Spotted on Fancy Flours website: “Les mariés à vélo” cake topper. Oh, how much I searched for this cake topper when I was planning my wedding! Fancy Flours brought them back. Its price tag is a little hefty for brides on a budget, but I couldn’t help my excitement when I saw them for sale again. I ended up finding a real vintage cake topper on eBay for a fifth of the price and that has been equally praised on Brides.com. At last, a happy ending to my search :)


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  • Crystal on September 30, 2015

    Where can I buy this topper with bride and groom and puppy basket with puppy? My aunt bought it for us cousins to use on our wedding cakes and I was the 2nd cousin to use it and we CANNOT find it anywhere?? please please please tell me where i can buy it!!!
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