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Workshop Styled Shoot Turned Real Life Proposal

Workshop Styled Shoot Turned Real Life Proposal

Andersonhouse Editorial 20

In the photography world, film is making a huge comeback with dreamy photos that feel like they were taken from a far off land. Fortunately for us photographer Kir Tuben is leading the charge in this comeback and arranged a gorgeous inspiration (and even informational) shoot with Sarah Pete Rizzi filled with rich blues, soft pinks, and even a real life engagement! Trust us, you won’t be able to contain your own smile as you watch the moment unfold.

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From the photographer Kir TubenWhen shopping around for wedding photographers, you may see the term Hybrid Photographer. So what exactly does “hybrid” mean? A hybrid photographer shoots both digital and film images on wedding day. When many people hear that I shoot film, they assume I mean video, which is not the case! Film photography is still imagery captured with a different camera like your parents or grandparents likely had on their wedding day. 

I started shooting film in college when I had my first ever dark room class. I was able to develop my own film in a lab and adored the craft. I not only love the look and aesthetic of film photography but I love the art behind it. After one click, you are left with one moment in time, one intentional piece of work that takes extreme care and artistry to create. After each wedding, I send my film to be developed and scanned so I can match your digital files and add the digitized images to your gallery. I do this because I am in love with the timeless, classic look of film that anchors my (and many hybrid photographers’) work!
So if I love film so much, why don’t I (and all photographers) shoot ALL film all the time? Well not only is film extremely expensive at about $3 per image, but there are small risks with shooting film. With film, I can’t see the final product until it is back from the lab so I can’t always tell if you blink in a big group photo until weeks later! Film also takes MUCH more time on wedding day which can move very fast and it can be tough to change film on a tight schedule which may result in less photos. Lastly, film demands A LOT of light where digital cameras are better in low light situations like reception halls and rainy days. In some cases, digital photography serves your day best!
All that being said, I shoot “hybrid” because I want the best of both worlds! So when you see me with multiple cameras on wedding day, now you know why! The look of film is almost unparalleled by anything out there: the colors are richer and the depth/dreamy quality of the images speak for themselves. Each film image is unique, one of its kind and that makes it all the more powerful. That’s what makes it art.

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Did someone say macarons? This cake adorned with macarons from Sweets by E is the perfect sweet treat for cake-lovers and cookie-lovers alike! Personally, we’ll take one of each, please!

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Needing something blue? These stunning blue heels with a pop of pink sparkle are the perfect match for the muted blue stationary by Alchemy Calligraphy.

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Excuse us while we casually run to this amazing mobile bar from Toast Worthy. It’s sleek and simple look can easily adapt to your wedding theme, and I mean come on, what a perfect photo location! This is bound to be a hit with your wedding guests.

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Now this is what we call a grand entrance! The gorgeous Anderson House, complete with gold accents and tall windows to fill the venue with natural light, is the dreamiest of locations. Cedar and Lime Co created the perfect floral arrangement to accent the beautiful venue and we just can’t get enough!

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Oh my gosh! We just love this engagement that clearly swept the bride-to-be off her feet. Her groom got down on his knee and asked the question that would forever change her life. Their contagious smiles are glowing through these photos from Kir Tuben

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We’re sure this newly engaged couple is already dreaming about their engagement shoot. Check our this beautiful engagement session in Austin!

Wedding Vendors:

Workshop Host/Photographer : Kir Tuben

Workshop Host/Planning and Styling: Sarah Pete Rizzi

Venue:  Anderson House

Florist: Cedar and Lime Co

Furniture Rentals: Something Vintage Rentals

Beauty: Agape Hair and Makeup

Stationery: Alchemy Calligraphy

Hand Lettering: Postskript Co

Cake: Sweets by E

Videographer: Compass Studios

Mobile Bar: Toast Worthy

Photo Booth:Snap Bash

Welcome Baskets: The Welcoming District

Bridal Gowns: Vivid Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids: Brideside

Tuxes: The Black Tux

Tabletop: Anthropologie

2nd Shooter: Brett Denfeld Photography

Engagement Dresses: BHLDN

Models: Ariel & EricTaylor & Billy , Kelly Ruiz , Johanna



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