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29 Sugar Flower Wedding Cakes That Are Too Good To Eat

29 Sugar Flower Wedding Cakes That Are Too Good To Eat


Calling all cake aficionados! Because today, I’m sharing the motherload of sugar flower wedding cakes. These confectionary artists have got some serious tricks up their sleeves as they pull off the most artistic floral accents that are totally edible too. You’ll see iced blooms that are larger than life, 3D petals that seem to defy gravity and flora showcasing every color under the sun in these inspo pics from real weddings to follow. Are you ready to dive head first into the world of sugar flower wedding cakes with us? Get ready to drool over these scrumptious creations!

Cake by Duchess Cakes and Bakes

If this petite, yet dramatic cake doesn’t set the tone for the bespoke cake designs to come, then we don’t know what will! This cake artist is based in Amsterdam and oh, do we love the way she echoes the surroundings of Dutch Renaissance architecture + colorful blooms in all her designs.

marbled wedding cake with Japanese sugar flower accent
Photo by KT Merry with cake by Jasmine Rae Cakes
mini wedding cakes with lavender sketched sugar flowers
Photo by Jen Huang with mini desserts from Cake by Nicole

Mini wedding cakes for the win! How cute are these semi-sketched lavender fleurs topping each confection with delicacy and grace as well?

garden inspired wedding cake with pastel sugar flowers
Photo + cake by Maggie Austin Cake

This ocean inspired cake is making serious waves. With poetic sugar blooms peeking out from the center, we’d love to get swept up into this cake mood entirely.

mini garden wedding cake with oversized sugar flowers
Photo + cake by Natasja Sadi

A whole curtain of fresh and sugar blooms?! This five-tiered wonder will stand the test of time!

Monet inspired cake with painterly icing and sugar flowers
Photo + cake by Cynthia Irani

Monet… is that you? Straight out of an Impressionist painting, this single tiered cake is hopelessly romantic.

European wedding cake with sugar flowers and vine accents
Photo by Julie Livingston with cake by Lemon Tree Cakes

Ripples blend seamlessly with sugary flowers in this monochromatic display of perfection.

We’re loving this neutral take on a sugar flower wedding cake!

autumnal wedding cake with fall blooms and cooper stand
Photo + cake by Cake Ink
photo Bonnie Sen cake by Couture Cakes by Sabrina

And of course, this baby is proof in the pudding that twisty vine details with sugary fruit accents can be just as darling!

Are you still alive? I’ll be honest… for us, the hyperventilation started after that garden romance wedding cake with a whole curtain of sugar flowers blended with fresh for a seamless fairytale effect. Can you blame us? These sugar flower wedding cakes are living proof that this modern wedding trend has only just begun. And we cannot wait to see more of these beauts in action. Find more sweet treat inspiration in our roundup of unique wedding dessert displays next!

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