celestial wedding dress
photo Madly Studio

Astrophilia is defined as the rare love and/or obsession with planets, stars and outer space. I’d say we meet that criteria and are willing to bet you do too! The constellation trend has been going strong for a while, and we’re now seeing a festival twist as far as 2018 wedding trends go. We couldn’t help but share a “few” of our favorite ideas for a wedding that’s out of this world (ha!). From crescent moon backdrops and constellation place settings to sparkly star wedding dresses and phases of the moon, we’re hooked. So join us in fawning over all of the astronomic goodness below!

celestial wedding dress
photo Lilly Red

phases of the moon wedding seating chart
photo Addison Jones Photography via Junebug Weddings

celestial black bridal shoes
photo Alex Mari

hand calligraphed black leather bridal jacket celestial wedding
photo D.A Studios, calligrapghy Four Things Paper

crescent moon wedding backdrop
photo Anna Roussos, design The Twelve Events

celestial wedding cake
photo Elisa Watkins

mexican star celestial wedding lighting
photo Emily Blake

celestial wedding place setting
photo Birds of a Feather via Green Wedding Shoes

celestial wedding dress
photo Hails and Shine

constellation wedding place setting
photo Cornelia Lietz

celestial wedding seating chart crescent moons
photo Birds of a Feather via Green Wedding Shoes

celestial wedding cake
photo Cornelia Lietz

celestial wedding velvet grey wedding dress
photo Jaicee Morgan via Green Wedding Shoes

indigo blue and gold celestial wedding menu
photo Jacqueline Patton, lettering Fawn Lettering

crescent moon wedding chair swag
photo Elisa Watkins

celestial wedding dress
photo Emily Abay

celestial wedding dress
photo Karra Leigh

celestial wedding place cards
photo Elisa Watkins

celestial wedding tiara
photo MK Sadler

celestial wedding dress
photo Lauren Scotti

constellation wedding place settings
photo Jack Rodgriguez

celestial wedding dress
photo Sophie Kaye

harvest moon wedding backdrop
photo Katie Pritchard via Green Wedding Shoes

phases of the moon wedding place setting
photo Maggie Grace via Junebug Weddings

celestial wedding place cards
photo Sarah Price

celestial wedding desserts
photo Twinkle and Toast, cookies Hey There Cupcake

celestial wedding dress
photo Stories by Ash

crescent moon wedding backdrop
photo Urban Shindigs

constellation wedding gift
photo Wild Heart Visuals, artwork The Night Sky

One thing we really love about this idea is how you can pretty much cover every blue hue from cobalt and indigo to deep navy verging on black abyss. Metallics accents are a given, but wedding creatives have gone above and beyond with bringing these ideas to live in a unique way. I mean who would have thought to create a crescent moon ceremony backdrop entirely out of pampas grass? Our fab designers The Twelve Events that’s who! So tell us, which wedding idea are you crushing on the most?

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  • Isabel on April 13, 2018

    I felt for a second my breathe caught in my throat, because this is like a dream! How was the moon-shaped backdrop created, I wonder:D The stars, and the veil(I believe it's veil, or cape) studded, the stars-just, WOW;D


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