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Tears of Joy.

Tears of Joy.

I am a crier.  It is true.  I am a sappy, kodak comercial crier of the first order… and I am ok with that.  As a matter of fact, I enjoy the fact that I cry more from joy than from sadness.   And I am not the only one.  There are others out there like me.  For that reason, I have been drawn to the idea of the “tears of joy” packets I have seen on multiple planning bios online.  However, I think to myself, “do I really need another DIY project?” and the answer is probably not.  Plus I am just not sure a single tissue could do the job. 

Then I saw it.  The answer to my question of tear management…

Vintage Hankies


This image was taken from Mrs. Tulip’s wedding day details on Wedding Bee.  The idea is to offer vintage napkins in lieu of the “tears of joy” tissue. 

Let’s consider this….

Vintage?    Check.

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Affordable?  Check. (estate sales, ebay, etc.)

Fabulous?  Check!

I love this idea and Mrs. Tulip placed hers on a table next to a photograph of a family member’s wedding with a sign that said “In the event of tears…” 

So sweet, so simple and so vintage!  Have you found ways to make wedding trends/traditions your own?  Even if some one else did it first 🙂

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