We love that our sponsors offer such unique, helpful services! I’ve been hugely impressed by Traveler’s Joy from their very first mention to us a couple years ago. Traveler’s Joy meshes two of the greatest perks of getting hitched: registries and honeymoons! They’ve created a lovely, helpful site that allows your guests to contribute to your first week of wedded bliss together on your honeymoon. Your friends and family simply visit your Traveler’s Joy site to view your unique honeymoon registry and then donate to the honeymoon cause. Which means you won’t end up with three toasters and countless oven mitts. Genius!

From Brandon, of Traveler’s Joy. Since 2005, Traveler’s Joy has helped over 50,000 couples take their dream honeymoon. It’s the best of both worlds: guests can easily give a special wedding gift and the couple receives what they really want — the honeymoon of their dreams.

Traveler’s Joy has recently added some really helpful features to their site. The Instant Registry Functionality feature allows the couple to complete their registry in just minutes! When setting up their gift inventory they can choose from a list of premade themes (think beach, cruise, mountains) or location specific (think Italy, St. Lucia) registries. With one click they can instantly add items and experiences to their registry specific to the theme or destination. They can edit or delete any item at any time and also add plenty more of their own. Um, hello! No more hours of online research? Totally customizable? Sign me up!

Another perk we should mention is that Traveler’s Joy couples can register for some big-ticket “physical items” that would really add to the honeymoon experience (and beyond.) You can add to your list an amazing camera to capture your adventures, beautiful luggage and even some honeymoon attire to help you fit in with the locals in style. You can even split up the cost of a particularly expensive item so that multiple people can contribute to its purchase, making it much more attainable for many of your guests to contribute in a big way.

Consider taking pictures of yourself doing your Traveler’s Joy registry activities and send them to those family and friends who contributed to your oh-so-special honeymoon. For examples of Traveler’s Joy registries from real couples, check out their site here. Have a great time and happy honeymoonin’!

  • I signed up for Traveler’s Joy for my registry, and was disappointing to learn, after receiving my first gift, that they take a whopping 4% of the gift (and after paypal’s 3%, thats 7%). Honeyfund.com takes nada. I transferred over to Honeyfund ASAP!

  • Brandon Warner

    Hi Anna,

    Honeyfund is a great honeymoon registry site! What makes Traveler’s Joy different and why do we charge a higher fee?

    First, we don’t have Google Adwords on a couple’s registry page like Honeyfund. Second, we allow for complete customization of the couples registry page (Honeyfund limits photos and design templates). Third, we have a seamless gift process that allows our couples to receive their gifts almost immediately. With Honeyfund, if gift givers don’t choose to use PayPal, the gift giver must write a check and send it to you or leave it at the wedding.

    For these added features (and many more) we believe Traveler’s Joy is a great value compared to Honeyfund.

    Don’t forget that Honeyfund is only free if a gift-giver gives you cash/check at the wedding or sends you a check in the mail. Otherwise, PayPal is part of the process and a transaction fee of 3-4% applies.

    Have a wonderful honeymoon!

    Brandon Warner
    President & Co-founder
    Skip the blender. Register your honeymoon.