Traveler’s Joy

We have to agree that besides planning a wedding, planning a dream honeymoon is something we look forward to with as much if not more excitement. Traveler’s Joy is an alternative to the traditional wedding registry where you can register for your honeymoon instead. You can register for every tibdit related to your dream destination.

vietnam honeymoon
Russia Moscow honeymoon

Switzerland mountain honeymoon

Traveler’s Joy is easy to use and the Instant Registry feature allows couples to complete their registry in a jiffy. When setting up your gift inventory you can choose from a list of pre-made registries based on your destination. With one click you can instantly add items and experiences, specific to the theme or destination. Many members register for items that are related to their honeymoon, such as travel guides, cameras, luggage, snorkeling gear, and even newlywed flip flops.
turks and caicos honeymoon

The registry system makes it really easy to divide the cost of big ticket items (no pun intended) into realistic gift portions – so that camera you want to bring to Thailand that costs $450 can be split up into 6 gifts of $75 each. After some personal customization, couples can share their Traveler’s Joy registry with friends and family.

Morocco honeymoon

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