Luna Bazaar is stocked with all those “extra” elements that make your wedding or event one your guests will continue to talk about after the day concludes. Their pieces are curated into a worldly mix of shapes, styles and designs but each one would fit perfectly into a vintage-themed wedding.

vintage glass bottles with flowers
One of the hardest parts of pulling together a cohesive wedding is finding enough of a single decor element to carry over throughout the whole day. At Luna Bazaar, they’re always well-stocked so you don’t need to search high and low for those perfect pieces and they’re so affordable, you can afford to stylize your whole day!

candles and flower vase
mercury glass candlesticks with candle
I’m personally drawn to all things mercury glass– just a few pieces make the night sparkle! On dinner tables, at the dessert bar, speckled into seating nooks and crannies… they look good everywhere! Luna Bazaar has mercury glass in every possible form, from candlesticks to garland.
sparkly garland on mirror table
Aren’t these paper lantern shapes shown below fun? I see a bunch hanging above a bridal shower dessert table or framing an altar during the ceremony. They’re the perfect final touch for your winter wedding. You can find more of their ecclectic lantern selection here!

star and circle paper lanters

If you’re looking to add color to your reception, you can search by color for everything in the Luna Bazaar shop. Talk about one-click shopping! Tie together all of your elements with a cohesive color scheme. Check out Luna Bazaar for a huge (and I mean HUGE) selection of everything ranging from hand fans and colorful parasols to candleholders and favor bags. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a bridal shower, a cocktail hour or anything in between, it’s so fun to get lost in their world of pretty things!