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Stylish Pi Day Wedding

Stylish Pi Day Wedding

A bohemian wedding in the desert? On Pi Day? Yeah, sign us up. The fact that Gaby J Photography was behind the camera and Flora Pop put together some colorful arrangements with serious wow factor makes everything that much more irresistible! Let’s take a look at all the goodness:

stylish Las Vegas desert wedding - photo by Gaby J Photography

From the bride, Ashley: When I first began planning the wedding, I wanted my personal style to be very vintage/boho inspired. When I tried on those kind of dresses, I just wasn’t feeling it. As a joke, I tried on this champagne/blush ruffled ballgown, as it was completely opposite of what I was looking for and I instantly fell in love. After that, our personal looks morphed into mixture of classic and couture (I kept the boho look alive with my reception outfit). What I really liked about our wedding was that even though our personal style was a bit classy, it somehow worked with the laid back/easy going feel we wanted our guests to experience at the reception.

desert wedding invitations - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding shoes - photo by Gaby J Photography

bright bouquet with succulents - photo by Gaby J Photography
Flower recipe: I told Victoria of Florapop that I definitely wanted lavender and succulents in my bouquet and she could choose the the rest of the flowers that were used. She came up with such a beautiful and colorful bouquet that just popped in the photos. I planted the succulents after the wedding and they are still alive and well today!

ruffled wedding dress - photo by Gaby J Photography

bridal updo - photo by Gaby J Photography

colorful bouquet - photo by Gaby J Photography

The looks we tried to achieve for our wedding were rustic, vintage, stylish and laid back. These looks paired very well with our Pi Day meets the Woodland/Desert theme. My husband is currently in school to become an electrical engineer, so science and math are both important aspects of his life. He chose our wedding date 3.1415 as it was the ultimate Pi Day! We both grew up in the desert, but have a soft spot for the woods of Oregon (where we got engaged) and we wanted to incorporate all of these things into our special day. There wasn’t a specific color palette for the wedding, but we were both drawn to navy for my wedding day shoes and my husband’s suit.

wedding ceremony - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding ceremony - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding ceremony - photo by Gaby J Photography

ceremony recessional - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding portraits - photo by Gaby J Photography

seating chart - photo by Gaby J Photography

Our whole wedding was pretty much DIY! My best friend Julie and I used a variety of vintage pieces and items that we crafted for the decorations used throughout the wedding. Julie designed the ceremony backdrop at Red Springs Park using vintage family heirlooms and furniture. The centerpieces and reception decorations were all crafted by Julie and myself and really captured the vintage/rustic/woodland/burlap and lace theme we were trying to create. DIY’ing all of the decorations really added a personal touch to our wedding and allowed our guests to get a true sense of our personalities.

wedding ideas - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding ideas - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding reception ideas - photo by Gaby J Photography

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Pi Day wedding - photo by Gaby J Photography

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? I think the most important piece of advice that I can give to couples is to make your special day how you want it be. I know that sounds pretty simple, but I think quite a few couples get overwhelmed during the planning process by trying to please family and friends, that they lose sight of what they really wanted in the first place. Another piece of advice I’d like to offer is to expect the unexpected. Our ceremony was originally supposed to be held at a park in Red Rock Canyon with just our immediate family present. The ceremony was supposed to start at 3:00pm. When 3:15 rolled around and our officiant had not arrived, we knew something was up and needed to come up with plan B. There is little to no cell phone coverage in Red Rock so it was difficult trying to find enough reception to try to get a hold of our officiant. When we did, her phone went straight to voicemail. Gaby, our incredibly amazing photographer, seriously came to the rescue and went into crisis elimination mode. She was able to get a hold of Victoria Hogan (who actually created my bouquet) and Victoria agreed to meet us at the reception venue and perform the ceremony there at 5:30pm. All of our family made the mad dash to help my best friend take down the ceremony decor and carry it back to her car while we took photos with Gaby. As we left the park, we saw our original officiant pulling in and we met up and discussed what happened, which was pretty much an error on both of our parts. She was so sweet and offered to do the ceremony right then, but at that point, all of our family had left and were waiting for us at the reception site. At that point, there was nothing to be mad or stressed about. Plan B was in place and we both laughed off the situation and wished each other luck. Victoria officiated our ceremony beautifully, and even recited my all time favorite poem. I just knew that was how it was supposed to be, and I would not have changed it one bit. Victoria and Gaby were instrumental in making our wedding day so special to us both, and we will be forever grateful.

amber bottle vase - photo by Gaby J Photography

dessert table - photo by Gaby J Photography

pies - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding pie desserts - photo by Gaby J Photography

wedding ideas - photo by Gaby J Photography

first dance - photo by Gaby J Photography

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Wedding Music:
Processional: Moving On,” Michael Giacchino (from the Lost series finale)
Recessional: “First Day of My Life,” Bright Eyes
First Dance: “Let’s Stay Together,” Al Green

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  • Ashley this is fantastic, and you gave some great advice for people planning their own wedding! Love the pics and the variety!

  • No one could wear that dress better. A pi day wedding set with Red Rock as a back drop…what an inspiration for brides to be!

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