The Perfect Card Box

The Perfect Card Box is a little gem for adorable wooden card holders and personalized handmade signs. These are the peanut butter to rustic weddings’ jelly. The olive in every outdoor weddings’ martini. It’s all made of reclaimed wood and handcrafted in Liberty, Ohio too.

The Perfect Card Box locks securely to keep your wedding cards safe. The 8×10 card box displays four photos on the sides + one 5×7 photo or engraving plate on the top. This box is the perfect size for a wedding with 270 guests or fewer and will hold approximately 120 greeting cards. They also offer an 11×14 photo card box for wedding with a larger guest count.

Our personal fave is the Barn wood Wedding Card Boxes. These are made from reclaimed wood from old barns and come in red, white and brown. These are clean and easily blend on a reception table, and would make adorable mail boxes after the wedding!

Check out all of the options from The Perfect Card Box. Use code RUFFLEDBRIDE for $2.00 off any purchase.

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