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Indisputably one of the most important yet difficult wedding planning tasks is choosing your photographer. Not only do you need to find someone whose vision you trust, someone who has a passion for the art of wedding photography, you also need to find this in someone you can respect and trust with your most precious memories. Without a doubt, Jillian West of Little Bat Photography fits the bill, and then some.

little bat photography

Says Jillian: I’m an artist who loves to create. I approach photography like each moment is a piece of art. When I turned 18, I left New Jersey for the perfect vistas of Santa Barbara, where I took my first formal photography class (still regularly in touch with my first photography professor). I moved to London and then to Australia, and shot my first wedding with two film cameras and a rented digital camera in early 2007. After four years in Oz my heart called me back to San Francisco, where I’ve been since. I want to fill my life with travel and creativity, love and friendship, and ultimately, to always have time to make things.

little bat photography

When I get inspired, I never want to stop. I read books back to back and indulge in secret special worlds that don’t exist. I especially love reading children’s books and surreal or classic fiction. I can’t walk past the Mac counter or nail polish displays without staring at every color and how they play off each other. I listen to Nico and the Velvet Underground, sometimes on repeat. I consider my family photos my most prized possessions. I can’t get enough of Hitchcock, the Addams Family or Twin Peaks.

little bat photography

I make collages and I get giddy thinking about having a camera in my hands. Weddings are the most fun subjects to photograph because all the details that go into weddings are like someone else’s art exhibition that I get to photograph. I love capturing emotion and capitalizing on color and contrast. I like floating around the room documenting things as they happen rather than requiring attention from the couple who should be having the time of their lives. I like taking fun photos of groups and the couple, but otherwise I see my role as shooting a documentary of the day. Don’t miss Little Bat Photography‘s website for more!


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