produced is exquisite. Using 100% post consumer waste sets these albums apart and is something any environmentally friendly individual can be proud of owning.
    Oh to own such a stunning album!

  • These are ridiculously pretty! How could you ever choose one? So glad to know the company is responsible too.

  • These albums are gorgeous!!! The velvet covering adds such an elegant touch. I would love to display my wedding photos in one of them.

  • These books are beautiful. So much better than the traditional wedding album of prints shoved into plastic sleeves. Something that is a true heirloom! I want several!!

  • I love the timeless quality of these albums. They are tactile, elegant, and visually rich.

  • These albums are absolutely gorgeous! Love that they’re not only something lovely and unique as an album, but how rich they look on their own or with a room!

  • I love that they’re sustainable but look like a fairy tale. It has such an elegant look that you want to pick up and feel. There’s no lack of quality or poor choices made in the fabrication of this product to every distract you from it’s perfect elegance, and the perfect story that it will tell.

  • Beautiful! These are so elegant. They remind me of something out of a jane austen novel.

  • I love that they’re made from recycled stock board and that velvet material-to die! Beautiful work.

  • The albums are magnificent! I love the paper and look of texture to it, especially since I am involved with book arts!

  • I have been in LOVE with Velvet Raptor’s albums since they came on the scene a few months ago. They are so lovely – especially the softness of the velvet material contrasting with the modern lines of the album design!

  • I adore the luxe velvet covers! We’re getting married in an architectural salvage shop, so want everything about our wedding to scream luxe vintage so this album would be perfect!!

  • A velvet covered book just screams “pick me up!”. That is exactly the impulse I want for my photo albums!

  • I’m infatuated with the albums. They look so luxe and old school. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • The craftsmanship and attention to detail just makes you fall in love with the materials and the process… truly a treasure.

  • I didn’t know about Velvet Raptor before and now I love the books and cards…vintage is my favorite!

  • Aside from their awesome vintage look and feel, I love them for their eco-conciousness. there just aren’t enough albums to choose from when it comes to being eco-friendly! And these are just gorgeous!

  • What lovely, lush, heir looms to be cherished. Doing their bit for the environment in a glamorous manner too.

  • These books are AMAZING!! So beautiful!! I just love the velvet! I haven’t be able to find anything like them!!

  • LOVE. These are beautiful + look they they belong on our coffee table. Thanks for the hot tip… Crossing my fingers 🙂

  • I love the totally vintage feel how perfect would they be for a vintage wedding album. The bring back the feel of my great grams velvet covered albums, some of her prized treasures.

  • I’m dreaming of wearing a velvet wedding dress. Not sure if I can make that happen, but one of these beauties would make me feel so much better about it.

  • The velvet is luxurious, the colors are soft and beautiful. The eco friendly materials are just so right.

  • I really love the appearance of these album. The old velvet is really pretty.

  • The innovative artsy style of this album’s photography is classic and timeless. It speaks to me and i’d love to see more.

  • I love that they are eco-friendly but absolutely classic, timeless and beautiful. Would definitely use one as a guest book at my rustic outdoor wedding!

  • Great work! I absolutely love these albums. They actually remind me of my parent’s wedding album from the early seventies. I would love to have one for my September wedding!

  • These albums are gorgeous. The colors have served as inspiration for the colors at our wedding, which will take place next June and be full of peonies, ferns, and moss. The album would serve as a perfect complement to the day.

  • everything out my upcoming wedding is, well, non-traditional. these albums are the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen today, and I spent all day searching for the perfect outfit for my engagement photos. I would love this to pieces, and it definitely fits my style.

  • Love love love!!!! These albums are fabulous – bring back memories of my ballerina days! Can’t wait to have one for my November Wedding!

  • I love that they are eco-friendly; That is very important to me as I plan my wedding. They are also beautiful and would fit in perfectly with the style we are going for.

