It’s snowing today here in New York as I type this, and as much as I’m disliking the weather conditions right now, I have to say this winter white engagement session makes me wish for more snow. Turning 180 degrees from this sunny, however equally beautiful vintage Americana engagement session I posted last week. Shot by the talented Utah photographer Rebekah Westover and makeup by Enizio. While this engagement session is not vintage per se, it has “timeless” written all over it!

Timeless Snow Winter engagement session photos Utah
Timeless Snow Winter engagement session photos Utah
Timeless Snow Winter engagement session photos Utah
Timeless Snow Winter engagement session photos Utah
Timeless Snow Winter engagement session photos Utah
Timeless Snow Winter engagement session photos Utah

  • love it love it love it. what an adorable couple!

  • Jessica Wright

    What a beautiful couple, wonderful images!


  • Lisa

    wow! Love her mustard colored shoes. makes me want to get married all over again :o)

  • ben

    Timeless is right! This shoot stands out in such a great way!

  • Those bright colors look incredible against that lovely snowy backdrop!

  • her yellow coat against the pure white backdrop? beautiful. and she has the most gorgeous eyes!

  • I adore this e-session…Rebekah’s images always make me smile :)

  • Oooh! Love the pop of color in this pics. Her yellow jacket – red shoes! Perfect!!

  • YES…totally love this e-session of Rebekah’s. I just adore her & her work!!!!

  • Catherine

    Thank you for sharing!!! It made me jump up and grab my camera. Now to find snow, and a cute couple. . . . In the mean time, thanks for all your inspiration!

  • Beautiful! Some of the images look like they should be in a J.Crew catalog.

  • That yellow coat is delightful! And, they look like they had a blast – so fun.

  • What a perfect engagement session! There is something about this whole experience that makes this the most intriguing engagement session I’ve ever seen. The love is evident, the landscape picturesque, the colors perfectly complimentary, and the photography picture-perfect. Rebekah, I have added you to my mental list of favorite photographers!

    – Kristin

  • Gorgeous!!! Being a California native, I don’t see snow often. These are great! Thanks for sharing. ~joan

  • LOVE the colors in this. So crisp and clean!

  • Sara Mellander

    These are wonderful! Wonderful Colors!!

  • that is a gorgeous session, I feel inspired! I love the yellow + plaid used

  • julie

    just wanted to let you know that a photographer has claimed these photos as their own…
    The link is :

    Heads up for these “pro” photogs who have nothing better to do than steal someone else’s art to create business. Sickening

    • Rob

      I want to appologize for this. Having recently re done my website my webmaster had accidentally merged a folder called various wedding and engagement photos that contained ideas I had found over the years. This was unintentional and have carefully viewed all photos to make sure that the merged photos have been removed. As a photographer I respect the copyright of another photog. I do however look for ideas from others, and usualy save these photos for future reference. As i said, this photo was accidentally merged with my real portfolio a were a few others. Please accept my sincere apologies.

  • Leigha

    I find it funny that your webmaster has access Rob to your Facebook page. My webmaster also does not work from my computer. I carefully select my photographs to go on my website, so to claim your webmaster did this is a sad excuse. I also notice your facebook page is down. If what you say is true why take it down. Are we going for another name change, how about the one photograph that had and then your watermark on it. Shameful and gives us other photographers a bad bad name.

    For someone who has creativity, passion and commitment on his main image which I also believe I have seen somewhere else those words alone are great for those who make their own creativity.

    I am glad none of my photographs were posted on here as I would clearly take said person to small claims court. Copyright infringement is a huge issue in this day in age from music, photography and much much more.

    Rebekah I am sorry this has happened to you but thought to let you know you do amazing work. It is a shame someone can not learn from this.