Hermione De Paula Spring 2019 Bridal Collection: “Abeona’s Garden”

blush backless wedding dress with white floral appliqués

Laying your eyes on the Spring 2019 Bridal Collection from Hermione De Paula is like being entranced by a fanciful mirage. Trust us! Layers of gauzy fabrics are blown about in the wind, never forsaking their ability to captivate and inspire. And we’ll just let ourselves be swept away by their mystical beauty too, thank you very much.

blush backless  wedding dress with white floral appliqués

Gossamer blossoms andintricate embroidery intermingle across the delicate fabrics, and there is endless beauty to behold.

sheer white embroidered gossamer wedding dress

floral printed wedding dress with cape and printed flower girl dress

You may be wondering who Abeona is too. After all, the desert makes for a pretty flowerless garden. She is a powerful Roman goddess. A protector of travelers embarking on life’s new journeys. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit when we think about the way these gowns mimic blooms growing from every pinpoint of the globe. New journeys. Fresh beginnings. So naturally, all the feels!

sheer sequined beige wedding dress with light tulle

delicate lace wedding dress with scoop back

floral applique strapless pink wedding dress

What’s more, Hermione De Paula gowns are the ultimate form of bespoke. They include special personal touches such as secret messages, names and dates woven into the floral design in a concealed but present way. So unique, and we would totally be taking advantage of that opp.

flowy printed white and pink floral wedding dress

sheer white embroidered gossamer wedding dresses

pink ombre wedding dress with off the shoulder straps

We were pretty stoked to see this unique number, with crazy cool back action and a pink ombre train. Flutter sleeves, a boho corset bodice and hand drawn blooms are pulling us in closer!

floral printed wedding dress with detachable train

blush backless  wedding dress with white floral appliqués

sheer white embroidered gossamer wedding dress

Hermionedepaula Spring2019 Collection 13

Sophisticated and femme, this one is the ultimate definition of class, and we’re certainly feeing the essence of spring here!

floral printed wedding cape

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colorful pink strapless wedding dress

floral embellished long sleeve wedding dress

The illusion of petals falling off from the dress itself? We’re loving the way this long-sleeve gem plays with the eyes!

strapless boned corset wedding dress with ruffled train

floral pink wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses

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light and airy beige wedding dress

So truth be told, this Hermione De Paula collection is spilling over with wedding dress inspiration (and perhaps a little faux floral envy). If your heart beat faster when you spotted one dress in particular, let us know in the comments below! As for us, we’ll be over here weighing the pros and cons of buying a wedding dress for the sheer fabulosity of wearing it, rather than necessarily having a wedding in the works.

All photos captured by Alistair Vlok

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