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Suit vs. Tux with Generation Tux

Suit vs. Tux with Generation Tux


To Suit or To Tux? That is the question. If you are on the fence about a suit or tux for your groom and accompanying bridal party, is here to offer some thoughts that will help you know what to choose to suit your wedding (pun intended). First off, here is the main difference between a suit and a tux: satin. You can find many resources online to give you the full details on the difference between a suit and tux, but this morning Generation Tux will help us cover some of the highlights.


Tuxes are obviously a classy and luxe choice with their satin lapels and satin-covered buttons (four per sleeve). Tuxes also boast a bespoke lining story, flap or besom pockets, and no barcodes. With tuxes, you wear suspenders instead of a belt, and may want to opt for a bow tie over a long tie, so as to avoid covering up your shirt studs! Additionally a winged collar will help to show of that bow tie! And you will likely want to match the metal of your studs to your cufflinks.

In terms of the proper affair for a tuxedo? believes that its becoming more and more about how you want to feel- that tuxedos are a state of mind, and a feeling. So, if you’re looking for that extra boost of good looking that comes from a few studs and some cufflinks, they say think it’s well worth it to show up in a tuxedo for almost any occasion. See their full collection of tuxedos .


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Suits are essentially the LBD for men, they are a classic choice for almost any affair. If you’re the groom, follow the lead of your bride to determine if a suit is appropriate. If she’ll be rocking a formal gown, you may want to opt for the tuxedo, but if she’s wearing a sheath dress and you’ll be dancing the night away in a barn or under the stars on a beach, a suit may be the perfect choice for you and your gents. Depending on the season and the wedding mood, suits can vary greatly in styles, fabrics and cuts. Are you and your respective other opting for a casual beach wedding? Then you’ve got the green light for khakis. If you’re leaning towards a wintry fete or a fall wedding, then you’ve got all the grays, blacks and navys to work with. The time of day for your wedding can also be a defining factor of whether it’s better to go with the evening formality of a tux or a less formal suit for a day time affair. When it comes to suit styles, Generation Tux offers modern and slim fits. See the full collection of suits .

Because values suits and tuxedos equally, they offer them all at one price point. Any jacket and pants are $95 with free shipping. A whole outfit is $150 and if you take out an item, the price lowers. Easy peasy. So, whether you go with a suit or a tuxedo for the big day, Generation Tux has got you (stylishly) covered! Check out more useful tips from Generation Tux in the Suit vs. Tux debate .

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