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Spain + Morocco Travel, Part 2

Spain + Morocco Travel, Part 2

Summer is not over yet, and I am holding onto these dreamy landscape photos from my recent trip to Spain already dreaming of going back. After sharing about our few days in Madrid, we headed to Seville, Barcelona and Majorca. I am sharing a few tips on itinerary ideas and traveling if you’re considering Spain for your honeymoon or family vacay with the littles!



Our next stop after leaving Madrid was Seville. We took the train and before we knew it we were already in this beautiful old city with winding narrow streets. It was HOT! July in Seville isn’t for everyone, and we frankly weren’t prepared for how hot it would be. Turns out Seville is one of the warmest cities in all of the Mediterranean! Given the triple digit temps, we divided our explorations by going out early mornings and late afternoons with pool dips in between.

Spain and Morocco Travel ideas -

Family Travel to Spain

We stayed in the old town close to everything so we could walk + push stroller everywhere, and that’s something I highly recommend. Since we were traveling for almost a month, we researched the best boutique hotels for less and found quite a few. We booked pretty close to arriving so many of our recs’ were already booked for us, but I am sharing my research list of contenders of places I loved.

Here are the other hotels we looked into and loved at first sight (great reviews too):
Hospes Las Casas del Rey (breakfast is free if you book through Smith Hotels)
Palacio de Villapanes
Hotel Las Casas de La Juderia (LOADS of historic and architectural details, but no wifi in rooms)
Hotel Las Casas de Los Mercadores

We stayed at this small charming hotel with lots of historic character for two nights.


There isn’t a bad spot to eat near the Cathedral – there are so many unique restaurants that’s hard to choose. Tapas was the best thing ever invented for toddlers. If you’re traveling with little ones, let me just say you will become a big fan of eating tapas for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂

Hotel Praktik Bakery Barcelona Honeymoon on a Budget

After a few days in Seville, we made our way to Majorca, a place that has been on my list ever since Pinterest was invented. We took the train to Barcelona since most flights were already sold out by the time we went, and we loved it. We picked first class tickets for Matt and I and Luna traveled with us as a lap child. First class includes meals and snacks. In European trains, kids up to 4 ride trains free, which makes it for a really affordable way to get around as a family. Plus the amount of space and perks of being able to walk around can’t be beat with kids! We had our carseat with us for flights, so we placed it on the floor in front of our seats and she slept for most of the train ride.

In hindsight, we would have skipped Seville since it was completely out of the way for us, but yolo right? If you absolutely need to visit Seville (which is a gorgeous town and should be a the top of everyone’s list) but don’t have 3 weeks, I’d stick to the Andalusia region and skip Majorca or vice versa.


We spent a few days in Barcelona and stayed at Praktik Bakery Hotel, which is the cutest little hotel with a bakery downstairs. Rooms are big-city-sized, so be sure to ask for their family room on the second floor – it’s their largest and same price!





Majorca is a hop, skip and a jump from Barcelona. If you book early, airline tickets cost next to nothing and the flight is only 30-40 min! Try Vueling, Ryanair or EasyJet for flights. We were torn between Ibiza and Majorca but ultimately settled on Majorca for being bigger and having a wider variety of things to do. Most of their beaches are very child-friendly with calm waters and sandy, and each is more scenic than the next. It’s Pinterest come to life.


Cala Murta Majorca Spain Travel Ideas


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Spain and Morocco Travel ideas -


We went in July, as high season as it gets, so beaches were jam-packed with people. Bring a fun inflatable – you will spend hours lounging on these natural pools that they call Calas. We stayed in Puerto de Pollensa and the location felt a bit isolated. Cala D’Or is a must!




Traveling with Kids to Europe



Our last stop was Marrakech, which NEEDS its own post for all the rug extravaganza we all love to see. I will be sharing next week!

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