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Submit a Flower Guide

Welcome, Vendor Guide Floral Designers! We’re excited for this new project, and hope you will be too. On this page you’ll find our guidelines, requirements, and a handy form you can use to submit your feature. Our goal is to promote the talents of our Designers while educating and inspiring brides and vendors on floral arrangements, what they actually cost, what are the flowers called, when they are in season etc so they know what to expect when they come to you with a Pinterest board of flowers for weddings, events workshops or shoots.

-These posts will be held to the same standard as our everyday features, so the images preferably need to be captured by a professional photographer. Please let us know if you need help coordinating this.
-Since this will be an exclusive series for Vendor Guide members, we ask in return that these features remain exclusive to Ruffled. Exclusive means not shared on any other wedding blog or social media of any other wedding blog. Vendor blogs are fine.
-We’d love to share at least contributing post of each Floral Designer from our Vendor Guide, but you’re welcome to send as many as you’d like!

High/Low Posts: For this type of feature, you would show two or more floral arrangements with similar flowers, but show the differences in what you would get for the different price ranges — for example, a $150 bouquet versus a $250 bouquet, etc. We would ask you to share the prices of the floral arrangements included, with the goal of showing brides the value of strong floral design and understanding why it could be worth it to spend a bit more to get the exact look she wants.
Flower Guide: For this type of feature, you would show a completed bouquet or centerpiece and then essentially deconstruct it in order to show each type of flower used in the bouquet. This helps brides and vendors to recognize the types of flowers they love the most, and know what to ask for when speaking with their Floral Designer.
Other: We’re open to ideas! Please email me, subject line “Ruffled Member Flower Series.”

-Please send anywhere from 15-50 images for us to consider
-No watermarks, please
-Images should be at least 800px wide, all individuals (no collages)

We welcome a number of different methods for sending images, but if sharing through Dropbox, please send a direct link to the Dropbox folder in lieu of a Dropbox folder invitation and please ensure that “home” is not present in the URL, or we won’t be able to access it. A direct link saves us both time and space, and will ensure a quicker response. Here are an assortment of popular ways to share images:

-Dropbox folder link
-WeTransfer upload
-PASS Gallery link
-Pixieset link
-Two Bright Lights

We also ask that you kindly share any known social media handles for all involved vendors – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

  • Contact Info

  • Your Submission

  • Vendor Credits

  • We need vendor information from everyone involved, with website and social media handle of each. For example:

    Izzy Hudgins Photography
    Twitter + Instagram: @izzyhudgins

    We try to include everyone in our social media shoutouts, but if we can't easily find your tag, we can't include you. Please make sure all social media handles are correct!

    I understand this submission is an exclusive feature for Ruffled. I will not submit this shoot for feature on any other wedding blogs, and I will instruct any other vendors involved in the shoot to do the same.