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Tissue Paper Garland Tutorial

Tissue Paper Garland Tutorial

We’re so delighted that Camden of Emerson Events is back with us to share the secrets of her Neon Wedding Inspiration Shoot! The neon and metallic bits tied to twine are just the right balance of color + texture. We love the idea of re-purposing these garlands into rooms of your new home! Thank you to Amanda Watson for capturing these images.

DIY fringe garland

For this tutorial you will need:
-Jute twine
-Scotch tape
-Tissue Paper (as many different colors as you wish)
-Mylar (easily found at most party supply stores as “foil tableskirts or garlands”)

1. Cut tissue paper into strips, leaving space at the top to keep together.

2. Twist paper together at the completed section at the top, careful not to fold the cuts of hanging paper.

3. Tape twist-top together and cover with jute twine, making a loop so as to string when complete.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for other tissue paper colors, and for the mylar. Mylar tableskirt or garland will first need to be cut into 6-10 inch sections before twisting.

5. String together tissue & mylar, cut sections into different lengths if desired and hang in a pretty place!

…And there you have it! Where would you hang this beauty on your wedding day?

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  • This might be a stupid question but how do you create the loop? I would love to make this for my upcoming wedding.

    • same problem here, love the idea, but the loop puzzles me O_o

  • I can’t wait to make this for my wedding next year!!!

    How long do you guys think this can be made in advance? I’ve seen tutorials for this that use glue but I would be afraid the glue would dry out if I make it months in advance.

    Just don’t want any late nights stressing over making these before my wedding!!

  • I’ve been looking for a cool tassel tutorial for a while, and this by far was my favorite. My tassels turned out amazing and i love them so much. Already received a lot of compliments. Thanks

  • I’m making these for my headboard next year because my apartment doesn’t allow wall alterations/holes, so I need something to make the space look full! I just have one question, I’ve hung twine on my walls before and it doesn’t stay with duct tape, scotch tape, or crafting tape. I’m wondering how you got yours to stay on the wall. Thanks!

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