  • I LOVE the texture these albums have! Such gorgeous colors and velvet – a perfect pair. These just went on my wishlist 🙂

  • These are beautiful! I love that they are modern, yet with a timeless, classic feel and I love that they are environmentally friendly and made of recycled paper! Just lovely =)

  • I am absolutely in love with these!! I have been searching everywhere for the perfect guest book and these seem like a great and eco-friendly choice!

  • So lovely. What a special touch it is to use velvet, would truly make the experience of revisiting my wedding day so precious. Thanks for a great product.

  • I’ve been looking for a guest book for our wedding in July and Velvet Raptor has definitely created something beautiful and unique all the while incorporating the vintage theme that my wedding will have! Who knew guest books could be so breathtaking?!

  • These are gorgeous! Not only are these albums timeless but they have such a luxe look and feel to them. I adore that they are Eco-friendly in every sense of the word, from the materials used to how they are bound, and even stored for us.

  • I love how feminine these are without being girly. Definitely timeless pieces!

  • the velvet! it doesn’t get enough attention these days. so classic and elegant.

  • love love LOVE the velvet albums – #13. everything on this site is stunning… i could just look at the photography for HOURS!

  • I am totally in love with these! They are so timeless without feeling old and the fact that they are eco friendly is an added bonus! Just so gorgeous!!

  • The texture!
    These albums are not only beautiful, but I can just imagine how great it would be FEEL that softness and warmth as you look back on the memories captured.

  • These albums would be beautiful not only to display pictures in, but they also make a gorgeous display themselves – on a mantle, a shelf, a table, an old trunk, etc. Soooooooo pretty!

  • Wow, these albums are such a cute idea! They are classy and I love the fact that they’re environmentally friendly :)!

  • what’s not to love?! so cute. so perfectly classy and vintage. love love.

  • I love the luscious look of the velvet! Dyed velvet is one of the most beautiful things in the world!

  • Everything now-a-days looks so mass produced. This looks like it was made with love and care, and would be a wonderful treasure to remember your wedding!

  • I absolutely L.O.V.E the vr 5×7 cards. I still love to write a real letter and send it in the mail, and these are so perfect and unique!

  • Nutshell: everything you want to touch and remember in a book or correspondence. A beautiful media any couple would be lucky to share their most treasured treasure in. It is forever pretty. Yes please.

  • The Velvet Raptor pieces have such a classis look and timeless feel to them. What a lovely way to protect and display treasured momentos from your wedding! It’s definitely something I would want to share with family for years to come.

  • Love the simplicity and lush covers. Would be a perfect guest book for my wedding this summer!

  • The albums! They are romantic, chic, modern, sophisticated, serious and acid free (which makes them archival and is very important to me because I am an archivist!!)

  • With four weeks to go before our big day, I realise that after all this planning for a perfect day, the only lasting thing will be our memories and the pictures. These albums are beautiful and I would love to display the snapshots of what will hopefully be one of the happiest days of my life in it. The books are beautiful and a credit to Ms. Page.

  • Oooh, I would love to have one of these to house our photos from our wedding last fall! I love the jewel tones and the texture!

  • The velvet covers instantly caught my eye. What a decadent way to remember your wedding!

  • Oh my goodness! These are fantastic. I adore the velvet covers. So vintage, and in a good way. Not like my mothers wedding album circa 1994! Timeless and classic.

  • It’s made with Love and comes from the heart. To feel the Velvet crush everytime you open that book would instantly send you back in time to that day. The day that everything came together for you & your lovely. Like a smell or special song, it’s a memory of romance. Unique & yours.

  • I love the vintage feel of these! They’re timeless! I also love that they’re locally made and awesome quality.

  • Did you choose the extremly lucky winner yet? couldn’t find the post…I’m so anxious to find out who it is…:D

  • I’m getting these gorgeous albums and guestbooks, but does anyone know where I can find that amazing pen???

  • I love your products because of their unique quality of materials, and the feeling they give me when I get something from you guys! It’s a luxurious type of giddy that rises until I don’t ever want to use the beautifully crafted products. Alright well, cheers! Remember you guys ROCK at what you do.

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