Unique Favors from WeddingFavors.org

You know how we here at Ruffled are big proponents of personalizing your day in any way you feel inspired? Well, wedding favors are one of our favorite ways to add character and charm to your big day. Today’s favors are so full of personality and so customizable, that you can easily find something that truly reflects your wedding day style and your couple personality. And Ruffled’s sponsor, WeddingFavors.org, has so many cool options for wedding favors to upgrade your take-aways from throwaway to keepsake.
wedding favor ideas

Aren’t those honey jars perfectly packaged? So sweet! WeddingFavors.org breaks down their inventory in lots of helpful ways: color, theme, season, and occasion. This means no more sorting through pages and pages of items that don’t apply to you. Instead, you’re directed right to your top choices! How convenient…
wedding favor ideas
From the company. We have created a great Favor Finder tool that helps brides narrow down their search to quickly find what they are looking for. Our Favor Finder tool allows our clients to search by Price, Color, Season and Event all at the same time allowing them to narrow their search down and find exactly what they are looking for very quickly. And if there’s one things brides are always on the lookout for, it’s more time!

Their candle wedding favors are really unique and they have a ton of style options ranging from classy to cute.
wedding favor ideas
And luckily for us, WeddingFavors.org is offering Ruffled readers 15% off orders over $99 with the coupon code RUFFLED15. That’ll make sharing the love all the easier. I’d use my discount towards that damask paper pad because I’m tired of writing my ideas on the back of a napkin! This is a much classier option. Have fun browsing and happy gifting!

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