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Tree of Life Films & Photography

Tree of Life Films & Photography

This beautiful photography and stunning videography team at Tree of Life Films & Photography is made up of Tom and Jennifer, a passionate husband and wife photography and cinematography team. Their approach to photographing, filming and editing is unique as it is influenced by our background in film, photography, design and fine art. Every film is different and unique to the couple. They tell your story and capture the true emotions and energy of the day all while being as unobtrusive as possible.


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  • Hello, that was a beautiful wedding video. That is exactly why I will be having both a photographer and videographer for my wedding day. I want to make sure that every special moment is captured. Thanks for sharing!

  • I felt so touched and warmed after watching this MV. Still. I hope I could make my wedding day as much stunning as yours. By the way, I must say The Bridal Veil looks gorgeous, loving it.

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