Jennifer and Jake from this Austin wedding we featured earlier in the month were kind enough to show us how they divvied up their wedding budget. We love their wedding as much as we enjoyed seeing how smartly they spent on it. Thank you for sharing!

So how did they sliced their budget?

Budget Breakdown:
For 100 people:
Photography: 25%
Venue: 16%
Catering: 16%
Attire: 12%
Wedding Coordinator: 9%
Rentals: 8%
Desserts: 6%
Alcohol: 4%
Decor: 2%
Flowers: 1%
Invitations: 1%

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Good to know: every couple has their own priorities and needs, so percentage breakdowns vary greatly from wedding to wedding. Percentages are approximates (for less or for more) and may not equal current rates.