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Super 8mm videography

Super 8mm videography

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It never crossed my mind to hire a videographer for my wedding. Not so much because of our tight budget, but because I’ve never watched a wedding video I liked. When I found out about Super 8mm wedding videography, I fell in love with the idea. By then, our budget was too tight to squeeze in any extra. I love the romantic and timeless look a Super 8 camera captures. Its grainy, faded colors add a dreamy feeling that no modern camera does. The videos are usually no longer than 15 minutes, which is enough time to show it to someone without torturing them for hours (and considering my attention span, I don’t think I could watch a wedding video for longer than that 🙂 )

I did some research on Wedding Videographers that only work with Super 8 mm films and I found these:

In Films, Detroit, Chicago and Nashville

Bliss Video, LA and San Francisco

Film Jones, New York

Wilson Fontaine, New York

Worker Bee Designs, New York

Lady Flash, Texas

Soulbox Productions, Texas

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