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Style Inspiration: Marie Antoinette Shoes

Style Inspiration: Marie Antoinette Shoes

Sophia Coppola, bless her heart, may have had a few historical inaccuracies in her vivid Marie Antoinette, but with that soundtrack and those costumes I could really care less. For the past few weeks I’ve been obsessing about finding some bridal shoes reminiscent of Ms. Marie and it is no easy task. Specifically when I was hoping to find something in the shade of ice blue!

Here are some options I’ve come up with. It’s all about bold color. Here’s a darling Irregular Choice item, sadly it has some kind of felt bunny on top of it, minus that and it would be grand.

 For a more subdued look with still some pop, here’s the Jaquelyn Patent Heel from JCrew.

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Another option is going wild with something like this from Etsy! This is just a simple shoe clip. I can’t get enough feathers. I know, that’s a freaky statement, but it’s true.


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